Uzumaki Teaser Trailer (Coming 2021) | Toonami Special Edition | Adult Swim Con

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If you missed it the first time, check out this teaser trailer for the 4-part Adult Swim original anime of Uzumaki, coming in 2021. Directed by Hiroshi Nagahama with music by Colin Stetson.
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Runtime: 2:05


David McGinley McGinley
David McGinley McGinley - 4 timer siden
This is the same trailer as before
Invsen - 4 timer siden
Uzumaki is my favorite horror manga, so seeing this animated is gonna be amazing to say the least
Rodrigo Rodríguez
Rodrigo Rodríguez - 5 timer siden
Uriel - 5 timer siden
the music sounds amazing
IcyHotStuntazfan361 - 8 timer siden
Mugaka Murakumo
Mugaka Murakumo - 14 timer siden
I saw clips of the anime Gyou this was back in 2016 I believe? And thought this was cool. Gyou was...alright
But what I really wanted was an anime of Uzumaki. That Manga was INSANE.
All I can say is FINALLY!
Kyle Ulrich Zafe
Kyle Ulrich Zafe - 18 timer siden
If its only 4 parts how long will each part be?
NatureBoi - 19 timer siden
Wow wow wow can’t wait not a huge anime fan but this looks creepy as hell
Edsion Martinez
Edsion Martinez - Dag siden
1:24 with captions on
Jeremy Dabal
Jeremy Dabal - Dag siden
Will there be supernatural stuff
MutleeIsTheAntiGod - Dag siden
Everything I love is being pushed back to next year q_q
Jazzy Fiend
Jazzy Fiend - Dag siden
Can't believe it got delayed to 2021 I really wanna c more
Jak pilate
Jak pilate - Dag siden
I love those stories
Rustle drunk
Rustle drunk - Dag siden
Still get goosebumps on that jack in a box....
RokuroKubi - 2 dager siden
Huh. So they're just adding some simple animation to the original art? I Guess that'll guarantee it not running into the same issues as the previous attempts to adapt it and Junji Ito's other works to anime, but it also makes it feel a little bit redundant.
TEA - 2 dager siden
Kinda sad its gonna be short, I hope they don't cut parts out.
Seek On
Seek On - 2 timer siden
Don't get your hopes up, the Director said that due to its length, some of the scenes/chapters will have to get cut. With that said, it shouldn't be inherently disappointing to know that. Consider that in the interview with the Director, he expressed his loyalism to Ito as a fan himself, and how he put a lot of thought into adapting the most important sequences of the narrative while staying faithful to the story as a whole. Whatever content that doesn't make it into the show will likely make sense for why it was left out or just glossed over, and I'm actually curiously anticipating to see what the production team chooses to adapt and how seamlessly they tie it all together. And ultimately, I'd personally rather have condensed quality than inflated quantity. I think we'll be better off that it isn't getting a 1:1 adaptation--this'll hopefully be a small, palatable chunk of quality that finally opens the doors to future quality adaptations of Ito's works. Potentially including full adaptations of the same quality in the future. All we need is one good adaptation in order to make the potential of Ito's stories more obvious to the industry (at least in the West). Then some serious investments can begin getting made, such as budgets that allow for both quality and quantity.
Disorganized Bones
Disorganized Bones - 2 dager siden
Few people: "Oh look something Naruto related"
What actually happens: *angry clarinet*
tarantula babe
tarantula babe - 2 dager siden
I have high hopes for this
sour tooth
sour tooth - 2 dager siden
Naruto got DARK!
Lower Zero
Lower Zero - 2 dager siden
Uzumaki in japanese means spiral
Blackspidy619 - 2 dager siden
All according to keikaku.
demetrius - 3 dager siden
0ther Un1t
0ther Un1t - 3 dager siden
This looks a lot better than the live-action movie, awesome!
yingyangdevious - 3 dager siden
It’s the same goddamn thing they showed 11 months ago! 🙄
Mercury Lady
Mercury Lady - 3 dager siden
This is what music sounds like if played in a spiral.
K Herkenhoff
K Herkenhoff - 3 dager siden
Watching the uzunaki trailer every day till release day 1
Jimmy long slong.
Jimmy long slong. - 3 dager siden
Next it'll be 2022.
Bernie Torres
Bernie Torres - 4 dager siden
20...21 😔
William Sleight
William Sleight - 4 dager siden
There is a place...where only the beginning. The spiral is the only beginning...and there is no end.

