The Many Faces of Man-E-Faces | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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Runtime: 1:21


James Fabiano
James Fabiano - 22 dager siden
Was this episode on this past Sunday/Monday? Cause it's the only new one on my On Demand. DIdn't see the one with Supergirl, etc. there.
Kerry Gligorovic
Kerry Gligorovic - 27 dager siden
So Man-E-Faces have a triple life of three families in secret👨‍👩‍👧. Talk about a split personality disorder🤯
Kingeypie kazer
Kingeypie kazer - 27 dager siden
Jake Taller
Jake Taller - 28 dager siden
I think he might wanna see a therapist
newfacepaula - Måned siden
well at least he get to bang the ladies.
any one of us
any one of us - Måned siden
But, Sunday is the 28th not the 25th!
NIC BROTHERS Channel - Måned siden
Many faces😄
Joshua Kingofasgard
Joshua Kingofasgard - Måned siden
This reminds me of Breaking Bad
Victor Wallec
Victor Wallec - Måned siden
this man deserves the greates price men can vote for ... HE IS LIVING THE D R E A M
ΑΡΓΥΡΩ ΜΑΝΩΝΑ - Måned siden
Glad to see a new robot chicken video!
Bass Galaxy
Bass Galaxy - Måned siden
Hilarious! 😂
Alfonse Dente
Alfonse Dente - Måned siden
Nice [as] logo...
Didnt know yall roll like that over there.
Waffuru - Måned siden
Woah, the profile pic of AS...uh.
egg for days
egg for days - Måned siden
Thats a pretty gross flag on their pfp. What joke are they playing off?
egg for days
egg for days - Måned siden
@Young but Retro the grossest month of the year
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - Måned siden
It's not gross. Its pride month
DXSTRIX - Måned siden
I want the old Logo back :(
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - Måned siden
Its pride month
Aaron Growtopia
Aaron Growtopia - Måned siden
Ripoff profile, adult swim you suck
Михаил Демышев
Халко раньше крутой канал был
Zeno - Måned siden
What happened to your profile pic [AS]?
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - Måned siden
Its pride month
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano - Måned siden
Sorry robot man.
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - Måned siden
Jay Lynn
Jay Lynn - Måned siden
Hello everyone!! Check out Hill Climb Racing 2 !! And please join my team 77 BONEBRAKERZ 😁👍👍
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - Måned siden
Man-E-Faces sounded like a Dalek when he went into cyborg mode
Armando Flores
Armando Flores - Måned siden
Poor many faces 😢
Ain't no Slice
Ain't no Slice - Måned siden
don't understand dudes who have multiple families at all: who the fuck has the time and effort for that shit?
Ian Good
Ian Good - Måned siden
Love the adult swim icon thumbnail. So cool
Young but Retro
Young but Retro - Måned siden
Tropical fox
Tropical fox - Måned siden
Oh well
King Treedede
King Treedede - Måned siden
He may be Man E Faces but Markiplier is E Man
Paulo Sérgio Júnior
Paulo Sérgio Júnior - Måned siden
cash 9
cash 9 - Måned siden
no... no... not u not the rainbow plz tell this is not true plz 😢
Vindicator YT
Vindicator YT - Måned siden
This made me go bruh
King Treedede
King Treedede - Måned siden
Vindicator YT bruh
Super Star
Super Star - Måned siden
He has as much faces as he has issues
T hanos
T hanos - Måned siden
This is a man with split personality disorder
yoshimickster - 16 dager siden the MINI-COMICS and 2003 show he did, in the 80s show he just changed his face.
Valentina Maldonado
Valentina Maldonado - Måned siden
Gianluca Turner
Gianluca Turner - Måned siden
Man-E-faces: alright sweetie, time to save eternia again.
break things
break things - Måned siden
yup, we watched the video as well. Thanks.
LunaSnap - Måned siden
Kenji :D
Kenji :D - Måned siden
Me when I get snitched on: 0:57
[Rakha Abi A.]
[Rakha Abi A.] - Måned siden
You know it's good when it just come out 5min ago :D
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace - Måned siden
87 view
Diego Montiel
Diego Montiel - Måned siden
ピカタンタ - Måned siden
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me
“Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Adult Swim before 2020?😇”

(Read My Name💙)
Mr.J36B - Måned siden
Shut up
wattsy - Måned siden
Go away u 2 year old
Muto Gamer v2
Muto Gamer v2 - Måned siden
Fun Top
Fun Top - Måned siden
Champion - Måned siden