Rick and Morty vs. Genocider | A Special Rick and Morty Anime Short | Adult Swim Con

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Directed by ‘Tower of God’ director, Takashi Sano, Morty goes on an adventure to Tokyo, Japan to try and help stop “The Genocider”. Nothing weird happens. Produced by Sola Entertainment and animated at Telecom Animation Film.
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Runtime: 08:36


Slavsco 32
Slavsco 32 - Time siden
Amazing. So it was true. Morty was Rick and Rick is morty
Saitama - Time siden
this short has furikuri vibes all over the place
Alex John
Alex John - Time siden
tokyo gets weird with anime but rick an morty anime has a hella good movements
Teal Deal
Teal Deal - 2 timer siden
We have animation, anime, stop motion, -life action- of rick and morty
Skye Sherwood
Skye Sherwood - 3 timer siden
that was awesome
Sam Labbato
Sam Labbato - 3 timer siden
anyone else like the characters more here than in the actual show?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 timer siden
Is it me, or does Morty oddly sounds like midoriya.
Mathrock80 - 7 timer siden
Rick knows what Morty will go through in life because it is HIS life. Rick is Morty therefore , Morty is his is own grandpa.
Roun - 7 timer siden
Joãozinho _
Joãozinho _ - 9 timer siden
I didnt undestand jack shit
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 timer siden
I am really stoned an on my lunchbreak watching this, could someone possibly sum this up for me? Am idiot, thanks in advance.
juan tello
juan tello - 9 timer siden
What kind of Evangelion ending is this? :'v
Allaboutgrowth KC
Allaboutgrowth KC - 10 timer siden
He knows evil Morty
Allaboutgrowth KC
Allaboutgrowth KC - 10 timer siden
Morty is Rick I think that the evil Morty is Rick c137s original Morty but for sure this is confirmed the Morty is Rick theory
Sobble Wobble
Sobble Wobble - 11 timer siden
Spongebob anime now this
ak o
ak o - 12 timer siden
What a waste of cigarettes (pay attention to mistakes)
Dylan Cordero
Dylan Cordero - 13 timer siden
Can’t wait for season 5 now
Станислав Макаров
Moosey - 14 timer siden
id watch this ngl
Uzumaki Gaming
Uzumaki Gaming - 15 timer siden
The ending is that the potion turned morty into rick and because the time reversed when the ship blew up he is the new rick
Most Strangest Theories
Most Strangest Theories - 19 timer siden
This was way better than season 4
Rafael Clifford
Rafael Clifford - 19 timer siden
Why can't i find rick and morty in my netflix?
TheSwagSaiyan - 21 time siden
this new anime seems legit
Artur Kamalov
Artur Kamalov - 21 time siden
Lets admit it; You need more iq points to understand this special than regular Rick and Morty
Jxck Rxbbit
Jxck Rxbbit - 22 timer siden
i oddly really like this
Satchmo Jones
Satchmo Jones - 22 timer siden
I am really stoned an on my lunchbreak watching this, could someone possibly sum this up for me? Am idiot, thanks in advance.
super disco
super disco - 22 timer siden
Araragi Makoto
Araragi Makoto - 22 timer siden
marloshkin.O_ops - Dag siden
Сыендук озвучь это пожалуйста :D
Andrew Gardiner
Andrew Gardiner - Dag siden
Omfg you really expect me to read throughout this entire video?
Nancho Party
Nancho Party - Dag siden
Season 3 was a mistake and literally everything that came and will come after is us learning to accept that mistake.
fruzzle - Dag siden
Schwarzes Herz
Schwarzes Herz - Dag siden
Yamete Kudasai!
دونالد ترامب
Yashvs - Dag siden
This Rick didn't burp, this Morty didn't stutter. They ain't the real Rick and Morty :(
too pac
too pac - Dag siden
Or sneez
Blottingpaper - Dag siden
This represents everything I hate about anime.
paul Andrews
paul Andrews - Dag siden
Tokyo 2021 Olympic games looks interesting
SuperHamSniper - Dag siden
this is wrong
too pac
too pac - Dag siden
Santiago Mac Dougall
Santiago Mac Dougall - Dag siden
song source?
Steelblood27 - Dag siden
This was absolutely amazing!
TheDeadCobra - Dag siden
This Rick was quite nice
Jimmy - Dag siden
What is the ending song
Dite - Dag siden
I didn't understand anything. Can you explain this to me?
Dwight Langston
Dwight Langston - Dag siden
Do you drink coffee milk? What's that referencing?
Vanesa Alejandra Lara Avila
Lo malo de no hablar washinton :v :(
Chilla ThanaGuerrilla
Chilla ThanaGuerrilla - Dag siden
I hope they're not running out of creative things to do... Akira was stupid... To me at least... Akira is what happens when they don't have any good ideas so they just make dumb crap up and look for any ending so they can ditch the story and cash out...
István Kovács
István Kovács - Dag siden
well this was gay... but gave a thumbs up for animation and voice acting. Let's keep their relationship at where it is, I don't wanna watch any cringy anime cocksucking of these characters. They are weird enough already.
Wagner Prochno
Wagner Prochno - Dag siden
this is great but what the fuck is going on
Alastore Frost
Alastore Frost - Dag siden
Why do i get the Lupin vibes from this Rick?
Александр Тилль
Есть перевод Саендука?
Zexzieon00 - Dag siden
Okabe Rintaro looks weird here.
Dan Pankratz
Dan Pankratz - Dag siden
5:16 Rikku Sanchez!
Ahmed Elmi
Ahmed Elmi - Dag siden
Cool but rick is not that nice, he was too nice here
The Adventures of Nick & Nate
this show has so jumped the shark lmfao
clown man
clown man - Dag siden
Rick's expressions remind me a lot of Lupin the 3rd. Absolutely love it
Dillon Keller
Dillon Keller - Dag siden
That 'Friemds' shirt was the perfect amount of anime
Joseph Reizer
Joseph Reizer - Dag siden
Umm English?
Q Meyer
Q Meyer - Dag siden
This was bad
sokin jon
sokin jon - Dag siden
This is why they literally leave time travel on the shelf.
N8 Starts to Play
N8 Starts to Play - Dag siden
Morty is Rick when he grow up.