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Runtime: 01:26


movie star
movie star - 24 dager siden
At this point I look at there soule ss eyes not moving and I think there blind
William - 24 dager siden
"Share this video with all of your friends, because it's a computer virus." -Dr. Mantis Toboggin, MD
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - 29 dager siden
Dave my bitch
iVenge - Måned siden
Jen farmer
Jen farmer - Måned siden
Getting woke eh? With that new "pride" logo? Well you've convinced me to pirate your material instead of buy it, rent it, stream it. Good job, you panderers.
jay lei
jay lei - Måned siden
The world: 0:49
x LatinAssazzin
x LatinAssazzin - Måned siden
Wow didn't know anyone can make a show worst then Bob burgers
fat imo
fat imo - Måned siden
...glad i dont have cable anymore
GrimTomb - Måned siden
This show is like a amalgamation of home movies, Tom goes to the mayor animation wise audio it’s a lot like midnight gospels recording aren’t a lotta these like phone calls recorded like how they use audio clips from a podcast for midnight gospel but yeah I like the show when u really get into gemusetto it’s fun to recognize people’s voices who where characters in some of Max’s other projects been really enjoying both ur shows max hope the seasons keep coming
Nathanielgaming420 - Måned siden
What’s up with all these low quality cartoons and shows adult swim has been making lately,this shit I just painfully depression inducing
Ebony - Måned siden
Apple and Onion but make it adult swim!
Thumping Thromnambular
Thumping Thromnambular - Måned siden
"we have home movies at home"
The Duke Of Dorks
The Duke Of Dorks - Måned siden
Reminds me of mission hill just a bit
George Leos
George Leos - Måned siden
Bk, I do not crave fame is why. I do not social media. I can’t sing or dance. But, I sing loud and have moves that make people uncomfortable. Adult swim what makes cartoons awesome they send messages in ways that inspire people. Even though we love comedy. Real talk #Adultswim if we cannot make fun of each other. Then we are lost as a community.
Christopher Lacroix
Christopher Lacroix - Måned siden
Is that a reference to Paul Mccartney secretly dying in a car crash? Brilliant. Everything is a conspiracy you know. It's a giant conspiracy.
THATGUYMH3pro - Måned siden
RanaSu - Måned siden
Here's to hoping we get another season
Kiwi - Måned siden
Pick better clips
MATHOW - Måned siden
Whatching adultswims high is a different type of high
MATHOW - Måned siden
GrimTomb i had a stroke reading that🤣
GrimTomb - Måned siden
MATHOW MATHOW xavier the renegade angel super jail gemusettu 12 oz lmfao just the icing on the cake no it is a completely different thing especially when u get into the harder stuff
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone - Måned siden
this is the way
The Unofficial StrikeYT
The Unofficial StrikeYT - Måned siden
wtf 33 mins ago
神Nightshade - Måned siden
The girl is cute
Area Boy
Area Boy - Måned siden
You're lonely arent you????
matthew styles
matthew styles - Måned siden
This like when u meet someone new and they invite u over to hang. And u realize they are the most boring and dull people on the planet. Whole time u just looking at ur watch wanting to blow ur brains out.
Rashad Preston
Rashad Preston - Måned siden
Why wouldn't you excuse yourself and leave then?
Tefain - Måned siden
Yup but how does he play guitar with only 4 fingers ?
Idres Gurashi
Idres Gurashi - Måned siden
Damn man how’d he put up that drum so fast, fuck.
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville - Måned siden
*"You've Gone Viral!"*
*shows everyone getting into car accidents*
Oh my god lol! 😂😂😂
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville - Måned siden
*"Can You Pass Me It? It's A Little Too TALL For Me To Reach."*
For some reason that bothered me lol! 😂😂😂
GrimTomb - Måned siden
Colleen Glanville being 5,6-5,9 & having a really tall 6 ft smoking hot girlfriend can open some strange doors and cabnits you could never reach before
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville - Måned siden
Rashad Preston I'm glad I'm not the only one lol! 😂😂😂
Rashad Preston
Rashad Preston - Måned siden
Me too
Essential Pain
Essential Pain - Måned siden
Jes y AL
Jes y AL - Måned siden
Hey from Venezuela
Smokii Toxic
Smokii Toxic - Måned siden
Rock and roll
Raw Vid
Raw Vid - Måned siden
Last time I was this early , I promised it never happened to me before.
Reet - Måned siden
“Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Adult Swim before 2020?⛄”
( Were a new team looking for recruits)🎠
Punk I Am
Punk I Am - Måned siden
Since 2003
Raw Jaw
Raw Jaw - Måned siden
John Doe I agree this comment is trash. But I do love adult swim
John Doe 504
John Doe 504 - Måned siden
matthew styles
matthew styles - Måned siden
Animation SG
Animation SG - Måned siden
F I R S T.——- H O M I E S
CronaLovesAnime - Måned siden
lmao no
MNikesh - Måned siden
Guys I want season 5
the view868
the view868 - Måned siden
lamo one of my new fav series...very trippy
Yes hello, what?
Yes hello, what? - Måned siden
TenticleArms - Måned siden
first and proud
CronaLovesAnime - Måned siden
lmao no
CronaLovesAnime - Måned siden