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Runtime: 01:23


JD 33
JD 33 - 18 dager siden
Missed opportunity to get Lin to voice, but hilarious all the same
The Creator
The Creator - 18 dager siden
Fix ur jaw venom
I'am a Redguard!
I'am a Redguard! - 26 dager siden
That was so wrong!🤣
Jack Osullivan
Jack Osullivan - 27 dager siden
He can’t see halmalton as it is closed at the moment. Just go to Disney+
Jake Taller
Jake Taller - 28 dager siden
What, no turd in the wind joke?
The Demogorgon
The Demogorgon - 28 dager siden
Tbh i think Venom would possibly do this .,.
General Grievous
General Grievous - 28 dager siden
Kallista Vorhies
Kallista Vorhies - 29 dager siden
I laughed so hard when venom started singing then ate the dude on the right
Agustin Martinez
Agustin Martinez - Måned siden
This was true, I was King George’s crown
the undead God
the undead God - Måned siden
1:06 oh nice a innocent killer😒
TreehouseINC - Måned siden
this is hands down the worst robot chicken bit and it's still pretty good for some reason
Al Carbo
Al Carbo - Måned siden
Couldn’t be more relevant
SatanSupimpa - Måned siden
Did Venom just ate Daveed Diggs?
Gio Lingad
Gio Lingad - 26 dager siden
I think he ate Leslie Odom Jr.
Jack C. Libengood
Jack C. Libengood - Måned siden
This crossover was brought to you by Hamilton and Spider-man: Turn off the Dark
Cococrash11 - Måned siden
Awesome Robot Chicken Video.
Catherine Jacobs
Catherine Jacobs - Måned siden
Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali - Måned siden
Rap R
Rap R - Måned siden
I loved that venom movie
Ian Manning
Ian Manning - Måned siden
GOD I love Venom's movie! CAN'T WAIT FOR CARNAGE!
Ian Manning
Ian Manning - Måned siden
Harley Laufeyson
Harley Laufeyson - Måned siden
I didn’t know Venom is a teenage theater girl
EvanTheNewbie - Måned siden
I actually know the figure they used for venom. That's fucking weird.
Eddy Garcia
Eddy Garcia - Måned siden
Funny thing, Hamilton wasn’t even supposed to arrive on Disney+ this year. Guess some things work out.
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga - Måned siden
I approve of this
T- JAY - Måned siden
Hilarious! 😂
Obsidian Valentine
Obsidian Valentine - Måned siden
I’m fairly sure this is how Lin befriended the McElroys
The Kittums Show
The Kittums Show - Måned siden
Robot chicken SUCKS!
El Marco 123
El Marco 123 - Måned siden
Factury of fantasy
Megan Hash
Megan Hash - Måned siden
I guess Eddie and Venom just couldn't learn...THE ART OF THE COMPROMIIIISE
The Wild Watchers 7
The Wild Watchers 7 - Måned siden
This is what happened with the Disney Plus Deal...

Meanwhile we have a documentary of a snow leopard but this time with Lightsabers
NinjaOtter - Måned siden
When you fake being the host for an alien symbiote to defend your Hamilton fanfic.
globaldemirhan - Måned siden
Some subtle jabs at Miranda lol love it
Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran - Måned siden
Holy shit, is that Mark Hamill as the voice of Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock??
Hank Hill
Hank Hill - Måned siden
Thanks to Disney + I've got the parasite now
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 - Måned siden
This is why I lobe Robot Chicken, the make boring stuff entertaining and add Marvel to it😎👏🏼
Ellaphant -
Ellaphant - - Måned siden
Are you calling hamilton boring or the story line boring?
Christiaan - Måned siden
This is so much better
The Juiciest Lemon
The Juiciest Lemon - Måned siden
Incredible the joke is both old as hell and timely to annoy. Bravo madame. Bravo.
Allfreeandhappy79 - Måned siden
i wait for the book to read first
Nathan Zadrozny
Nathan Zadrozny - Måned siden
How did they do it so fast?
The Radionic Revival
The Radionic Revival - Måned siden
Somethings so unholly about seein lin but not hearing his voice while also hearing bootleg hamilton music lmao
Azuel Zorro
Azuel Zorro - Måned siden
First it was Twilight. Now it's Hamilton.
whocantexplain - Måned siden
I’m positive that the name Lin-Venomuel Miranda was the first part of this skit that they came up with.
Random iDot
Random iDot - Måned siden
AllPureSkill - Måned siden
But he was black
Jiado - Måned siden
I can’t even hold onto my accent!
Agent Prime
Agent Prime - Måned siden
I'm still undecided about watching Hamilton for multiple reasons:
- I didn't even know it existed until it was announced to be on Disney +.
- I don't really care about stage musicals. I mean movie musicals I can handle because they're movies and I like movies only if they are good or interesting. What's the difference between a stage musical and a movie? Do they talk sing everything because I don't know if I can handle that?
- It's 2 Hours and 50 Minutes Long. That's close to 3 hours. I don't think I can handle that, close to 3 hours of 20 + songs. Avengers: Endgame is longer but that's a movie about people with superpowers and gadgets. Nuff said.
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday - 29 dager siden
No one's forcing you to watch it 🙄
K T - Måned siden
It's a lame attempt at making USA history interesting to kids by rapping it. Just about as horrible as those PSA's in the 90s that rapped about "don't copy that floppy". Don't believe the hype.
Ian Palacios
Ian Palacios - Måned siden
ADDisme 75
ADDisme 75 - Måned siden
We all have a little Parasite in all of us.
Jokar 91
Jokar 91 - Måned siden
Hamilton fans: it's tough to make Hamilton better
Venom: Hold my host
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano - Måned siden
Get couples counseling.
Erika myers
Erika myers - Måned siden
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem - Måned siden
Waaaaoooo well that's intense homie 🤟🤟🏻🤟
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - Måned siden
Dave's my bitch
Captain Deathsquirrel
Captain Deathsquirrel - Måned siden
They could've done a Spiderman:Bring on the Dark thing.
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday - 29 dager siden
*Turn off the dark
Michael William Dale Francis
For real, though - that cover of the theme from Hamilton at the end was PERFECTION “I’m Alexander Hamilton!”
Nicholos Wilde
Nicholos Wilde - Måned siden
please do more venom later on.
Benjamín gelvez
Benjamín gelvez - Måned siden
Did you really made a tiny version of the Hamilton cast?
dikinebaks - Måned siden
I think this is one of RC's most "how did they come up with this shit" sketch?
Alexander1485 - Måned siden
a lazy one this time
Kohan palandorzhiev
Kohan palandorzhiev - Måned siden
This is probably the most random crossover i ever seen.