Uzumaki Director Hiroshi Nagahama Interview | Toonami Special Edition | Adult Swim Con

Hiroshi Nagahama, the director of Uzumaki, the 4-part Adult Swim original anime, coming in 2021 talks about the challenges and joy of creating an anime out of such a haunting manga.
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Runtime: 13:32


De La O
De La O - 4 dager siden
aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not another yeaaaaaaaaaar )))))))):
otterpoet - 9 dager siden
You can tell the depth of passion he has for the project. Really looking forward to the end result.
genkikun - 14 dager siden
Dusty Shane
Dusty Shane - 14 dager siden
Is still on for this year?
mortalwombat2011 - 15 dager siden
2021?! Fuck nooooo! This year has been a complete clusterfuck and now I have to wait it out to see this?
randall rohr
randall rohr - 16 dager siden
I’ve been waiting for this show for what feels like forever I’m just glad we finally got some kind of update.
Terminal Passage
Terminal Passage - 17 dager siden
I hope we get our shit together here in the US and you get to go to Comic Con next year, would definitely watch a longer panel at comic con! Thanks for all the hard work!
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside - 17 dager siden
"We are definitely working on it."
Giorno the Pasta Boss
Giorno the Pasta Boss - 17 dager siden
What anime he make ?
rn asilah
rn asilah - 17 dager siden
So it's coming in 2021 then ☹️
アラーギラギラ - 17 dager siden
Hrithik Joshi
Hrithik Joshi - 18 dager siden
Cant wait to see that Mosquito part animated.
mle - 17 dager siden
Obviously nothing is confirmed but I remember reading somewhere that they were not including some parts of the manga and that whole storyline was on the chopping block
Alex Flockhart
Alex Flockhart - 18 dager siden
Just listening to this guy I get the sense they made a good decision in terms of choosing a director for Uzumaki.
Someone who's a weeb for fun
Someone who's a weeb for fun - 18 dager siden
Maybe 2021 will be better?

