Snow White's Congo Bars | JJ Villard's Fairy Tales | adult swim

Watch the season finale of JJ Villard's Fairy Tales this Sunday at midnight.
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Runtime: 02:07


Komari Studios
Komari Studios - 4 dager siden
Pretend to be normal
Elly O
Elly O - 14 dager siden
Whats a Congo bar?
Sherm LaVallie
Sherm LaVallie - 24 dager siden
Walt Disney do you want Congo Bars?
RG Gaming7475
RG Gaming7475 - 29 dager siden
Pretend to be normal
Poppy Wong
Poppy Wong - Måned siden
That's White Snow Princess of evil edition.I like it,which reminds me of Mr.Pickles.😆
Cameron Sivret
Cameron Sivret - Måned siden
"Mirror Max, wake your dimwitted ass up!" I died laughing when she said that.
Brimestone Lewis
Brimestone Lewis - Måned siden
This show is all kinds of deranged and I LIKE IT!
Darren the Noob lol
Darren the Noob lol - Måned siden
I’m hyped for season 2
ΔΣΘΠΛΞΦΩ - Måned siden
Nice, JJ Villard voicing the mirror
Genesis Kravitz
Genesis Kravitz - Måned siden
I’m so grateful for all the people who have the gift of animation for sharing their talents and awesomeness with the world!
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson - Måned siden
I love how everyone wears sneakers with a cute tiny heart on each side.
Need A Dispenser Here
Need A Dispenser Here - Måned siden
This episode would have been actually good if it actually had an ending that makes sense.
Sara3346 - Måned siden
I don't think the animation is bad, just intentionally stilted at certain parts to fuck with us. I mean certain parts move to smoothly for it to be unintentional.
Hitaf Saeed
Hitaf Saeed - Måned siden
My friend is a Muslim and he is forbidden to watch adult animated shows and network like adult swim they are so complicated
Frito Fresh
Frito Fresh - Måned siden
They're fuckin with me SUBLIMINALLY!

