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Runtime: 01:32


Avatar of Asura
Avatar of Asura - 5 dager siden
I was not expecting this to be I, Tonya, for some reason I thought it would be I, Robot.
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp - 8 dager siden
What is this supposed to be based off of?
kenmograd2009 - 2 dager siden
Daniel Knapp “I, Tonya” (a Tonya Harding biopic).
GuiguiReGiS Mercer
GuiguiReGiS Mercer - 16 dager siden
hahahaha "they also want a gigantic orange nightmare creature!" if the past years showed us something in retrospective naaaah not anymore
Juju King
Juju King - 22 dager siden
Didn't robot chicken get sued because of this skit
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem - 28 dager siden
Daaaaaammmm thats intense homie 🤟🏻🤟🤟🏻🤟
Vickerygamer22 !
Vickerygamer22 ! - 28 dager siden
I know this was a parody of that goosebumbs the haunting hour episode but whats the hokey part
Jack Vlogz
Jack Vlogz - 29 dager siden
As a hockey fan, I’m glad it’s here!
MaddestMike - 29 dager siden
The judges are basically the boomers who wanted Cleaveland to keep Chief Wahoo.
Nathan Zadrozny
Nathan Zadrozny - Måned siden
It looks like the Lorax uncle
Truth's Knight_0777
Truth's Knight_0777 - Måned siden
Yep they really did want a gigantic orange nightmare creature. I'm guessing that according to certain polls, they still do.
Sean Dalton
Sean Dalton - Måned siden
Imagine if Tonya Harding herself saw this.
Jordan Mc
Jordan Mc - 12 dager siden
@Sean Dalton Or you could of said a parody of an actual event where Nancy Kerrigan was beaten with a crowbar and couldn't compete in the Olympics, all orchestrated by Tonya Harding.
Frank Teng
Frank Teng - 18 dager siden
KittenPyroNao tonya Harding is the famous ice skater who I think broke her competitions leg or something if I recall right, they made a movie about it.
Sean Dalton
Sean Dalton - 19 dager siden
@KittenPyroNao Cuz it's a parody of "I,Tonya" the movie.
KittenPyroNao - 19 dager siden
Why tonya harding? Im a bit out of the loop
Jason Litman
Jason Litman - Måned siden
This just shows that the Flyers are the biggest meme in the NHL. Let’s go Rangers
1stIParkMyCar - Måned siden
How is this show still going
Robert Reinhardt
Robert Reinhardt - Måned siden
You guys should have brought up how he hit a 13 year old.
Avremi Rine
Avremi Rine - 25 dager siden
What's it a reference too? Edit: Nevermind I looked it up.
Bass Galaxy
Bass Galaxy - Måned siden
The reference made me laugh so hard. 🤣
Brent Dye
Brent Dye - Måned siden
Gritty just injure his rivals mascot.
Hurricane Nura
Hurricane Nura - Måned siden
Waaat thaaaaa😅
PiranhaJ PJP
PiranhaJ PJP - Måned siden
This is why I love the Flyers
Mundane Backlot
Mundane Backlot - Måned siden
Jamie Loftus ftw
Cococrash11 - Måned siden
Awesome Robot Chicken Video.
Adult Dads seem to have a problem with Gritty. The kids dig him. Perhaps the low self esteem p whipped Dads are just jealous.
Obsiduction - Måned siden
Gritty is an antiracist icon
Earl Reyes
Earl Reyes - Måned siden
Idk what to say lmao
Don Holbert
Don Holbert - Måned siden
Cancel this
David Kinsella
David Kinsella - Måned siden
I, Robot | Gritty Chicken
BokanProductions - Måned siden
It's actually I, Tonya
LuQui93vlc - Måned siden
Cuando estrenarán los nuevos episodios de Primal?
LoPhatKao - Måned siden
according to multiverse theory, somewhere there is a world where this is a super funny skit

