Last Stream On The Left | S8 Ep2: Fat, Sassy & Shockingly Wholesome | Adult Swim

Marcus' mandate turns out to be a jocular outing stuffed with soups, bread, desserts, Garfield pizza, and human-faced goldfish.
Satisfy your bloodlust with hosts Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks, as they gleefully discuss the horrors of the world, both real and imagined.
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Runtime: 1:00:41


Sinister Surfer
Sinister Surfer - 11 timer siden
Haven't heard Henry say jockular this many times since Charles Ng
Metanaut1 - Dag siden
Is that Ricky berwitz guy cat person thing the modern freak show?
Lyle Allbritton
Lyle Allbritton - 4 dager siden
I like how Marcus and Henry do the same head tilt whenever Ben does a Ben rant
Lyle Allbritton
Lyle Allbritton - 4 dager siden
"Look at me! I'm on a little horse!"
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 4 dager siden
The shaman looks like someone who lives in someone's walls and only comes out to steal food and make videos like this.
Amanda Maughan
Amanda Maughan - 6 dager siden
The head tilts at 8:11 😂😍
H. T.K.
H. T.K. - 8 dager siden
Does anybody have a link for the "shaman" video?
Michael Pena
Michael Pena - 8 dager siden
Ben has a bit of a Anakin thing going on. Great Anger I sense in him.
bittersweet 777
bittersweet 777 - 4 dager siden
😭 you see it too?
Harvey Manfrenchensen
Harvey Manfrenchensen - 8 dager siden
The crew was on fire this day
Monolith G Tattooing
Monolith G Tattooing - 8 dager siden
What’s the last clip
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - 8 dager siden
Dave's my bitch
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer
12:07 Garfield sounds suspiciously like Ed Kemper.
Jacob Bellinger
Jacob Bellinger - 9 dager siden
78deathface - 9 dager siden
Canadian 2 For 1 ham and pineapple pizza all the way, baby 🔥
nikluv21 - 9 dager siden
I love you guys Ben, Henry and Marcus. Lolol. Last Podcast on the Left is my favorite and I listen all the time. I even repeat most of them. Henry you are a nut. Lolol. I am always telling my brother about the crazy stuff you say. 😆 im glad I get to see you guys here.
I Art Drunk D
I Art Drunk D - 9 dager siden
I poop in my hand in the Hope's you fellas see it
Deaner Weener
Deaner Weener - 9 dager siden
Just throwing shit on the wall? Please talk about GG Allin a bit from a Canadian city where he was shot with a gun... I heard it was a pellet gun but still.
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes - 9 dager siden
Psydyed !
Psydyed ! - 9 dager siden
Ben using jocular incorrectly kills Marcus inside
Kaile D
Kaile D - 9 dager siden
The channel This Exists has an EXCELLENT video on the history of weird music in Scientology. It’s an absolute delight.
Kaile D
Kaile D - 7 dager siden
DESTRUCTOBLOG Such an excellent channel, huge bummer that they stopped making new material.
DESTRUCTOBLOG - 7 dager siden
Ah man, great channel I forgot about.
ReallyNick - 9 dager siden
A most jocund stream
Happy King Monky
Happy King Monky - 9 dager siden
Amanda Vaughan
Amanda Vaughan - 9 dager siden
Altered Beast audio clip cameo. Fuck yeah♡
iloveagdolls29 - 9 dager siden
Amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
JoaCocoso - 9 dager siden
James Thompson
James Thompson - 9 dager siden
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez - 9 dager siden
MidwestVillain Z
MidwestVillain Z - 9 dager siden
Pay money for porn? Come on guys you're smarter than that
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021? - 9 dager siden
To the person who is reading this:

Your amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!💫
Travis Walter
Travis Walter - 2 dager siden
Fuck you
Joe Dartman
Joe Dartman - 8 dager siden
Thank you 1 sub I send the positive energy right back to you.
Mrs Philips
Mrs Philips - 9 dager siden
1 sub before 2021? All I see is this dead comments just stop looking for likes
Diana - 9 dager siden
I need the aquarium story to be animated, it was really sweet.
Mitch Dasovich
Mitch Dasovich - 9 dager siden
Mitchel Estupinan
Mitchel Estupinan - 9 dager siden
They look nothing like the logo.
djoecav - 9 dager siden
You're right they're way sexier
Justin gray
Justin gray - 9 dager siden
Well the logos like a lot of years old by now
Goose OD
Goose OD - 9 dager siden
Best L Ron
Chris Clinton
Chris Clinton - 9 dager siden
I stand corrected it was awful.
NIDELLANEUM - 9 dager siden
I hope you can enjoy today and be happy. You deserve it
fishybusinessclass - 9 dager siden
Woah Marcus is a Castlevania fan? So cool!!
christopher nash
christopher nash - 9 dager siden
Now I can never unsee them. Damn. And Henry looks just as red as on that show
Firefighter Elijah
Firefighter Elijah - 9 dager siden
Firefighter Elijah
Firefighter Elijah - 9 dager siden
Chris Clinton
Chris Clinton - 9 dager siden
Dang I missed it again!
I bet it was awesome.