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Runtime: 02:49


Cindy Gosa
Cindy Gosa - 18 timer siden
aye they drew there own stuff
MAK3X7 - Dag siden
golden and girls the city
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres - 4 dager siden
2:13 nirvana isn’t that a band?
Jenna - 4 dager siden
I remember watching these shows when I was 10
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott - 5 dager siden
Now I know why Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth
Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi Yoshi - 8 dager siden
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim - 13 dager siden
Poor gal... She is all heated up like a Shetland Collie on breeding day. Haha! Dang! Fuck Deadwood.
Tony Samson
Tony Samson - 20 dager siden
1:50 😂😆🤣😂😆🤣😂😆🤣👍 WONDERFUL!!!! LOL!!!!!
Tony Samson
Tony Samson - 20 dager siden
1:12 I luv these fuckn guyz, very hilarious! 😂😆🤣
Nishiki - 23 dager siden
Disneyland hmm🤔🤔maybe i should revisit it not for anything inappropriate ill go just for the handjobs
Luca Matthews
Luca Matthews - 26 dager siden
So this is why my parents never took me to Disney
Brian McCarty
Brian McCarty - 27 dager siden
Check please!
Dreamy - 29 dager siden
0:21 Disneyland is awesome!
mspeer632 - 29 dager siden
"Lookin for that check!" 😂😂😂😂
Cabbage - Måned siden
Tha chocolate god
Tha chocolate god - Måned siden
And just like that,one song from Yakko and I became a man.
Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali - Måned siden
Julyan Peterz
Julyan Peterz - Måned siden
2:27 my favorite spot with my wife
Don't knock it till u try it
Cyborg Mania
Cyborg Mania - Måned siden
This will give me a reason to go to Disney world at night
Kim Bell
Kim Bell - Måned siden
KC Myers Voorhees
KC Myers Voorhees - Måned siden
(Me at the Disneyland part) -what? 😐😐😐😐😐

(Continues laughing on the other funny scenes)
midnightgir6 - Måned siden
I can relate most to the last segment as I recently gotten the animaniacs and seen Yakko rattle off many a list.
XZenon - Måned siden
The funny thing is.. There's probably not a square centimetre of Disneyland that isn't monitored 24/7.
J Junq
J Junq - 18 dager siden
You can identify the videos on the XVideos paying attention in the happy background music playing. ; ]
NightShadow720 - Måned siden
Remember when they say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth? Well, they lied.
June Of WRATH - Måned siden
had a dream about robot chicken. it was the weirdest shit ever.
Olaf Michelson
Olaf Michelson - Måned siden
Jason Khanlar
Jason Khanlar - Måned siden
Hmmmmmm, this isn't that funny :( it could be a lot funnier if it were more innovative to expand upon already existing history of humor
David Barksdale
David Barksdale - Måned siden
In the 1st scene, aside from her neck, she wanted "long neck."
MrMoss786 - Måned siden
Check please lol
Canis Major
Canis Major - Måned siden
Hahaha did not expect Patrick Stewart
sonicboomman98 - Måned siden
what steven spielberg is next to parody freakazoid,tiny toons
BigBadWolf - Måned siden
You can do more than just handjob thou, there are many places where.. damn, I should've not tell people that
Alif Muhammad
Alif Muhammad - Måned siden
I fully believe that Rob Paulsen would have performed this as Yakko if he was asked.
Agree or no?
Chanock ben Israel
Chanock ben Israel - Måned siden
No denture adventure 😂
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
I love you, grandma! I love you too, pa!
Christopher Sainduc
Christopher Sainduc - Måned siden
That's a lot of sex positions
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
'A lot' is _subjective._ ; )
giovanni scaramucci
giovanni scaramucci - Måned siden
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
D33Y4 - Måned siden
Huh, usually Adult Swim UK posts old video compilations...
RJLbwb - Måned siden
Was the Animanic one at the end a parody or a song they actually did in the show? I mean I wouldn't put it passed Animanics to do song about sexual positions.
GodzillasaurusJr - 29 dager siden
The Animaniacs sang a few songs in this style, but almost none of them were about sex. Rather, they were about things like the all the countries of the world, US state capitals, or US presidents.
R0_mega - Måned siden
When all else fails Sex jokes always wins!
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964
The animaniacs part felt off in a way but Still hilarious
mdredheadguy1979 - Måned siden
Damn it! Now I want to try all those different positions from the Animaniacs bit!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
So, you have a Fucket List? ; )
FlyingBeto3 - Måned siden
I mean, I'm fairly sure it wasn't, but was that the actual voice of Yakko?
CN What I'm Saiyan?
CN What I'm Saiyan? - 29 dager siden
No, sorry 😅
Lone7 - Måned siden
did he say young ''aryan'' hands haha ;)
person on youtube
person on youtube - Måned siden
1:44: She was right, the only way to keep a guy stiff is with Rigor Mortis. I know this because... she was talking about me...
*Cries in the background*
Gak R
Gak R - 3 dager siden
Lookin for that check
Alif Muhammad
Alif Muhammad - Måned siden
That man's name... was Clark Gable. ...I dunno why. I just presume Blanche would have if she could.
Bryan A A
Bryan A A - Måned siden
"Deadwood" Hahahaha
langbo9999 - Måned siden
The Wood is not good 🌶️ need some master sword 🗡️ 😉👉👌 medication
hikaru64 - Måned siden
Last time I checked masturbation is not sex.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
Look *HERE!!* XDD
Alexander1485 - Måned siden
What about disney world
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
It doesn't have a _JewLand_ ride, like a camel on rails.
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo - Måned siden
Been rewatching it. It's so good.
Robert Fortier
Robert Fortier - Måned siden
*WARNING ROBOT CHICKEN: Cancel culture far leftists might come for you. There's nothing like virtue signalling social justice warriors to ruin a good thing. At the end of the day, you still have my approvel.* 😃
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano - Måned siden
So vulgar. Nice.
astrogallotron - Måned siden
I was expecting the hump robot tbh
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
No one expects the Spanish Robot Hump!! XDD
the man behind the slaugther
Robot chicken yaaa!!
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - Måned siden
Who wrote the script. Sounds like an idiot.
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - Måned siden
Michael Jones then send me pics of your feet. I need to be sure. 🖤
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
Takes one to know one.
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - Måned siden
This is Aces.
wormspeaker - Måned siden
I'd take a gummer from Blanche.
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - Måned siden
Chomp time for pop corn
Kevinator _
Kevinator _ - Måned siden
adult swim = pedos
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward - Måned siden
That yakko bit was outstanding.
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga - Måned siden
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Måned siden
I'fin I could rig any more in 'tis, I'd be a prince, I would.
DiamondR11 Blue
DiamondR11 Blue - Måned siden
Yakko'a World was hilariously ruined for me, thanks 😂
BaconBloxy - Måned siden
DiamondR11 Blue@ but they can’t use his voice in this vid because the actor was old kinda