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Runtime: 02:08


Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds - Måned siden
I love how many people, including myself, see Curtis and instantly think “That’s the sweet baby brother, and 30 under 30 media luminary,
Griffin McElroy!”
chris baker
chris baker - Måned siden
I smoke but this is to weird even for me adult swim wtf
Genius King
Genius King - Måned siden
griffing macklingro
jase276 - Måned siden
This show is fucking brilliant. Improv goes a long way
Surreales Salz
Surreales Salz - Måned siden
Too tender for me
BurntToazter Games
BurntToazter Games - Måned siden
This entire video is a LSD trip.
Puzzl3man - Måned siden
Why are you only streaming in america? I thought we were friends, AS. :(
josedavidpc310 - Måned siden
Heckzotica - Måned siden
I wish I could like this show.
Kobi - Måned siden
Anyone know the background track ??
Nomadic - Jack
Nomadic - Jack - Måned siden
Lol random so funny lololol quirky
NOCTURN4L - Måned siden
This isn’t smiling friends
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis - Måned siden
Haven't watched TV since 2016 no bs and this is blowing my mind
Ricky Fraser
Ricky Fraser - Måned siden
His son was an axolotl
Kanye Westbrook
Kanye Westbrook - Måned siden
TBustah - Måned siden
I think at this point, they know that people only watch “Rick and Morty” and Fox’s sloppy seconds, so they don’t even try to come up with anything decent to fill the rest of the slots.
꧁why?꧂ - Måned siden
I feel like evey scrip writer on adult swim just sitting and smoking crack when need to get ideas
Deez nutz
Deez nutz - Måned siden
i fucking loved tender touches
EmpLaun - Måned siden
Michelle is too good for that no good crabby man!
BobPagani - Måned siden
Oh, THAT old plot.
•Xero Gaming•
•Xero Gaming• - Måned siden
Here comes all the Rule 34 of Michelle.
Yareyous - Måned siden
wow such tender so high wow very touch. Remember the Doge dog meme from 2013? ahah I do. If you do, you are required to watch this show.
Frost Knight
Frost Knight - Måned siden
Haha soo relatable
mon nom est legion car je suis armé
Pink goo that can make wathever thing it is intensesto do but is very important for like evrything and is solded by a pink women
Sound like adventure time shit Multiverse shit to me
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz - Måned siden
Psh, ‘Curtis.’ Fools, that’s griffin mcelroy.
K T - Måned siden
Oh look, yet another Maxime Simone production.
AJ S - Måned siden
Props to the adultswim drivers for their mushroom driven creations.
bob king
bob king - Måned siden
Far better the fallen tonight show sjw
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz - Måned siden
who hurt you
GroceryStore - Måned siden
Guy looks exactly like Griffin
Ethan - Måned siden
Curtis is Griffin McElroy
OMalleyTheMaggot - Måned siden
C - Måned siden
not funny lol
Chase Rebecca
Chase Rebecca - Måned siden
Thanks for making this. It's really hard to get people to give this show a try, especially because of the drastically improvised manner.
People going into this show tend to think that it's all just random silly one-offs and don't realize that the characters are developing a main story.
Crystal sf
Crystal sf - Måned siden
I would watch the fuck outta this show.
Fredrich Fernando
Fredrich Fernando - Måned siden
RT this to scare Smiling Friends stans
OnionKnight1997 - Måned siden
I'm mad this crap gets greenlit a series and not Smiling Friends. Zach Hadel deserves a series more than most people, poor guy and Chris got turned down for Hellbenders and I've hated Adult Swim ever since.
ZyxthePest - Måned siden
As someone who loved the Smiling Friends pilot, comparing this to that is completely unfair. This series was literally done for peanuts and in the spare time of its creators. It has also only aired once for each episode. Smiling Friends will cost a lot of money and also require tons of promotion. Its going to take a while to get off the ground.
OnionKnight1997 - Måned siden
@jase276 Hah, well I plan to review the Fairy tale show soon, but Mr. Pickles? I'm at a loss of words
jase276 - Måned siden
You should be more mad that shit like Pickles and Squidbillies got picked over Hellbenders. Can't believe people actually watch Pickles. Then there's that new fairytail show.
