Independent Journalists Dril and Derek Estevez-Olsen plunge the foulest reaches of the Dark Web to pulverize society's most pressing issues with reasoned debate.
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Runtime: 1:03:42


XZ III - 2 dager siden
Left a dislike for the most retarded live chat I've ever seen
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo - 19 dager siden
Very good
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - 23 dager siden
Sorry I’m late
fordlandau - 29 dager siden
Dr Branson is a stud.
Alfonzo Mata
Alfonzo Mata - 29 dager siden
🌴 again idiots no shade No shots etc. Tp still failing ☠️😏🗣️ here pussy pussy 😹
マニさん - Måned siden
fuck 5g. my nanoleaf lights won't work with 5g
lawrence schmidt
lawrence schmidt - Måned siden
Dr. Branson is like a likeable version of Father John Misty
Danya Crust
Danya Crust - Måned siden
Mao did nothing wrong
matty - Måned siden
protip: if you're trying edibles for the first time, don't do it while watching TP unless you want to experience what its like to be completely dead.
they talked about blood, murder, "the end," and death waaaaay too much in this episode..
Star Khirey
Star Khirey - 22 dager siden
y x
lordslug - Måned siden
i totally get it! Its like he channels tim heidecker while also doing an ironic infowars! omg did you guys see when he brought the women out for her 5g segment?? she was soo talented and funny! my sides are literally in orbit right now! LOL!
tsuzugos - Måned siden
woymin bad
lordslug - Måned siden
@CG seriously bro only OUR favs i promise❤
lordslug - Måned siden
@CG i only watch funny cool shows like BIGMOUTH and THE DAILY SHOW
lordslug - Måned siden
@CG dude i would never watch that bigoted show wtf u know i wouldn't do that CG cmon
CG - Måned siden
You’ll always have your jizzed out South Park DVDs. They’ll get you through your unemployment
Rang Dipkin
Rang Dipkin - Måned siden
does 5G hacking coronavirus??
abe rami
abe rami - Måned siden Here’s a reference you’re welcome ^^
Symbioticism - Måned siden
I think she was right next to the Ubisoft office :)
lawrence schmidt
lawrence schmidt - Måned siden
They got feathers inside them folks 🤣😃😄
ra bA
ra bA - Måned siden
these guys are one of the most influential cells of antifa.
Evan Stevens
Evan Stevens - Måned siden
What is this
Sam Kerby
Sam Kerby - Måned siden
this is high art
Joe Bowden
Joe Bowden - Måned siden
Truthbot voice: yessss
daryl howard
daryl howard - Måned siden
Or low fart same thing
Unknown User
Unknown User - Måned siden
4.6 million subs, yet 9 hours later, there’s only 15k views. Where did adult swim go wrong?
lordslug - Måned siden
when they sacrificed quality to hire more women at any costs
CJ M - Måned siden
Lol. Some people will believe this is being seriously
LewdGeek - Måned siden
This show is so bad...
Eric Warren
Eric Warren - Måned siden
Did they hijack a Twitch stream?
Marc McCall
Marc McCall - Måned siden
WWG1WGA ☆ Truthbot 0010101
Bacon 3
Bacon 3 - Måned siden
Dakota Thieme
Dakota Thieme - Måned siden
Test youre hair for barium strontium and aluminum all in the chem trails. Those chemicals on a periodic table of elements spells out baal. Look up baal. We are living in a sick sadistic ritualistic world
Dakota Thieme
Dakota Thieme - Måned siden
Sorry for spelling
Mr. Blah Meh
Mr. Blah Meh - Måned siden
You guys should do a collaboration between Devin Townsend and some of the Metalocalypse guys on a "Ziltoid the Omniscient" tv show.
ben6fingers - Måned siden
Why not get funny people instead of making us watch people trying to be funny
CG - Måned siden
And yet you’ll keep watching because you’re poor and lack options.
Magnus Ars Magna
Magnus Ars Magna - Måned siden
XymXir - Måned siden
SMITTY ROTTEN - Måned siden
2:26am in las Vegas not as early as me mate.
