Independent Journalists Dril and Derek Estevez-Olsen plunge the foulest reaches of the Dark Web to pulverize society's most pressing issues with reasoned debate.
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Runtime: 59:43


Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 8 dager siden
what a shit storm
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo - 8 dager siden
Very good
omgcandy16Kimicari0 - 22 dager siden
This episode was really funny, can really feel the positive influence Tom is having on the show.
Charlie ThePyro
Charlie ThePyro - 25 dager siden
Lmao I cant even... the accuracy is on point though
XZ III - 25 dager siden
this is not the last stream on the left
matty - 26 dager siden
wtf this episode actually wasnt complete shit
マニさん - 26 dager siden
good episodes like this make me feel like i'm living in the max headroom universe
Unsmote - 27 dager siden
Truthpoint is way better without the inclusion of the other people at AS, you guys put out your best stuff when it’s just Derrick and Dril on set.
What I mean to say isn’t that you guys shouldn’t do call ins etc (the fuckin car episode with the guy who lived in his car was hilarious), but when the producers come on set as “guests” and hawk their bullshit (i.e. the lady during the “love” episode) it is not enjoyable.
Clark Flavor
Clark Flavor - 27 dager siden
I have no idea what this is, but I'm gonna watch the fuck out of it
eckogen - 27 dager siden
Once i had a meltdown. The moon turned scarlet and dripped like blood from the sky. And as i released the power of the dark hadou from my body i felt my self almost about to say the * w**d. On that day i terrified myself and my dog. From now on i make sure that my mom keeps the fridge stocked with Doritos and code red mountain dew to prevent anothet dark hadou eventuality.
eckogen - 27 dager siden
Where are my team DEO double werewolf boys at?
eckogen - 27 dager siden
Was that linkara?
April Coignard
April Coignard - 27 dager siden
Melting down in a safe space, definitely need parties fo sho for bitch outs
Pizzapunk - 28 dager siden
Listen I don't know Tom, but rumor has it he was the one to turn off all the blue checks ability to tweet this week. He's an asset.
Pizzapunk - 28 dager siden
Oh my god they took one of my questions from the CuriousCat. They're real questions!
I'm glad I got to give back to a show that gives me joy.
Thanks Truthpoint!
Frito Fresh
Frito Fresh - 28 dager siden
To the establishment. and my bosses
Ted Mosbe
Ted Mosbe - 28 dager siden
Subscribe and support
my name jeff
my name jeff - 28 dager siden
Drill should rename the show to the "larry king fun club" at this point.
Maybe it'll happen when some other guy sleeps with his wife.
SquareB0t - 28 dager siden
listen bud, i don't know what kinda pony show you freak-o-maniacs are running on drils wife but im lookin to slice me off a piece a that action
Media Massacre
Media Massacre - 28 dager siden
Teeveepicksures - 28 dager siden
hey uh. could someone explain exactly what the fuck happened over at adult swim?
the same place that gave us venture brothers, harvey birdman XRA, delocated, heartshe holler, eagleheart, eric andre, aqua teen and a ton of others apparently has just given up completely
they went from producing amazing network quality stuff for a late night stoner audience to whatever the fuck this is supposed to be
James Andrew
James Andrew - 28 dager siden
WTF is this shit just re-do XRA
Deaner Weener
Deaner Weener - 28 dager siden
Dr Disrespect is back
Stelar Spider
Stelar Spider - 28 dager siden
This is not truth
Will K
Will K - 28 dager siden
“I’m not afraid.”
“And I’m Derrick.”
Please keep making these.
UncleBibby - 28 dager siden
dril knows what he’s NOT doing and thats whats important A.F.A.I.C. (as far as i’m concerned “Except With Capital Letters”)
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - 28 dager siden
Dave's my bitch
eo - 28 dager siden
Imagine cancelling World Peace and funding this
CG - 27 dager siden
Sam may not be on anything anymore (ever) but I visit him at his truck stop glory hole. Pro Tip: if you drop a deuce while you’re in there, throw him a bag of combos he’ll clean your mud hole
Brandon Hibbard
Brandon Hibbard - 28 dager siden
@eo i actually cringed harder at GamerWordDotNet's name and comment myself
eo - 28 dager siden
@Psider "everyone is a racist/Nazi" Pretty cringe bro.
Psider - 28 dager siden
lol, nazis are still having a meltdown that their dogwhistle show got cancelled.
