Sister Act 2: Back in the Valak | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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Runtime: 01:18


zoid Lloyd 773
zoid Lloyd 773 - 13 dager siden
Hmm a sister act 3 sequel eh how nice I'm sure Harry potter's Maggie Smith will approve she was a teacher in that as well as the mother superior in that other movie hey wasn't valoc voiced by a chick back in '19 🤔 hmm n again y not on the sister act spoof this cartoon already got whoopi too voice y not Peggy hill uh that's k .najimy so eh 🤗
Ariez - 16 dager siden
Ok should it have been sister act 3? There was a sister act 2:back in the habit. 😜😜😜
Oh I see cause the title is sounds the same as the real sequel. 😜😜😜😜😜😜
Giovanni Gianluca Reina
Giovanni Gianluca Reina - 17 dager siden
Still better than any conjuring spin off
MikeyBruh 5O1
MikeyBruh 5O1 - 19 dager siden
theres actually was a sister act 2 so this would be sister act 3
Lorna Ginette Harrison
Lorna Ginette Harrison - 20 dager siden
When I first saw the trailer for 'The Nun', I couldn’t help but think it was Marilyn Manson in a habit! I’m not sure which option religious fans of 'Sister Act' would consider worse (& no doubt sacrilegious!) - Valak from 'The Conjuring'/'The Nun' extended universe, or Marilyn Manson, as himself! Of course, were Marilyn Manson actually starring as 'The Nun' in 'Sister Act 2: Back in the Valak', he could teach the children to sing something from his 1996 album, 'Antichrist Superstar', which would tick _all_ the demonic boxes!
PsychoLucario - 20 dager siden
"Its 2 hours long!"
Ravichandran Rajendran
Ravichandran Rajendran - 23 dager siden
Shut up chris griffin
Enigmatic Universe
Enigmatic Universe - 27 dager siden
I see one of the students takes after sans.
natalia ramos
natalia ramos - 28 dager siden
dragon ball super
skinny jason
skinny jason - 28 dager siden
I would watch it
Horranian - 29 dager siden
Ngl I would watch this
drbjr99 - 29 dager siden
As a student from Saint Francis, I approve this. Shaqattack
Id watch this
Luke Notman
Luke Notman - Måned siden
... wasnt there already a cannon sister act 2? XD
psychedelic palm
psychedelic palm - 13 timer siden
I dunno
MSIL AER - Måned siden
I bet back in her days, she was the "Valak"-dictorian.
Denny Wright
Denny Wright - Måned siden
It's just me or there to little curse in this vid
NekoLilium2012 - Måned siden
It actually could be a awesome film...
Isaac Kappy 777
Isaac Kappy 777 - Måned siden
Isaac Kappy. Adult swim a satanic pedo gate.
Scoobie - Måned siden
I used to love adult swim however now they've become political just like the NFL, ESPN and so many others. Time to find something else to watch.
2MattTV - 22 dager siden
How is this sketch political? It's just a movie parody.
208 2dboy
208 2dboy - Måned siden
0:10 church ghost return coming soon this December ween
Chase Waite
Chase Waite - Måned siden
Bring back dragon ball super
AlmightyK - Måned siden
Im just bothered that there was a sister act 2
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones - Måned siden
That I didn't murder 🙃
SantaFe x City Music
SantaFe x City Music - Måned siden
well :D
Kutter_TTL - Måned siden
What's the deal with modern day trailers revealing the whole plot? Way to go guys!
Rin Matsuoka
Rin Matsuoka - Måned siden
starring Lauryn Hill right?
Sean Sorce
Sean Sorce - Måned siden
Should this be the 3rd one though? Because we already have two.
Ricky Parmar
Ricky Parmar - Måned siden
I want this as a real movie
Andros the warrior High Alpha
Bring Robot Chicken back to Netflix!!!
userdetails1 - Måned siden
I haven't seen the 2nd sister act, is this really the plot?
dansu92833 - Måned siden
American High Schools:Can we order one of this??
tailedgates9 - Måned siden
"It's 2 hours of this!"
That one line got me good. X'D
Camilo Cardenas
Camilo Cardenas - Måned siden
The future
Billy Crichton
Billy Crichton - Måned siden
I just watched the nun and this shud have made the cut
origamipein18 - Måned siden
Huh. Now, why do I think of Miss Viola Swamp? :|
Flaut Vali
Flaut Vali - Måned siden
We want rick and morty new episod
jacob drolet
jacob drolet - Måned siden
FloppyDeadTrout;-; - Måned siden
St. Francis High School needed-
Me: *_J E S U S_*
Crimson Dynamo
Crimson Dynamo - Måned siden
Liam McCoy
Liam McCoy - Måned siden
I just watched The Nun and saw this come up!
Alexander1485 - Måned siden
technically its only 1 minute of it
Harley Raquet
Harley Raquet - Måned siden
Why does the nun sound like Skeletor
Ade Ra
Ade Ra - Måned siden
Buk buk kaaawww
gatts13 - Måned siden
Is the voice actor adam sandler???
crankypipo - Måned siden
Fk me i could watch this movie
Meon Krishnanan
Meon Krishnanan - Måned siden
Its so esoteric
Seven Gates
Seven Gates - Måned siden
I don’t know why but I just lost it at 0:23.
Роман Слабицкий
I love Adulm Swim
Aman S
Aman S - Måned siden
jogn haso
jogn haso - Måned siden
What happened robot chicken... smh
Andrey barmaley
Andrey barmaley - Måned siden
😂Непонимаю но
bubbalover71 - Måned siden
This is an accurate depiction of Catholic school.
Scoobie - Måned siden
No its not no one got molested
Red Langley02
Red Langley02 - Måned siden
Wow that good sequel come out.
Freeza caos
Freeza caos - Måned siden
Hahahaha muito engraçado fds
Adrian Naranjo
Adrian Naranjo - Måned siden
"Its _two_ hours of this" describes the Conjuring movies so perfectly
ahmed Fayed
ahmed Fayed - Måned siden
I don't think the nun is a good movie
Chocodoobie - Måned siden
Make a Toejam and Earl animated show!!
Robert Rios
Robert Rios - Måned siden
"It's two hours of this."
Me: 😳
Mikal Black
Mikal Black - Måned siden
Chiiiiiiiiiiild ...
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray - Måned siden
special place in hell for the guy that invented the layout of the stab threads i cant stop looking at them every 5 minutes to see if somebody is still sour worse than any social media