... that world is not this one
mighty mouse
mighty mouse - Måned siden
I found a new episode! https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
Jah Will B Dunn
Jah Will B Dunn - Måned siden
I came to see the Flyers play
MegaDace - Måned siden
That was.... Not very good.
VJ APPLE - Måned siden
Yo, why tf is this so fluid and nice looking
scurus11scurus - 19 dager siden
watterson gaming
watterson gaming - Måned siden
@Game Boys wut?
Game Boys
Game Boys - Måned siden
@watterson gaming You mean source filmmaker?
watterson gaming
watterson gaming - Måned siden
U mean tf2?
savelen forrest
savelen forrest - Måned siden
I’m a huge flyers fan so I had a lot of fun animating this sketch. Thank you for the compliment :)
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - Måned siden
We need more aqua teen episodes
BrushyMite 6⃣ 0⃣ 7⃣ 8⃣ 7⃣
Well I wanted more The Boondocks episodes, but we're not going to get what we want isn't we
Nv Offical
Nv Offical - Måned siden
I, Gritty | Robot Chicken | adult swim
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respectifs les empechent
LOOK AT MY NAME - Måned siden
I am a Philadelphian...
Eagles: Swoop
Phillies: Phillie Phanatic
Sixers: HipHop
Flyers: Franklin the Bulldog
Union: Phang
This is how it should have been!
Sam Meder
Sam Meder - Måned siden
You forgot wingston 🤔
Heloisa Yamauchi
Heloisa Yamauchi - Måned siden
Mascot not very race with best the mascot❗️
anna dough
anna dough - Måned siden
tonya harding tease
Esko Kirjonen
Esko Kirjonen - Måned siden
Like tRump ...orange creature and liar
SMA2343 - Måned siden
Ah it’s a fucking reference to Tanya Harding
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly - Måned siden
I remember when this show was funny.
But to be fair I didn't even know the show was still going
The Noname Household
The Noname Household - Måned siden
What? 🤨
Mel Robinson
Mel Robinson - Måned siden
This was terrible.
Claudia Kaich
Claudia Kaich - Måned siden
He’s gritty, gritty can do what he wants
Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic
_"Breaking people's ankles with a tire iron is a new trick for a Mascot. Congratulations."_
Gregory Pearsoll
Gregory Pearsoll - Måned siden
What do they have against Hunter?
Waynimations - Måned siden
Gritty is my role mode
Draven Lawrence
Draven Lawrence - Måned siden
I always ask my friend what LGBTQ means but they never give a straight answer
airglide2 - Måned siden
(Single Ostrich) “Ha Haaaaa!”
This username can't get much longer can it?
Well you know when flowers and flowers meet?
Sniper gameing
Sniper gameing - Måned siden
Do you really want the answer
Damar Laksono
Damar Laksono - Måned siden
Is this referencing something?
scurus11scurus - 19 dager siden
Byron Senior it’s not really that niche if your old enough
Jake Shattuck
Jake Shattuck - 29 dager siden
Ah yes, the incident that made journalists say the name "Jeff Gillooly" on television.
sauce oli
sauce oli - Måned siden
The redskins
Seth Brokmeier
Seth Brokmeier - Måned siden
@Sea Weed Thank you! I kept thinking it was a parody of I, Robot and I didn't get any of the jokes.
Byron Senior
Byron Senior - Måned siden
@Yog-Sothoth It was actually a pretty good movie. And I guess he's continuing Seth MacFarlane’s tradition of incredibly niche references.
Inky - Måned siden
Furries Always Take The Spotlight When It Comes To Mascots Eh...
Eddie The Okay
Eddie The Okay - Måned siden
That and the racist characters. That’s just our world
chocolatewheelchair - Måned siden
Isn’t this character a symbolic dog whistle to the alt-right?
chocolatewheelchair - Måned siden
anamarvelo from an article I found; Dozens of alt-right Twitter accounts began co-opting the Philadelphia Flyers mascot as an anti-Semitic figure just days after liberal protesters used images of "Gritty"
anamarvelo - Måned siden
He's been actively Embrace as a symbol of righteous hooliganism and left-wing values.
Michael G.
Michael G. - Måned siden
I used to love Robot Chicken, especially the Star Wars stuff. But its just not funny anymore.
Carolyn S
Carolyn S - Måned siden
I agree that the new episodes are bad, but I thought this particular skit was the funniest they've done in a while. Of course it could just be because I'm a hockey fan who's familiar with Gritty and how the internet reacted when he was first introduced.
If you don't know who Gritty is, you won't get it. Actually you probably don't get much of anything. Gimmboids.
Aleruchi the cool guy
Aleruchi the cool guy - Måned siden
It's funny shut up
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - Måned siden
You take that back! It’s always funny
InfernosReaper - Måned siden
Yeah, even though I get the joke, it just didn't work.
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen - Måned siden
I didn’t need to watch _I, Tonya_ to see this. Besides, I’ve already watched the movie.
Maksie0 - Måned siden
That's not a crowbar though, that's a tire iron
ot63 - Måned siden
And the actual event being made fun of used neither.
NeverSaySandwich1 - Måned siden
Has robot chicken EVER been funny
I forgot to add a name
I forgot to add a name - Måned siden
@Nick Mcd yup
I forgot to add a name
I forgot to add a name - Måned siden
@NeverSaySandwich1 that's not true
NeverSaySandwich1 - Måned siden
@Michael G. All the punchlines are someone dies, farts, gets hurt, or shits themselves.
Michael G.
Michael G. - Måned siden
The Star Wars skits are funny and a few others. But those are old. Robot chicken lost its touch years ago. I still come back from time to time to check on it.
Nick Mcd
Nick Mcd - Måned siden
Nøkk - Måned siden
google bazinga
google bazinga - Måned siden
Tehrz - Måned siden
“Don’t lie who else been a fan of Adult swim"🌍
“¡ᴍ ɢɪғƬɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏoꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ Łɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙꇙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🪐
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me
“Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Adult Swim before 2020?😇”

(Read My Name❤️)
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