X-23 Joins the Descendants | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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Runtime: 01:13


Evil Teddy
Evil Teddy - 3 timer siden
X-23:(starts rapping)
Arthur Denorfia
Arthur Denorfia - 18 timer siden
Someone identified Laura Marano as the voice of X-23. Any objections?
METerrell - 2 timer siden
Yes. Because it's Melissa Benoist as X-23.
Arthur Denorfia
Arthur Denorfia - 18 timer siden
Booboo Stewart's name was in the credits where this segment aired, so I assumed that he reprised Jay here.
Princess Evie - Topic
Princess Evie - Topic - 2 dager siden
If disney never had bought marvel then this would never happened. However they did bought marvel later on. So yes X-23 daughter of wolverine has a point about that.
Ephemis Priest
Ephemis Priest - 2 dager siden
Laura so good.
Adam Sherman
Adam Sherman - 3 dager siden
Damn. Those raps so fire that even Kimura got burned.
No-prize for anyone who gets the reference.
Plo Koon
Plo Koon - 3 dager siden
Petition to rerelease Logan with this in it
sPitternaut - 5 dager siden
The guy who plays Jay was also Warpath in Days of Future Past.
Binary Dark
Binary Dark - 8 dager siden
I would watch that movie if X-23 was in it
Blue Box Reven
Blue Box Reven - 9 dager siden
He got the point.
Pinguru - 9 dager siden
What the is Descendant.
Princess Evie - Topic
Princess Evie - Topic - 10 dager siden
this made me laugh extremely hard! I knew one day a robot chicken parody of the descendants would happen and it had!! I watched this over and over again!!
MrClobbertime - 10 dager siden
"Name another girls that does as much killing"
Uchenna Duru
Uchenna Duru - 11 dager siden
Yoo she went off😭😭😭👍👍👍🔥🔥
bryant bboyd
bryant bboyd - 11 dager siden
I love descendants. I never thought it'd be on here though
BigHero6Fanatic2004 - 13 dager siden
This is way better than the actual Descendants movies 😂
Catherine Jacobs
Catherine Jacobs - 14 dager siden
Put it on Disney Expo!!!!
Jap Takito
Jap Takito - 14 dager siden
Me Watching the Descendants children of evil villains... I feel like Maleficent...
Maleficent: “oh they are hopeless... a disgrace to the forces of evil”
X23 arrives!
Maleficent: “For the first time in 16 years, I shall sleep in peace!”
CDHfilms - 14 dager siden
The school has children of heroes all the time! Why is this such a surprise?
Jai Mishra
Jai Mishra - 15 dager siden
While Talking - Speaks English in Spanish Accent
While Singing - Inglis mi muthertung bich
LordKame Guru
LordKame Guru - 15 dager siden
I think I'm too smart for this skit. Or the writers were too dumb. "If I didn't I'd be all talk." Except he didn't say she didn't belong, he was saying that her performance was really good. That makes his death an irrational random act of violence. She's not a villain. She's psychotic. Lmfao. Fucking weak ass punchline undone by it's own set up
JustForFun Hun
JustForFun Hun - 15 dager siden
Imagine dating a girl with claws...
Viran Victus
Viran Victus - 15 dager siden
RIP Xmen - 3.19.19
Pelcogo - 15 dager siden
Wolverine only kills bad people though. He's an antihero at worst.
Oszixx - 15 dager siden
That singing was villainous
Antoine Landreth
Antoine Landreth - 16 dager siden
Wow she's not that bad. If she kicked him in the groin then she's really a villain. (People who know X-23 would know how painful that would be and how excruciatingly horrible to be if the guy lived through that)
Alexandre Turcotte
Alexandre Turcotte - 16 dager siden
Does X-23 count as a Canadian Disney lady?
Alex Crespo is Awesome Sauce The Movie
That's Melissa Benoist as X-23
Kylie The Little Spider-Man Girl
Glad to see Wolvie’s daughter is doing good! If see was in Descendants, I’d watch it!