Hehe...I just wanna die.
Inventor Maniatic
Inventor Maniatic - 4 dager siden
..........why does it say 2010? 1:38
Feinsanity - 4 dager siden
This kind of animation is how the anime should have been done
Feinsanity - 4 dager siden
Yo what
Pro7otype - 4 dager siden
This is awesome I love the mangas though the endings are horrible regardless can’t wait
KEVIN . EDIT - 4 dager siden
PROTEKK KAISERR - 4 dager siden
Ffs 2021
dennis dedan
dennis dedan - 5 dager siden
Whoop not going to watch this one too these horror animes can scar you for life.
Zamin munir
Zamin munir - 5 dager siden
i thought it was naruto
i am in horror
Naruto : am I a joke to u ?
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto - 5 dager siden
Crystian Alvarado
Crystian Alvarado - 5 dager siden
I heard they just finished the first episode, I’m just wondering what they been doing for almost a years since the announcement, did they announce the anime right when they started the project?
Cristobal D.
Cristobal D. - 5 dager siden
I’m finna nut
Adriano Lima
Adriano Lima - 5 dager siden
Olivia Harris
Olivia Harris - 5 dager siden
What's everyone's favorite segments in Uzumaki? Great book but everyone has that one story that really hit hard. Mine are the mosquito women and those whack babies.
Selina Fallet
Selina Fallet - 5 dager siden
the real horror is that it hasn't come out. i feel like i'm trapped in the infinite spiral
Geovan Rich
Geovan Rich - 5 dager siden
2021....... okay..... I'll live just to see this
Wyatt - 5 dager siden
The music worked super well with the trailer
Spriako Uchiha
Spriako Uchiha - 5 dager siden
Naruto uzumaki
*_.fusion._* products
*_.fusion._* products - 5 dager siden
This is obviously naruto under a genjustu or sum
Tremori - 5 dager siden
Damn toonami is still a thing? Cool
LonginusFX - 5 dager siden
Is that spyral that appears at 00:59 some kind of cesorship? I don't recall seeing it when this teaser first came out.
LonginusFX - 13 timer siden
@TriisArt Then I'm just a fool
TriisArt - Dag siden
No, this was also in the first teaser. It's the exact same teaser
Justin Demus
Justin Demus - 5 dager siden
I'm cryin
Zyyor - 5 dager siden
Bruh I saw uzamaki and saw no naruto 🍥 I am so lost
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I was expecting Naruto but instead I got this weird ass trash. I feel bad for any kids who got traumatized watching this. This right here is the opposite of what you would call art
Space Nerve
Space Nerve - 5 dager siden
Hahhahahaaa!!! Yeeesssss!!!!!
4Sight - 5 dager siden
Well that's not Naruto
Apex 0
Apex 0 - 5 dager siden
I hope they do balloons
musyarofah1 - 6 dager siden
dih sianying, katanya taun ini
Yash Mohta
Yash Mohta - 6 dager siden
What a soothing background music!
Eri Narvadez
Eri Narvadez - 6 dager siden
Juan Gringo
Juan Gringo - 6 dager siden
I love Uzumaki but this music isn't doing it for me.
AbdefFable1 - 6 dager siden
After hearing that this was coming soon I decided to get really invested in Ito's works. Watched Gyo, Read a few of the stories and binged The Collection Series all in one night. Loved all of it and was surprised Ufotable worked on Gyo (really into what they did with demon slayer after all).
Planning to watch the Tomie films and Uzumaki before this comes out as well, and thanks to this I now have a ton of stuff to binge with my girlfriend.