GamerWordDotNet - 28 dager siden
Adult Swim don't care about success, they just care about a certain group of people.
Teeveepicksures - 28 dager siden
jfc, this is brutal
hire an editor
or a writer
Matthew Klahn
Matthew Klahn - 28 dager siden
This is pretty funny, but if the parody and the reality is the same, is it even worth parody? Seems like a low hanging fruit.
I will say the comedic timing and subject matter is on point and I look forward to seeing more from these guys.
Danut Mariut
Danut Mariut - 28 dager siden
Very strange show ! Does this show have any purpose ? Jumping from a subject to another randomly speaking of all kind of things with no conection between. This not a hate comment I am just trying to understand what is this all about ! :)
GamerWordDotNet - 27 dager siden
@Mario B. Sam would enjoy Tim Heidecker fans getting their panties in a bunch every time people bring up Sam. Say his name!
Mario B.
Mario B. - 27 dager siden
GamerWordDotNet I hope Sam Hyde sees this gamer queen because this is pathetic
GamerWordDotNet - 27 dager siden
@CG Sam's doing a lot better than anything on Adult Swim right now. He releases regular content involving trashing very expensive cars so I'm doubtful he's penniless. Do people even watch Adult Swim anymore? Nobody watches their NOburn channel, clearly. Tim must not be doing so well if he's regularly livesteaming for only 1k viewers.
CG - 27 dager siden
GamerWordDotNet - seems like you might have been crying when you wrote that
CG - 27 dager siden
GamerWordDotNet - always the sad sack losers begging for sam hyde to get welfare checks from turner. There’s other platforms out there but we both know he’ll never get work again. He’s hideous to look at and unfunny. All hail the unemployed welfare queen / penniless charity case
Nuck Chorris
Nuck Chorris - 28 dager siden
This is so fucking painfully stupid and boring as shit.
coldfusionwaffles - 28 dager siden
So is William street offices for lease yet? What is the reality company handling the foreclosure?
Inspired Believe
Inspired Believe - 28 dager siden
Sam Zurick
Sam Zurick - 28 dager siden
loving the Canadian improv
Sam Zurick
Sam Zurick - 28 dager siden
reminds me of when Canada was relevant (SCTV, Mario Lemieux, Winter Games et all)
Arakox - 28 dager siden
trying so hard to not be funny
CG - 27 dager siden
you hate it so much that you watch each week and say the exact same shit each time. you obviously like the show - don’t live your life in the closet. see you next week
nilpoint - 28 dager siden
Ive been missing Truthbot. 'No'
Pixel Crit
Pixel Crit - 28 dager siden
Are they trying to Pavlov's dog you with these chirps?
Duncan - 28 dager siden
Seems Adult swim really wants me to watch this huh.
ZeroGrav - 28 dager siden
Autistic Andy
Autistic Andy - 28 dager siden
Dril A.K.A. Wax Headroom
Mr. T.B.
Mr. T.B. - 28 dager siden
Guys i really like you but... wtf is this!?
Eli Dekay
Eli Dekay - 28 dager siden
"your mad" or you're mad?
Average Joe
Average Joe - 28 dager siden
Jeff montalvo
Jeff montalvo - 28 dager siden
I say pee pee poo poo. I say pee pee poo poo. I say.
Eli Dekay
Eli Dekay - 28 dager siden
LMFAO were they supposed to be in seperate places? The camera showed both in the same room. I burst out laughing.
Eli Dekay
Eli Dekay - 26 dager siden
@Benjamin Schroeder I love this show.
Benjamin Schroeder
Benjamin Schroeder - 26 dager siden
The opening shot shows them in the same room...
Chewbacca's Lover
Chewbacca's Lover - 28 dager siden
This is probably the best episode in awhile, also it's impossible not to feel bad for Dril with everything he has to put up with.
matty - 25 dager siden
" not to feel bad for Dril" well there was that time he was believed to be a nazi sympathizer so.. lol
Charlie ThePyro
Charlie ThePyro - 25 dager siden
Captain Obvious is Captain Obvious
XZ III - 28 dager siden
@capt Obvious Well there's your problem you like Rick and Mort and you think that that's all what adult swim consists of, you're a fucking child. Even if you're not actually physically one.
Media Massacre
Media Massacre - 28 dager siden
WastedScoundrel - 28 dager siden
@capt Obvious It's meant to be bad. Just enjoy the ride.