Jig or No Jig? | 12oz Mouse | adult swim

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Runtime: 01:30


Haze Haberdasher
Haze Haberdasher - 14 dager siden
Now this is that Stony shit that I come for
AllPureSkill - 14 dager siden
Early AS vibes
lisa sandeline
lisa sandeline - 14 dager siden
Master Bee!
Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork - 14 dager siden
That is the voice of Shake
uyt tyhjkl
uyt tyhjkl - 14 dager siden
So y’all could bring back this shit but not metalocalypse...
Mr.Jay_TheProphet - 14 dager siden
Can’t believe they chose this shit over smiling friends
Marcus McClain
Marcus McClain - 14 dager siden
This crap sucks
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - 15 dager siden
Master Shake used to be a cup, gaspacho, some other stuff, a ball, and now a dancing bee
Hristos Stylianou
Hristos Stylianou - 15 dager siden
Maybe 16 years ago I was at my ex house and we came back home maybe 1am and while we got ready for bed.... channel flicking through her nodded cable box so she had extra channels (this came on bravo) it’s how I first got introduced to adult swim (bought nearly everything on dvd but haven’t got 12 oz mouse£ so glad this is back
K L - 15 dager siden
Harde C O R E
Helth Lopez
Helth Lopez - 15 dager siden
But first we must burgle
Desepted62w⸻RUisn - 15 dager siden
Don't fuck with skillet
The mysterious life of vic 41
Ayyy dana Snyder
STAYWOKE 888 - 15 dager siden
Squidbillies meets aqua teen hungerforce
DukeShard - 15 dager siden
New 12oz?? This is fantastic news.
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez - 15 dager siden
Spong rat 2020?
Sketchy Jeff
Sketchy Jeff - 15 dager siden
This is my favorite new season of something in years. Please keep this show going and make more after season 3 adult swim!!
JON DEL - 15 dager siden
Truly underrated god tier
Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon - 15 dager siden
wait a second this not peppa pig
Nate - 15 dager siden
This looks good, but I usually hate 12 oz mouse. Mostly due to aesthetic and dialogue.
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
Bruh look past the simplistic animation. It actually has a really interesting story that unfolds as the episodes go along
Ru Lo
Ru Lo - 15 dager siden
Tu Madre
Tu Madre - 15 dager siden
What is this show pls explain
Tu Madre
Tu Madre - 14 dager siden
Sebastian N. Nah
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
@Tu Madre Bruh how about you actually watch the series from the beginning and work your way up to season 3? At first it just seems random, but then a deep and interesting plot starts to unfold as the episodes go along.
Tu Madre
Tu Madre - 15 dager siden
ShockMe1994 i know what it is even when i watch idk wdf is going on 😭
ShockMe1994 - 15 dager siden
Tu Madre young? Or they just didn’t have this where your from? It’s 12oz Mouse, it was HIGHLY popular back in the day on Adult Swim, I watched it all the time.
Vlitra’s Sin
Vlitra’s Sin - 15 dager siden
a throw back fr
LuBu4u - 15 dager siden
Thats just Master Shakes voice actor using his normal voice.
MeowthRocket - 5 dager siden
@Kiwi No, it's Dana. Just uncredited
Alone Hades
Alone Hades - 9 dager siden
@Beana Boppet same I think it's cuz Shake was the first character I ever heard voices by him
Beana Boppet
Beana Boppet - 14 dager siden
@Band of the Bayou No matter how many characters Dana voices, I always hear his Master Shake persona every time.
Beardwhip - 15 dager siden
@Kiwi highly disagree
ShockMe1994 - 15 dager siden
LuBu4u yeah, this is that old school adult stuff he used to do, I recognized his voice when The Thundermans came out, he even appeared in one of the episodes, Dana Snyder is a riot.
the man behind the slaugther
the man behind the slaugther - 15 dager siden
I get it and I don't get it
You Youyouson
You Youyouson - 15 dager siden
My favorite adult swim show. What happened
Alone Hades
Alone Hades - 9 dager siden
Fitz isn't drunk anymore. But I still love him. Keep in mind Matt made the original in 2004, the same year I was born. Even though it was his first project he made himself and was special to him, he obviously had other things to work on and probably forgot about it. Plus Fitz got out of the simulation in Invictus, which picks up after his rescue from Sharks lab in the conclusion of the original. It's a completely different plot and it's been years since Matt has worked in the original. Go easy. Sorry if I'm over aggressive I just get pissed when so called fans bash their favorite artist's work after a long hiatus from the project or after something bad happened to them. Let's just be grateful Matt brought this back for us and stop being over critical. He's probably pressured with adult swim as it is and he didn't have to make this. Respect Matt if you enjoy his work.
Technicolor - 15 dager siden
This is sober 12oz mouse.
Phil - 15 dager siden
The drugs stopped working
Bang Bang Bo
Bang Bang Bo - 15 dager siden
I was not entertained.
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
Want a cookie?
Random Useless Guy
Random Useless Guy - 15 dager siden
Only Pickle Rick can defeat rats...
mouse fitzgerald
mouse fitzgerald - 6 dager siden
I don’t think so cuz we both bulletproof..
Creative dirtbag
Creative dirtbag - 9 dager siden
Oh okay
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
Is that meme even still relevant? Lmao
Kiwi - 15 dager siden
shut up man
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021? - 15 dager siden
To the person who is reading this”

You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!😊
Dank Mom
Dank Mom - 15 dager siden
I don't appreciate being told what to do but.....fine. But only cause I want to.
Tu Madre
Tu Madre - 15 dager siden
Aww thnks u too
Band of the Bayou
Band of the Bayou - 15 dager siden
No you.
Markeyiszra - 15 dager siden
Is this Spinoff of Aqua Teen Hunger Force?
ShockMe1994 - 15 dager siden
Vlitra’s Sin probably, I remember when these shows were new, that New Years Eve party they had was awesome!
Vlitra’s Sin
Vlitra’s Sin - 15 dager siden
this probably came on after ya bedtime
Just A Spectator
Just A Spectator - 15 dager siden
You Youyouson
You Youyouson - 15 dager siden
Welcome to 2005 adult swim
CypherYT - 15 dager siden
Markeyiszra - 15 dager siden
Shake became a bee.
Ginyat - 15 dager siden
Huh, the mouse actually looks like a mouse...
Alone Hades
Alone Hades - 9 dager siden
He's not a mouse he's a chinchilla. Tho I initially thought he was a hamster.
Beana Boppet
Beana Boppet - 14 dager siden
@ZEN_Ivan 7 All this time, I thought Skillet was a gerbil, at least from the tail and body, vs. how I always saw chinchillas in the pet shop.
Beardwhip - 15 dager siden
if you're referring to the 3rd canister, I believe that's the spy bug
ZEN_Ivan 7
ZEN_Ivan 7 - 15 dager siden
That's a chinchilla
Fenusy7119 - 15 dager siden
It's a sketch basically
Steven McMullen
Steven McMullen - 15 dager siden
What’s up guys