Me At
Me At - Måned siden
Pretend to be normal?
SaltyToad - Måned siden
“Pretend to be normal” ....👀👀 haven’t watched that far and I’m already lost.
Crowbar Jones
Crowbar Jones - Måned siden
Pretend to be normal?
NATH C - Måned siden
Vinluv Handesbuk
Vinluv Handesbuk - Måned siden
I try.
Alpha Light
Alpha Light - Måned siden
This show is addicting
Bowling Dude
Bowling Dude - Måned siden
Why do they call them Congo Bars?
MrZanyzoo - Måned siden
The finale was so good, and the queens design is fukin tight!!!!
there is no way you can remember my name
At 0:14 it says pretend to be normal
Nolan Jacobs
Nolan Jacobs - Måned siden
i really connect with "it's funny because random" humor.
Ian Palacios
Ian Palacios - Måned siden
omg is art i love adult swin
Piledriver2006 - Måned siden
Everything about that was disturbing
Tasty Burger Beatz
Tasty Burger Beatz - Måned siden
Now I'm in the mood for a congo bar
CF- -O5
CF- -O5 - Måned siden
When is episode 29 of Golden wind coming out on toonami?
The L.O.E.
The L.O.E. - Måned siden
Who wants a Congo Bar after watching this?
Huy Quach
Huy Quach - Måned siden
Pretend to be normal
Random iDot
Random iDot - Måned siden
Hey guys let’s pretend to be normal.
TeeHee 69
TeeHee 69 - Måned siden
That guy Hans has cheeks that look like two testicles getting ready to explode.
C - Måned siden
The best thing about this show is the background art. Whoever is working on them is doing a great job
Lizardguy - Måned siden
Queen's pretty thicc for a girl with no discernible face.
Eli Jennings
Eli Jennings - Måned siden
It's the Congo bars
RIXRADvidz - Måned siden
Why Be Normal ?
Ian Harding
Ian Harding - Måned siden
The Queen reminded me a bit of 'Shadow Weaver', from She-Ra, and the hidden phrase 'Pretend to be normal', was funny, also the huntsman when eating looked like he had testicles on the side of his cheek, funny as heck lol :)
ded mnwlkn
ded mnwlkn - Måned siden
this looks like uncle grandpa animation had a baby with rick and morty...
Inky - Måned siden
"And She's Also Hotter Than You..."
Queen: *Starts Breathing Fire*
PTOSE - Måned siden
- 0:13
Adam Forsberg
Adam Forsberg - Måned siden
I caught the secret at 0:14! Can any of you spot it?
Neftali Sandoval
Neftali Sandoval - Måned siden
I love uwu
cinnamon arsenic
cinnamon arsenic - Måned siden
Cooldude2291 - Måned siden
that text that showed up for one second said pretend to be normal
DX 2100_
DX 2100_ - Måned siden
0:14 it says pretend to be normal
Maximilian Birner
Maximilian Birner - Måned siden
All of these shows you’re putting out look terrible. I have found no entertaining or comedic value from that.
Dr. Mysoginist
Dr. Mysoginist - Måned siden
Same, these are awful...
marco polo
marco polo - Måned siden
I’m glad I decided to give this show and the shivering truth a try, I can’t stop watching them
BokanProductions - Måned siden
0:13 Pretend To Be Normal
Kerry Gligorovic
Kerry Gligorovic - Måned siden
In the original story of Snow white and the Seven Dwarf, the Queen asked the magic mirrior "who is the fairest of them all" not " Who's the better Congo Bars maker of them all" but it is amusing even though this a JJ Villard's Fairy Tales version of Snow White.😀😂🤣😁
BokanProductions - Måned siden
Getting some major Shadow Weaver vibes from the Queen.
Nas T
Nas T - Måned siden
@Dr. Mysoginist Come on, a lot of people loved DreamWorks She-Ra.
Dr. Mysoginist
Dr. Mysoginist - Måned siden
@Nas T That newer she ra is politically fueled trashed
Nas T
Nas T - Måned siden
Speaking of which, did you even watch the final season of DreamWorks She-Ra on Netflix?
Thoroughly Wet
Thoroughly Wet - Måned siden
Pretend to be normal
Devlin Decker
Devlin Decker - Måned siden
uanime1 - Måned siden
Why is Shadow Weaver from Shera the queen?
BokanProductions - Måned siden
Glad I'm not the only one who sees the similarity.
Charge5 - Måned siden
Kimbap Tempura
Kimbap Tempura - Måned siden
This is insanely unfunny...this is cringe, like your little 4th grade brother made it in Flash or some shit...if you think this is funny, you have NO sense of humor. The whole Uno bit, fucking bad...just stop and get a job in another industry because they sssuuuuuuuuucks...this is woke comedy
Maxwell Moller
Maxwell Moller - Måned siden
Sweet. How the heck did this get approved?
garage 2
garage 2 - Måned siden
is happy friends getting another ep
Dorkymations #
Dorkymations # - Måned siden
I remember everyone in the comments two months ago saying that this is awful and the worst thing ever and stuff but know they love it
Dogman101cat - Måned siden
It’s just vulgar for vulgars sake it’s essentially wouldn’t it be funny if we made fairy tales but they curse and kill people
Tagheuer Woods
Tagheuer Woods - Måned siden
I think I love it haha
Maximilian Birner
Maximilian Birner - Måned siden
All of these shows are ass.
Cal Theatre
Cal Theatre - Måned siden
nah its still trash. Imagine all the shows that didnt get greenlit for this Mr Pickles tier trash
Jep Jep
Jep Jep - Måned siden
Isn't this a child show?
Nas T
Nas T - Måned siden
@Maximilian Birner Nice joke.
Maximilian Birner
Maximilian Birner - Måned siden
Nas T could be a child’s show because it’s so ridiculous and stupid.
Nas T
Nas T - Måned siden
Ha ha ha! No. This show contains blood and gore and swearing. This is Adult Swim!
Broken Dice
Broken Dice - Måned siden
Who got the pretend to be normal