Freikugel - 18 dager siden
I am so glad this is going to be in black and white. If they can pull off what the teaser looked like for the entire series, I will be so happy.
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray - 18 dager siden
I absolutely loved The Flowers of Evil so I have no doubts that this will be amazing
pasta paradise
pasta paradise - 18 dager siden
I like it the fact that this interview is also black and white, following the adaptation style
championchap - 18 dager siden
Really excited to see it!
Reaper Grim
Reaper Grim - 18 dager siden
Hopefully this turns out better than the junji ito collection
Young Reezy
Young Reezy - 18 dager siden
Y’all know principle parry from lab rats was the voice actor for naruto
anime fanboy
anime fanboy - 18 dager siden
Ok I'm sorry but this is a 4 ep series and it's been delayed to 2021. I understand we've been in quarantine but there is honestly no reason this had to be rescheduled. Unless this turns out artistically and visually appealing I'm going to keep to my word.
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray - 18 dager siden
Of course it's going to be artistically and visually appealing The director is a gosh darn genius and something like a Junji Ito story demands absolute care to be made right. We don't want another repeat of the Junji Ito Collection anime
Jonamonszx - 18 dager siden
Bro litterally the entire industry is facing delays, Japan doesn’t have a very good structure to work from home, and while some studios like mappa are able too give there animators better resources to do this, most simply aren’t. Animation is hard and this is a really ambitious project with a relatively small staff. Don’t be a dick, it’ll come when it can.
Moars - 18 dager siden
@Taker369 Nah i'm gonna have to agree with op on this one. There are so many more studios that manage to release a decent amount of anime's each season or year. And this one was literally announced back in 2019. No one wants a repeat of that trashy Gibiate that released this season. Was literally in production for almost 2 years and the result has been trashy cgi and a fucking slideshow
Taker369 - 18 dager siden
Delays happen stop being a Bitch and be patient there’s other anime’s for you to watch until then
anime fanboy
anime fanboy - 18 dager siden
championchap I’m not being whiny bcuz I’m not getting a 4 ep series on time but I’m just saying there’s MAPPA who has been releasing great quality stuff and they debut usually 1 or more anime’s every season all due to scheduling. If some no name studio isn’t able to get their shit together for 4 episodes then it’s really a disappointment. I don’t want this ending up like the Ito series, that was absolute dog shit.
Onin Hasan
Onin Hasan - 18 dager siden
I mean
this guy directed Mushishi. I have no complaints either way
Baron_O'Beefdip - 2 dager siden
Wow. I was going to watch the show, but felt indifferent. Knowing that now though, I'm excited as hell for it.
BZRKR - 18 dager siden
It's clear that this man has put a lot of thought into how this anime will adapt the original. I have nothing but high hopes, I think it'll be great
soumya sharma
soumya sharma - 18 dager siden
thanks for bringing this out to the world! Uzumaki is a masterpiece horror work. It's chilling how you start finding spirals in everything nearby once you've experienced that manga/anime.
Chabooey - 18 dager siden
Im all in for the choice of making it in black and white, i think thats most appropriate.
Gil Huizar
Gil Huizar - 18 dager siden
Is this related to naruto?, ill still watch if not
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray - 18 dager siden
Nah, it's better
Taker369 - 18 dager siden
This existed long before naruto look it up
Aischylos Lowell
Aischylos Lowell - 18 dager siden
Understandable question though.
Fawwaz Dhiyaulhaq
Fawwaz Dhiyaulhaq - 18 dager siden
No lmao, if you want a good horror you might want to stay tho
Brandon Mcgregor
Brandon Mcgregor - 18 dager siden
I can't wait
MrMLGuel - 18 dager siden
This was my favorite Nintendo Direct wait what
UncleBibby - 18 dager siden
he thinks we want the covid quarantine to end _faster?_ we’re SO far past “we need the quarantine to come *back”* we’re at “anarchists occupy city to protect citizens from federal stormtroopers”
Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!
Black and white... imagine how much more detail akin to the Junji Ito experience is gonna be used. It won’t be like that one anime that butchered Junji’s style. This will be a *true* adaptation.
Irán Ariel
Irán Ariel - 18 dager siden
ry_llenz - 18 dager siden
I thought the thumbnail is his mugshot lmao
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Good. He has the eyes of someone who has had to stare into Junji Ito's work for a prolonged period of time. He's perfect!
Null8Fuffzn - 17 dager siden
i was thinking the same. He could play a character of any junji ito manga and fit perfectly.
HardBoiled Boi
HardBoiled Boi - 18 dager siden
Huh, guess you finally grew a mustache.
Richard Ortiz
Richard Ortiz - 18 dager siden
@Sol Maina good. Glad that's settled.
Sol Maina
Sol Maina - 18 dager siden
pkmdz - 18 dager siden
I didn't even know that had an anime lol. It's pretty a pretty freaky story.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson - 18 dager siden
What song is that beat in between cuts? That beat is on the tip of my tongue
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson - 18 dager siden
I remembered im pretty sure its a song by Burial
Tonbi - 18 dager siden
@championchap yeah it might just be an original score inspired by the song for Toonami(?) Who knows, lol
championchap - 18 dager siden
Tonbi it’s similar for sure but I don’t think it’s the same song.
Tonbi - 18 dager siden
It sounds like Teardrop by Massive Attack, not 100% sure but the beat definitely reminded me of it
Shoddy Workmanship
Shoddy Workmanship - 18 dager siden
I'm looking forward to this anime a lot! The director seems like a thoughtful man. I hope he and his team pull off a good adaptation.
Post more stuff like this, Adult Swim. You gotta promote promote promote. I want this anime to be successful.
Homer Castle
Homer Castle - 18 dager siden
This is all that I have been waiting all year for, some confirmation that the series is still in devolepmet.
uhhnon. - 18 dager siden
It's valid to blame trump for this delay
uhhnon. - 18 dager siden
Otherwise, nope you can't just "madworld" and cell shade this masterpiece.
cuss word sayer
cuss word sayer - 18 dager siden
There's only one thing we ask and one thing only. Don't pull a berserk 2016/2017.
Jonamonszx - 5 dager siden
I mean rchnically these are both cg
T Terminate
T Terminate - 18 dager siden
Nah they can't 0ulled that off if it's black and white and lines and smudges.
Andrue Weghorn Gaming
Andrue Weghorn Gaming - 18 dager siden
Unlike the people who made that garbage, these people actually seem to care and put effort into this anime
Tumor •
Tumor • - 18 dager siden
potatomato :p
potatomato :p - 18 dager siden
Bro i watched the Uzumaki Movie where that Fi Fan dude starred in. Decent classic jhorror!
potatomato :p
potatomato :p - 18 dager siden
@я3ρ3ηтιν3 the manga is creepier
я3ρ3ηтιν3 - 18 dager siden
When bodies start coiling up all mangled like.. it's time to goooooo son!! I also watched that movie a long long time ago and still have nightmares. :O
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - 18 dager siden
I was hoping for a 2020 release like you guys promised last year 😭
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - 18 dager siden
Im not upset...I know the pandemic pretty much fucked up the entire year I love Toonami...been watching since 1997 so I can definitely wait 1 more year 😁
David BC
David BC - 18 dager siden
John Doe They made the announcement way before the pandemic. Let’s not underplay that.
John Doe
John Doe - 18 dager siden
Exactly. They could at least give us a better time frame like early 2021 or something
David BC
David BC - 18 dager siden
Keandre Tolefree
Keandre Tolefree - 18 dager siden
It looks fucking awesome fantastic beautiful
Dub Ceez ryhme
Dub Ceez ryhme - 18 dager siden
Wehen you can't find a colourist
OutOfAllHooping - 18 dager siden
@R H haha, gottem
R H - 18 dager siden
Your mom's a colorist
Kenji Martins
Kenji Martins - 18 dager siden
Bom dia
Comfort Ghoul
Comfort Ghoul - 18 dager siden
Dadvirson Martínez
Dadvirson Martínez - 18 dager siden
WHY 2021:(
Bijan Tehrani
Bijan Tehrani - 18 dager siden
The COVID virus has cause everyone to work at home to avoid spread and it’s hard epically it your working in this field to get all the work done and get it aired on time because they have to work apart instead of inside a studio. Because of this JOJO golden wind was put on pause; My Hero Academia episodes were delayed when season 4 was aired (it even specified with the title card when the episode start) and other thing being pushed back as a result it not easy you know so you should try to understand the reason for it
R H - 18 dager siden
Because the libs want you to suffers
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn - 18 dager siden
I'm guessing Covid caused delays in production more than realized.