Shake Man
Shake Man - 17 dager siden
Man, a zinger like always! These pop culture references will always bring a smile to my face. What funny, wacky and needlessly violent shenanigans will the funny little character known as Seth Green give us next? Only time will tell!
ironmaster64 - 17 dager siden
OH MY GOD THEY KILLED JOHNNY (Thunderbird same actor)...again
Kimy Ox Secret
Kimy Ox Secret - 17 dager siden
MSGSlayer1 - 17 dager siden
0:52--Very good, Laura needed to establish her dominance over the cool kids early.
Beavis Likes nachos
Beavis Likes nachos - 17 dager siden
For once I’m glad Disney bought the rights to fox
Aniket Prabhu
Aniket Prabhu - 17 dager siden
Totally false. X-23 habla espanol
IV - 17 dager siden
i love how nobody in the comments realized that the first person who was singing was oliva olson (aka marceline and vanessa)
Saviss Mahmoudi
Saviss Mahmoudi - 17 dager siden
This is precious.
Also I love how the boys do nothing like in the movies
Dinal Andy
Dinal Andy - 17 dager siden
Did i just heard MARCELINE voice????
Eric Miller
Eric Miller - 17 dager siden
You know, this sketch is kinda sad, considering that the boy who played Carlos, Cameron Boyce, is dead. He passed away from a seizure several months back. I’m gonna miss him. He was a true Disney star, the kind you barely see anymore.
SevenTHthunDEr90 - 17 dager siden
Mod Reality
Mod Reality - 17 dager siden
Do my ears deceive me or is that Melissa Benoist a.k.a. Supergirl? Like father, like daughter. Both Broadway people.
METerrell - 2 timer siden
Yes, that's Melissa as X-23.
Forgettable - 17 dager siden
Ya know, dwelling on the fact that Marvel is Disney for a moment begs the question:
Beauty and the Beast remake with Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy as the titular beast? Ehhh?
javiel villa
javiel villa - 17 dager siden
"Why did you fukn kill him"?
"If I didn't I'd be all talk"🤣
Dante Luciano
Dante Luciano - 17 dager siden
This was worst that Disney
Waldrich Lee
Waldrich Lee - 18 dager siden
Surprised Nebula or Gamorra wasnt in here
IT Fan99
IT Fan99 - 18 dager siden
Funny they actually got the actor who did Jay to reprise his role for this robot chicken sketch
Theron Erickson
Theron Erickson - 18 dager siden
This is my factor RC ever XD
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 18 dager siden
Would make sense if she killed the guy with white hair
• chippy82577 •
• chippy82577 • - 18 dager siden
Wicked to the Root cracks me up. This whole thing has me cryin', it's too good.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez - 18 dager siden
I Wonder what Bobsheaux and raven will be like when they see this
Runner Bone
Runner Bone - 18 dager siden
the game
doctor leak
doctor leak - 18 dager siden
Can't argue with that
jt alien man jt alien man
jt alien man jt alien man - 18 dager siden
At least she keeps her promises
Ariel - 18 dager siden
So should they put Luke Skywalker with them ?
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964 - 18 dager siden
The song in this was way too good
Sheep Last Name
Sheep Last Name - 18 dager siden
That was...pretty good actually.
SearchLight Tariq
SearchLight Tariq - 19 dager siden
http://raboninco.com/1R8ja Michel Jackson memories
The Great RB Ent
The Great RB Ent - 19 dager siden
lol this was too funny
Bat Spider
Bat Spider - 19 dager siden
“Wicked to the Root”? Everyone who’s seen the films knows it’s “Rotten to the Core”.
Silent D
Silent D - 12 dager siden
Copyright reasons
TheNeos07 - 19 dager siden
They should've put her in a room with Chad Charming. Would have loved to see her shank him.