Robot Chicken | 200th Episode Celebration: Chicken Fighter Mashup | adult swim

Who will win in
the battle of potty mouth vs. muscle vs. metal
vs...trombone Vote now with the emojis below
and watch to see what happens!
#200thEpisode #ChickenFighter

Comment πŸ€– for Humping Robot
Comment πŸ’€ for Skeletor

Comment πŸ¦‡ for Batman
Comment πŸ‘Έ for Bitch Pudding
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Runtime: 03:38


userdetails1 - 5 dager siden
wtf is "bitch pudding"? Looks like some stupid "girl power" character forced in for PC crap.
Tony Shawley
Tony Shawley - 8 dager siden
Yes bitch pudding!!!
Swagnic The HentaiHeaven God
Swagnic The HentaiHeaven God - 16 dager siden
>tfw you thought they were actually going to make a free for all fight skit
otakuapprentice - 16 dager siden
Gerard Garcia
Gerard Garcia - 20 dager siden
Bitch Pudding is really one of the funniest robot chicken characters ever made by Seth and Matthew
09NewtonA - 20 dager siden
I got my hopes up for THIS???
Azrajin - 20 dager siden
200th Episode Celebration and this is what we get? Unless this is a master level jebait this is a complete and utter disgrace for the occasion.
Marcus Reality
Marcus Reality - 20 dager siden
I mean we all saw that coming.
Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts - 20 dager siden
Get robot chicken off-air. It's shit. Really shit. Bring back athf or make something else. Never once laughter at this. Love adult swim. But hate being forced to watch crap.
Siv Yis Vaj
Siv Yis Vaj - 20 dager siden
This is trash.... πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
MV60 - 20 dager siden
Took me until about 0:45 to realise they were "fighting". That was bad, real bad. Please delete this video and try again. 200th episode really needs, no, DESERVES more than pre-pilot level videos. I can't like or dislike this video, it's that disappointing to have any sort of interaction click.
Brett Emery
Brett Emery - 20 dager siden
Well this was a big let down, not what I expected from robot chicken :(
Juzo 589
Juzo 589 - 20 dager siden
Von Pro2
Von Pro2 - 20 dager siden
This sucks why didn't they just make a real fight instead of using random clips.
Tamunoteim Princewill
Tamunoteim Princewill - 20 dager siden
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Tanner Brown
Tanner Brown - 21 dag siden
I knew she would win!!! πŸ‘Έ
Hayden Berends
Hayden Berends - 21 dag siden
Come on, Robot Chicken. You're better than this
Yair S
Yair S - 21 dag siden
Big Toe
Big Toe - 21 dag siden
The thing about humping robot is he’s just got so many different jokes
Iain Ballas
Iain Ballas - 21 dag siden
um what?
This is YouTube Rewind all over again....
Biorythym - 21 dag siden
Skeletor is infinitely more entertaining than humping robot
Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus - 21 dag siden
Shade Mike
Shade Mike - 21 dag siden
I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this isn't funny... I cant believe adult swim approve this...
spino zilla
spino zilla - 21 dag siden
So why was this reuploaded
Robert Hintz
Robert Hintz - 21 dag siden
There should be more videos like this like Santa vs Superman.
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe - 21 dag siden
Somebody actually made a Chicken Fighter parody of Street Fighter. The two fighters were: "Chic-Ken" & "Ryu-ster"
Jakers987 Boi
Jakers987 Boi - 21 dag siden
WTG BITCH PUDDING!!! I knew she was gonna win!
Red Death
Red Death - 21 dag siden
They would all be vanquished by DEATH PONY!!!!!
MSGSlayer1 - 21 dag siden
I've been bamboozled!
Parth Mishra
Parth Mishra - 21 dag siden
Why does that fighter select screen music sound so familiar... ?
James Holcomb
James Holcomb - 21 dag siden
I would play the shit out of an actual Robot Chicken Fighting Game
mixed.wrestling MARVELvsDC
trust your force
trust your force - 21 dag siden
Well that sucked.
spiderfan2003 - 21 dag siden
Well that's sad
Sasin Warnarat
Sasin Warnarat - 21 dag siden
Bryan Johnstone
Bryan Johnstone - 21 dag siden
Skeletor was robbed!
Tanelixd 1
Tanelixd 1 - 21 dag siden
What the hell was that?
bananarotater - 21 dag siden
kind of boring ngl
AvatarRaziel92 - 21 dag siden
Really a crazy genius idea....bitch pudding rules :-D...hey make a robot chicken fighting game xD like the naruto fighting games. :-D i love your work so much.cant wait for the next suprise.
Hunter - 21 dag siden
Robot chicken you kinda fell off here
WorldIn Madness
WorldIn Madness - 21 dag siden
I mean, its not the worst skit out of Robot Chicken, but its DEFINITELY is a low-effort disappointment in my book:(

idk, maybe thats the joke or something. Still disappointed..
useless gmail account
useless gmail account - 21 dag siden
*why so many dislikes* ?
Destinee Weaver
Destinee Weaver - 21 dag siden
I will vote for Bitch Pudding cause she knows how to kick ass a lot .
The Ozone0215
The Ozone0215 - 21 dag siden
Maybe next time they’ll actually do it this was Okay but I think it would’ve been better if they actually animated it. But for those of us who said that bitch pudding was going to win looks like we were right she truly is the queen of Robot chicken
digunder14 - 21 dag siden
lol, bitch putting too op, plz nerf XD
SteVeL - 21 dag siden
What in the actual f*ck?! 1 min in...bye
Justin S
Justin S - 21 dag siden
This is hilarious πŸ˜πŸ˜†.
Ignacio F.
Ignacio F. - 21 dag siden
This is so bad and cringe, even if you weren't expecting an actual skit it's disappointing, hard to watch til the end tbh
QMOs - 21 dag siden
So stupid
Maurisa Whyte
Maurisa Whyte - 21 dag siden
Bitch pudding vs anyone will win
Mrblue - 21 dag siden
Mainly disappointed Batman lost in this weird up mash up of old clips that made no sense to me
Snuggery - 21 dag siden
HulK TopF
HulK TopF - 21 dag siden
This is garbage
The spongebob Lover
The spongebob Lover - 21 dag siden
This chicken fighter needs to be real!,LOL
Pls uninstall
Pls uninstall - 21 dag siden
Aside from being a movie maker matchup, i am pretty sure this was rigged.
Sam Fryer
Sam Fryer - 21 dag siden
If Robot Chicken made an actual fighting game I would main bitch pudding all day long
Twiggy Golf
Twiggy Golf - 21 dag siden
What is this :(
AllPureSkill - 21 dag siden
Legendary Robot Chicken characters
OMalleyTheMaggot - 21 dag siden
Whoever was playing Humping Robot is a God to have brought such a bottom-tier character into grand finals.
Funny Cumbe
Funny Cumbe - 20 dager siden
You don't have to be mean
Ma tt
Ma tt - 21 dag siden
who tf let this get uploaded on this channel. what kind of trash...