Roslina Tamold
Roslina Tamold - Måned siden
@OnionKnight1997 I'm kinda glad Hellbenders didn't get greenlit. I love Chris and Zach and all their work but I couldn't ever see myself watching a lot of episodes of it with them always doing that kid voice they do for those characters. Smiling Friends looks a lot more fleshed out and like a sustainable show, something I could watch a lot of.
OnionKnight1997 - Måned siden
@Kian yeah yeah I recall, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is perfect, but seriously? They couldn't make it work? You can actually find the Hellbenders special AS saw and its 7 minutes. Idk man, I've been a fan of adult swim for a while but shit like this makes me question alot.
Maximilian Birner
Maximilian Birner - Måned siden
I hate when shows think that being so unfunny makes them funny.
B - Måned siden
Ahaha so random ahahaha /s
Kurt Hynum
Kurt Hynum - Måned siden
ChatterBox - Måned siden
This is proof that Adult Swim really will let anyone make a cartoon if they want to.
Nicole DiCola
Nicole DiCola - Dag siden
Elijah blechman no
jase276 - Måned siden
@Ravenkliff The low framerate animation makes it even funnier. You can have the greatest animation ever, but if the comedy sucks then the show blows. Like with China, IL. The second season had way better animation, but season 1 was way funnier by far.
Enzo - Måned siden
@Ravenkliff name 6 more
Ravenkliff - Måned siden
Zach Hadel Ian Worthington Yotam Perel Max Gilardi (off the top of my head, and I disagree that the creator of this show has no talent, but still, 4 better animators ez)
Kian - Måned siden
@Elijah blechman name em
Quebec /i mAde chRitmAs wiTh wEEEzer check it out
Yeah, seems relatable enough. Everything is totally normal....

* totally normal.........*
0 - Måned siden
Like adult swim everyone on this channel like narcotics
KIWIFOGBOOM - Måned siden
I hate it when overweight, ugly slackers get laid with ease.
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - Måned siden
reminds me of Mission Hill but on DMT
Austin Riordan
Austin Riordan - Måned siden
This schizophrenic mess gets a 3rd season before smiling friends gets a first 😑
TheChemist lofi channel
TheChemist lofi channel - Måned siden
Cutting sounds.. S—!&@
BOOMDIGIDYable - Måned siden
Okay nice but what about smiling friends
jase276 - Måned siden
Obviously Smiling Friends would take longer to animate and voice/write than this improv show.
BOOMDIGIDYable - Måned siden
Enzo niiice
Enzo - Måned siden
@BOOMDIGIDYable I really like your tiktok it made my depression even stronger
BOOMDIGIDYable - Måned siden
Sketchy Jeff yeah totally agree look for me on tik tok
Sketchy Jeff
Sketchy Jeff - Måned siden
Smiling friends fans are the new rick and morty fans based off this comment section
devante thompson
devante thompson - Måned siden
Ooooo not a big fan:/
Rogue Ronin
Rogue Ronin - Måned siden
This better not get the green light over smiling friends
Enzo - Måned siden
This better get the green light over smiling friends
skybite - Måned siden
Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins - Måned siden
Why is he wearing the MAP flag?
Haden Sasser
Haden Sasser - Måned siden
Nothing on Adult Swim makes any sense and everyone acts like it’s okay.
stareatthesunman - 23 dager siden
That's what I like adult swim for, if everything made sense on it I wouldn't watch it
dominick smith
dominick smith - Måned siden
Because it is OK.
Dragos Gabriel
Dragos Gabriel - Måned siden
@Maximilian Birner does it need to be thought provoking or clever? As long as people that watch it enjoy it i dont think theres a problem.
Veda metatron
Veda metatron - Måned siden
Maximilian Birner like that show the shivering truth .
Maximilian Birner
Maximilian Birner - Måned siden
Adequate Bros. But is weird really the genre of comedy that’s so prevalent now? It’s lacking anything entertaining but somewhat intriguing visuals but the creators just seem like they don’t care.
John Vance
John Vance - Måned siden
Quality vibes here
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez - Måned siden
super stupid.
Angelo Vespucci
Angelo Vespucci - Måned siden
God damn it Steve🤦🏼‍♂️
G 9
G 9 - Måned siden
Drinked up and smoked out
ckshotyou - Måned siden
did someone dose me?
Erika myers
Erika myers - Måned siden
Tea Eye
Tea Eye - Måned siden
What just happened to me
that nigga
that nigga - Måned siden
Wiebelaartje - Måned siden
very interesting show would watch 10/10