YOLO: Crystal Fantasy | August 9 | adult swim

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy premieres August 9th at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Watch the first episode for free here: bit.ly/2WPFre0
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Runtime: 01:18


00rphb - 9 timer siden
I get why it is called Crystal Fantasy now.
It refers to what the creators were smoking.
dick_kickem 420
dick_kickem 420 - 10 timer siden
Yeah... Australian women are grubs.
Josh Eastham
Josh Eastham - 11 timer siden
No where as good as the original 2
RetroGamer7200 - 21 time siden
I got this as an ad on this video
DragonJayistheBomb - 8 timer siden
Same here lol
Lucky Captain Rabbit King
Replace Robot Chicken with Mike.
Ian Cowell
Ian Cowell - Dag siden
Those bitching about Michael Cusack's show dont deserve Smiling Friends.
FourEyesFive - Dag siden
Oh boy another garbage Adult Swim show that will last two seasons before fading into obscurity
Mai Nyigguh
Mai Nyigguh - Dag siden
Bruh the ad for this was *this* video. Wtf is going on
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen - 2 dager siden
Kenia Canizales
Kenia Canizales - 2 dager siden
(am i the only one who wonders how old Adult swim is?)
David Waldhart
David Waldhart - 3 dager siden
inan azarraga
inan azarraga - 3 dager siden
Did rieck ever git his cube from wedigo
CTop2 Lofton
CTop2 Lofton - 3 dager siden
This looks like a bushland adventures
ΔΣΘΠΛΞΦΩ - 3 dager siden
MultiGamerClub - 3 dager siden
the animators either on weed or cookies when they made this.
Lost Spider
Lost Spider - 3 dager siden
you won't regret watching it
Nico Javier
Nico Javier - 4 dager siden
This looks like TRASH
Gonzo - 4 dager siden
At 0:29 lady on the screens looks like Bijin Onna Takigawa-san
Number1buttkicker - 4 dager siden
This gives me Superjail vibes lmao.
Chem Mori
Chem Mori - 6 dager siden
Gotta love how people are complaining that we haven't gotten smiling friends yet, as if a season of a cartoon is made in a day.
jack - 6 dager siden
Definitely need smiling friends after this
louie's eyeballs
louie's eyeballs - 6 dager siden
I know a lot of us want Smiling Friends to have its own show (which it most likely will) but can we at least be respectful in the comments???
Magic Monty
Magic Monty - 6 dager siden
Huh I just watched this as an add before it played as a video
Neon Knight
Neon Knight - 7 dager siden
I wonder if they will give Big Lez a shot?
Danie Requenez
Danie Requenez - 7 dager siden
This is made like the old old Rick and Morty
Qxvay 929
Qxvay 929 - 7 dager siden
Timothy’s Spot
Timothy’s Spot - 7 dager siden
I literally got the trailer for this show AS THE AD LMFAOO
dill packle
dill packle - 7 dager siden
So we just gonna act like Smiling Friends doesn't exist 😔
Ian Cowell
Ian Cowell - 7 dager siden
You probably wont hear about it for another year or two. Idk why people expect a smiling friends announcement like they got a full season of episodes ready to go only a few months after their pilot aired.
Meme_luve - 8 dager siden
I want maxmoefoe on this show
Meme_luve - 8 dager siden
Tha Par
Tha Par - 8 dager siden
TheOnlyHat - 8 dager siden
“Oi lets fucking race first one to fucking crash and die wins”
“Oi right your on mate”
(Fucking crashes and dies)
“Bleh ugh uhhhhhhhhhgggg *dies*”
Some random person
Some random person - 8 dager siden
I got an ad for the show before watching this lol
Your Supreme Admiral General Dictator oppressor
JakeTheSnakeTV - 8 dager siden
This garbage fire got picked up and smiling friends didn’t. Adult swim is going the same way that MTV did.
Ian Cowell
Ian Cowell - 7 dager siden
This had already been greenlit for a full season and had been in development longer than smiling friends. If we're lucky smiling friends is being worked on now and youll hear from it again in like a year or two.
Aura Colorisi
Aura Colorisi - 8 dager siden
Rick and morty bush world adventures😂😂
Jonathan Lopes
Jonathan Lopes - 9 dager siden
I expect this to be as vile as the original
DeondreThe Gamer
DeondreThe Gamer - 9 dager siden
So the same animators from bushman adventures
The Amazin Taco!
The Amazin Taco! - 9 dager siden
KiCk ThE bAlL
Godzilla Himself
Godzilla Himself - 9 dager siden
How do I get an ad that’s literally this entire video
HIDHIFDB - 9 dager siden
I miss the old raspy and manly voice of sarah
Kris I guess
Kris I guess - 10 dager siden
Not sure how it is possible to make Australia seem so lame, cringy, and cool at the same time. This shouldnt work
Regal cat Network
Regal cat Network - 10 dager siden
Yes fucking yes! I am so watching this! I remember when they were just a random funny Internet video! I am 100% in!
John Paul Quevedo
John Paul Quevedo - 10 dager siden
God Loves You
God Loves You - 10 dager siden
Bushworld adventures...
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia - 10 dager siden
"We're goin' on another adven-cher, Morty."
Toomor - 10 dager siden
One down two to go
MinuteMaidPeach - 10 dager siden
The advertisement before the video started was the exact same promo. Coincidence?
Cullen Freeman
Cullen Freeman - 11 dager siden
This reminds me of the big lez show
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan - 11 dager siden
This is like that one Rick and Marty episode
William Joy
William Joy - 12 dager siden
This is cool but I think we all want smiling friends more Zach hadel is boss 👍
TBH Reviews
TBH Reviews - 13 dager siden
I’m still wanting bushworld adventures to be a full thing lol
abdelatif lmsiwi
abdelatif lmsiwi - 13 dager siden
Aaliyah Tay
Aaliyah Tay - 13 dager siden
This looks so good and funny at💀💀
Marvelous Spyro
Marvelous Spyro - 13 dager siden
The first thing that went through my mind from the thumbnail was Trump🤣🤣
Kamikaze Ausie
Kamikaze Ausie - 14 dager siden
They picked this up and not smiling friends?
Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo
Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo - 11 dager siden
This was already greenlit before Smiling Friends. If you want Smiling Friends to be greenlit, Adult Swim will be airing the pilot again tonight @ 12:15am.
golden smile
golden smile - 14 dager siden
This is bushworld but with different people in the same universe
ej2civic b
ej2civic b - 14 dager siden
The Rick and Morty Bush world adventures would have made a better show in my opinion than a show about two shelias wanting to party
M1903DonuT - 14 dager siden
This better involve goon
Mitchell Lee
Mitchell Lee - 14 dager siden
This reminds me of the Big Lez Show.
Noah Deamer
Noah Deamer - 14 dager siden
Don’t think the Aussies are ready for animated series. This looks and sounds awful lmao leave this stuff to the US