THOUGHT DIARY "Be Tahini" | adult swim smalls

Created by Daniel Koren
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Runtime: 01:41


Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders - 9 dager siden
NanoGrande - 20 dager siden
I need a full track of "Adaptable as Tahini" please sir
NanoGrande - 20 dager siden
This man gets it
DG Studios
DG Studios - Måned siden
0:40 oh yeah he's tripping balls in this one lmfao
elia 84631
elia 84631 - Måned siden
Where is my Halva
208 2dboy
208 2dboy - Måned siden
0:31 more like fruity fruity CREAM just like this Tim burton like film
Herman Wong
Herman Wong - Måned siden
tahini suffers everyday
Frito Fresh
Frito Fresh - Måned siden
12Damon3 - Måned siden
Strange; I just saw him on Vimeo the other day, in a short called Identity Crisis. Good to see that he's still acting.
syed ali
syed ali - Måned siden
طحينة مذاقها جميل ، لكن الفصل العنصري الإسرائيلي مرير ولا طعم له. تحرير الفلسطينيين الأصليين من الحكومة الإسرائيلية.
חינה טעימה, אפרטהייד ישראלי משאיר טעם רע בפה.
Tahini tastes nice, but Israeli Apartheid is in bad taste.
Obli Beggar
Obli Beggar - Måned siden
what did quarantine to that poor soul? :(
Ironhorse - Måned siden
I mix it with thick grape syrup and spread on bread.
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ - Måned siden
I'm obsessed with Tahini; I put it on everything!
SpookyPasta - Måned siden
it’s middle eastern. we love that stuff. it’s the best on a shawarma or falafel sandwich.
SpookyPasta - Måned siden
i love this dude.
tntboom21 - Måned siden
Daniel, you are from Israel, say thina please. Thanks!
Fernando Fernandes
Fernando Fernandes - Måned siden
I've been married to a Tahini (30g) for 45 years now. Tahini is true love as well.
Ice King
Ice King - Måned siden
Почему это так ох**нно...
Verithiell - Måned siden
i am sitting on 14 jars of tahini. Tahini is the best.
Rabid Loompas
Rabid Loompas - Måned siden
Just Tahini It..
Leonard Greenland
Leonard Greenland - Måned siden
My jar of tahini just hardened long time ago, I'm not sure is it still edible
brianna figueroa
brianna figueroa - Måned siden
doctor: “you have 1 minutes and 41 seconds left to live”
Matt Koster
Matt Koster - Måned siden
Thumbnail made it look like that H1N1 guy
Kkidzz - Måned siden
More lemon mofos...
Carlos Agustín Navarro Hdez
Gilad - Måned siden
דניאל קורן אתה גבר!!!
Maca Pyon
Maca Pyon - Måned siden
Tahini make me creamy
ktktktktktktkt - Måned siden
That tahini was kind of a meanie...
TheHullo124 - Måned siden
Stop ethnic cleansing, man
Average Joe
Average Joe - Måned siden
I suspect this video has a very specific regional target
MAD◇AMV◇ERSUS - Måned siden
Stevens - Måned siden
loved it
Stevens - Måned siden
loved it
bl-sensei - Måned siden
Tahini is love
Tahini is life
Hans Heiner
Hans Heiner - Måned siden
Tahini is Grinded sesame. Tastes pretty good. and is a base ingredient for hummus.
Funny Video
Millennial Puppet
Millennial Puppet - Måned siden
Tahini in Indonesian language is this is feses.
Let's see Millennial Puppet funny video.
Michael Z
Michael Z - Måned siden
People sell "shit" all of the time and make a lot of money so I don't doubt it.
Zenn Exile
Zenn Exile - Måned siden
@Erik Moss not the first time poo has gone dinner time, damn near everything you can buy at a major grocery store contains an extract from beaver anus glands.
Erik Moss
Erik Moss - Måned siden
Are you for real??
Art Actor Fighter
Art Actor Fighter - Måned siden
I know it's Tai
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain - Måned siden
Tiffany Del Real would love this :)
DABBLESluff - Måned siden
Women be hummus
MightyMitoMaria - Måned siden
Dammit Daniel... you only get MORE funny as the years pass! You did omit no humus is complete without Tahini. #TahiniTwins
Franko - Måned siden
Don't eat food's food
Food's food is not good
Erika myers
Erika myers - Måned siden
Omg XD
Catherine Chase
Catherine Chase - Måned siden
Now I gotta make a batch of gooey balls with extra tahini!
Undertale AU
Undertale AU - Måned siden
Inky - Måned siden
Whats Tahini?
SpookyPasta - Måned siden
that’s true. LOL
Average Joe
Average Joe - Måned siden
Something Adam Sandler and Dj Khalid have in common
Dzodzo Matik
Dzodzo Matik - Måned siden
Finally, I can show people this video when they ask me why I put tahini on everything.
Carsten - 5 dager siden
Tahini is only eaten in the U.S. by hipsters and people that come from cultures that eat it.
Acid Steve
Acid Steve - Måned siden
​ Europe is not the USA. Just because it's not a thing in the country you live in, doesnt mean the whole of europe is the same. you could still have a completely different language, history and of course, food. Seems kind of logical
Dzodzo Matik
Dzodzo Matik - Måned siden
@Ambar idk dude, I'm from Europe as well and I go through jars of tahini daily
Ambar - Måned siden
I've never heard about Tahini before this. Seems like it's not a thing in Europe. But now I certainly want to try it.
xRehkyt - Måned siden
Am I the only one who doesn't even know what tahini is ?
Ofer Mizrahi
Ofer Mizrahi - Måned siden
Here in Israel its very popular
Michael Z
Michael Z - Måned siden
No. I had to look that shit up.
Katie Summers
Katie Summers - Måned siden
I had no idea either
Matt Mccoy
Matt Mccoy - Måned siden
Hans Heiner now we are in the know
Hans Heiner
Hans Heiner - Måned siden
Tahini is Grinded sesame. Tastes pretty good. and is a base ingredient for hummus
Bag - Måned siden
Even hot dogs and milk
1 - Måned siden
It can also be a ice cream!
Björn Ironside
Björn Ironside - Måned siden
RenztheGrunt - Måned siden