Jason Crow
Jason Crow - Måned siden
This podcast is a good example for some absolute bullshit of the 21th century.
X T - Måned siden
Albino// San!//
Albino// San!// - Måned siden
5g is useless
Unknown User
Unknown User - 4 dager siden
lily kefaladelis dude. 5g has non ionizing radiation. Also, cancer is just a cell that got the right mutations from radiation to make it reproduce out of control and ignore white blood cells telling it to self destruct since they can tell it’s not functioning properly due to the proteins it produces. As such, corona can’t get cancer as it isn’t a cell. It’s a virus. All it does is send a dna payload to a cell to trick the cell into producing more viruses using the virus’s dna because the cell can’t tell the difference between its own dna and a viruses. If 5g damaged the virus dna significantly enough so it wouldn’t reproduce properly and did that on a mass scale big enough to cure corona, that would be more than enough radiation to not just give you cancer, but actually kill you within weeks. 5g does nothing of the sort lol
lily kefaladelis
lily kefaladelis - 6 dager siden
@Unknown User no you haven't it gives coronavirus cancer. The coronavirus cells get cancer and die 5g is good and a cure to the current pandemic
Unknown User
Unknown User - Måned siden
Albino// San!// from what I’ve heard it’s supposed to be far faster
Unknown User
Unknown User - Måned siden
lily kefaladelis I’ve actually disproven this. You see, WiFi isn’t ionizing radiation (ionizing radiation comes from things like uranium, plutonium, gamma rays, etc) and cannot interact with your body or corona in any way at its frequency.
Albino// San!//
Albino// San!// - Måned siden
So yea for sure it’s faster but there is nothing revolutionary .
Vetril Dease
Vetril Dease - Måned siden
stephanie williams
stephanie williams - Måned siden
Rabid Loompas
Rabid Loompas - Måned siden
If DMT could make titties grow better than Implants would have never happened.
For Civilizaton
For Civilizaton - Måned siden
Why is this my life?
Is it Mustafah Ali?
M.C. Gillah DaMongoose
M.C. Gillah DaMongoose - Måned siden
But cleavage
Ivan Dobrev
Ivan Dobrev - Måned siden
Their soul couldn't handle the car. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA
A Haunter
A Haunter - Måned siden
Will the comments ever be filled with woke comments? The world may never know......
abe rami
abe rami - Måned siden
Crazy Qualin
Crazy Qualin - Måned siden
Search yahusabendavid
Crazy Qualin
Crazy Qualin - Måned siden
Ik these satanists are deceiving the youth
personasandmoodswings - Måned siden
Joe Bowden
Joe Bowden - Måned siden
The comments are full of cowards
at space
at space - Måned siden
Zoro man 1313
Zoro man 1313 - Måned siden
Radiation poisoning
god is coming soon, so please Repent
One of the only sane person in this comment section
SlyRy - Måned siden
Is the bow tie a reference to Tucker Carlson? Because that’s a hilarious touch.
Vetril Dease
Vetril Dease - Måned siden
Tucker face😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
Alex - Måned siden
buy one of those water pitcher filter things
Jaheim James
Jaheim James - Måned siden
The unknown will be revealed
Error code 420
Error code 420 - Måned siden
You guys are dog shit jus never upload again
o0raddude0o - Måned siden
Hey Dril you gotta be safe and wear a mask. If you guys dropped dead live on air because of COVID I'd loose my fucking marbles
Cicada Smasher
Cicada Smasher - Måned siden
I shut this crap off after 15 seconds but I think those 15 seconds gave me permanent brain damage. What IDIOT pays a single penny to produce this trash??
No joke 667
No joke 667 - Måned siden
malaswaggod dahouseElf
malaswaggod dahouseElf - Måned siden
AJ S - Måned siden
Dril wins
donquickoats - Måned siden
Dril's continued refusal to wear a face mask is both irresponsible and appalling.
Ben Serpico
Ben Serpico - Måned siden
its 8.15am here why am i so early
Junpodium TV
Junpodium TV - Måned siden
9:45 am here
Goodmorning Pokey
Goodmorning Pokey - Måned siden
its 3.50am here why can't i manage my life =P