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Runtime: 01:35


Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez - 4 dager siden
Shadow of MURDUUR
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez - 4 dager siden
People used them to talk to the part of themselves they cant reach
Not ghosts
Viran Victus
Viran Victus - 10 dager siden
What do yoo do if you get preganenant by a waluigi bored? Asking for a fiend.
random DUDE
random DUDE - 13 dager siden
Qwerty_Ops - 17 dager siden
Israel Perez
Israel Perez - 19 dager siden
Riolu Master
Riolu Master - 22 dager siden
Ghost sucks at spelling
Me: I know how u feel
Oszixx - 22 dager siden
Can ouija boards go correctly?
Jeremiah Jig
Jeremiah Jig - 24 dager siden
I thought this was gonna be a r*pe ghost bit. Or has robot chicken shelved that one?
Piper A R
Piper A R - 24 dager siden
When you're new to Ouiji boards, it's important to stick to yes/no questions untill you've contacted at least three different beings. Are you the ghost of a human? Were you murdered? Do you want revenge on the killer? Does it suck bring dead?
Also remember that spirits can and will lie. If you walked up to a random person and asked random questions, they might lie. Same with spirit beings. Duh.
Are you a god? Yes. (Is actually the ghost of an accountant.)
XBliz Gamer
XBliz Gamer - 25 dager siden
They got that from A Haunted house 😂😂
isaacman112 - 25 dager siden
Pretty sure they did a similar joke in A Haunted House.
TheRetroWolf - 15 dager siden
They did. In the movie, the ghost spelled Gost instead of ghost and then tossed the ouija board cause the characters were making fun
Don Of the dead
Don Of the dead - 26 dager siden
Dumbass ghost 😂😂
U L Y S S E S - 26 dager siden
Im 6,000th Like. 👍 6K Baby lets goooooooooo
Dith Ponce
Dith Ponce - 27 dager siden
1:16 Bully Wins!
Kris_Kielbasa - 28 dager siden
Wejee bord
Scorpionstrike7 - 28 dager siden
Reminds me of Haunted House! 😆
Jake Taller
Jake Taller - 28 dager siden
Call me crazy but, I think that ghost is Murray,
the jerk he don’t need nobody telling him how to conjugate verbs.
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright - 28 dager siden
Hellow....dye. Murdur. - Hillybilly Ghost
Phoenix Nation
Phoenix Nation - 28 dager siden
When you searched this up, you probably misspelt ouija board about 7 to 10 times.
Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor - 29 dager siden
My 25 Years old roommate writte on Twitter that he want "RAIDZ the BATICAN" and "destroy the UNA (U.N)" "he believe in the ANINAKIS" and like eat SANWICH. Read his Twitter is cancer for any human eyes
Chiara Faraday
Chiara Faraday - 29 dager siden
Princess Marlena
Princess Marlena - Måned siden
I once contacted a spirit via the Ouija Board...he spelled several words differently, for instance he spelled color with a “U” before the “R”, but he was British so it’s understandable. Nice guy.
A dyslexic ghost
CRAZY JO - Måned siden
Good for you ghost
Mr Zon
Mr Zon - Måned siden
they should have use the internet...........
JoaCocoso - Måned siden
darkball31 - Måned siden
well they are *hilbillys* so inbreeding hits hard *cut the ghosts some slack* not there fault they *kept it to sister-cousions*
Edwin Vasquez
Edwin Vasquez - Måned siden
I thought ouija was pronounced ooya
DMG Mana
DMG Mana - Måned siden
When defaq did anything go right with a ouija bord?
Firefox23 908
Firefox23 908 - Måned siden
For a second I thought the ghost was going to say uwu on the board
Goonisnotcool37 37
Goonisnotcool37 37 - Måned siden
THE BGSTER - Måned siden
Still has better spelling than the Zodiac killer.
Kevinator _
Kevinator _ - Måned siden
did adult swim hire the pedos back ??
Alexandre Turcotte
Alexandre Turcotte - Måned siden
Never mess with an analphabet (or something like that... I don't really know :-| ) ghost! (0_0)
Fallen Angel of Oz
Fallen Angel of Oz - Måned siden
I used to be a tutor so I may be biased but those two douches deserved it.
MaddestMike - Måned siden
He may not be able to spell, but now he's got two reasons to believe himself.
In case you don't know those two reasons are the bloody ones at his feet.
Kim Jason Avila Chua
Kim Jason Avila Chua - Måned siden
Hellow guy, hav a ice day lol

Hello guy's, have a nice day.
James Huang
James Huang - Måned siden
let me know if anyone sees a coupon for a ouija board😂
Riggs 101
Riggs 101 - Måned siden
It look like they opened photoshop and cropped the hands out really bad and just dragged the image all over the screen with the mouse at 00:9
Luke Garfield
Luke Garfield - Måned siden
1:00 "Aw geez, well now I feel bad" 😂
Ablackout1 - Måned siden
1980s every kid was scared of a ouija
2020 every kid are never scared because of meme reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00rphb - Måned siden
Instead of a Ouija board they should have gotten a spirit catcher. Its purpose is to keep spirits out, not to invite them in.
The Secutor
The Secutor - 25 dager siden
00rphb it does when you realize the chances of getting murdered by an evil spirit is 0%
00rphb - 27 dager siden
@Alex Oh well, I guess being horribly murdered by an evil spirit beats having to pay full price for a spirit catcher.
Alex - 27 dager siden
But they didn't have a coupon for a spirit catcher.
Random iDot
Random iDot - Måned siden
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes - Måned siden
Hahaha the boy is wearing a carl grimes shirt😂
jacob drolet
jacob drolet - Måned siden
Xemnas 13
Xemnas 13 - Måned siden
Guess that was the world was like before the internet!
Mark Fry
Mark Fry - Måned siden
When will Robot Chicken realize that all lives matter?
Conrad Kenneth
Conrad Kenneth - Måned siden
Greetings from the international space station!
Eric Teutsch
Eric Teutsch - 27 dager siden
Stop commenting the same thing
The Wreckers
The Wreckers - Måned siden
Do like a Rick and Morty generation 2, I really want to see
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli - Måned siden
That's the joke from the haunted house movie.
Britney Partridge
Britney Partridge - Måned siden
Is it just me or did i hear Leo?
Cococrash11 - Måned siden
Awesome Robot Chicken Video.
Cream The Everything Fixer
I think the title for the video should have been Ouija Board Gone Rong....
Sia Abderezai
Sia Abderezai - Måned siden
Hey! My mom thinks I’m smart too! Am I a ghost?!
John Barber
John Barber - Måned siden
Buk buk buk.
Israel Arzate
Israel Arzate - Måned siden
They had that coming -A.D.
Chuck Baker
Chuck Baker - Måned siden
No need for an auto-correct when you've got MURDUUR.
Captain Sqwiggle
Captain Sqwiggle - 27 dager siden
Sons of Gaming
Sons of Gaming - 28 dager siden
Murdar XD lol
Dark Motion Studios
Dark Motion Studios - Måned siden
, Muurder!?
Ha 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭 You ghost are terrible at spelling one word!
Word 1: Hello
Word 2: Die
Word 3: Murder!
That's how you spell it right!!
Rainbow Dash Fan
Rainbow Dash Fan - Måned siden
This is what will happen to all you Grammer Nazi's.