How They Do It: Rick and Morty Panel | Adult Swim Con

It's the special edition, extra-exclusive live Rick and Morty commentary event and Q&A. Join Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammer to watch classic Rick and Morty episodes and hear the secret ingredients and intricacies that went into building the most complex show in the multiverse.
#AdultSwimCon #RickAndMorty
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Runtime: 1:05:44


jess - Dag siden
what’s up with that family guy dig from Dan Harmon?
C Tarkon
C Tarkon - Dag siden
I mean, Chris did Shivering Truth, never underestimate the pathos that dwells in that man's soul.
Omega Minus
Omega Minus - Dag siden
I'm starting to second guess watching Rick and morty after seeing the Dan Harmon f'n a baby video.
Nick Dodson
Nick Dodson - Dag siden
This team, and the writing staff, is amazing.
Morty Smith
Morty Smith - Dag siden
they shld def move to streaming the premieres. like why is it on adult swim? the swearing adds to the story for me lol. bleeps fucking suck. see u can read that. no *******. but integrity or some shit
Q T - Dag siden
Terri did a phenomenal job moderating!!!
POWERFUL bryce c
POWERFUL bryce c - 2 dager siden
we should get me on this show
Comics Misexplained
Comics Misexplained - 3 dager siden
They should have the talking cat kill someone with a car
Miles Lamden
Miles Lamden - 2 dager siden
kermit the pog
kermit the pog - 3 dager siden
Free Britney
Gunhaver - 3 dager siden
Kind of surprised that Dan hasn't built a recording booth yet. He is morphing into Nick Offerman in the best way
Pinky Mixology
Pinky Mixology - 3 dager siden
Can't wait until 2027 when it finally airs.
Zen Locke
Zen Locke - 3 dager siden
I don't get why organizers make Chris do these. I love him, but he's like DiMaggio with Adventure Time, he doesn't really connect with or pay attention to the show itself and it always feels like they just throw him in a monkey cage and make him talk about shit he doesn't care about. Let the guy build model trains or something, sheesh.
Rooky Music
Rooky Music - Dag siden
Zen Locke I agree. I’m a big fan of his since SNL, but it seems like he really doesn’t like to do press for R&M. He always seems extremely serious and unenthused. Almost sad to be there
Nicholas Garcia
Nicholas Garcia - 4 dager siden
Without Justin Roiland their group interviews are half of what they were with him.
aussiezombie - 4 dager siden
Chris Parnell really is Jerry isn't he. Just sitting in the background seemingly insignificant and not much of an idea what's going on.
Gray Fox
Gray Fox - 2 dager siden
Parnell is like me in every meeting I've ever been in, virtual or in person. My coworkers will ask me for input about whatever is going on and I'll usually stammer, "um yeah, what you said, that probably applied to me, definitely.. can't think of any particular examples at the moment..." and just wait awkwardly for the next person to talk. And then come review time they tell me I need to get better at public speaking, participate more.. I say "oh sure, I definitely do.. will work on that." And then I don't because I hate talking in meetings.
aussiezombie - 3 dager siden
Eliana Silva
Eliana Silva - 3 dager siden
Yes, like he is jerry and Cyril from Archer. He's just there
Rooky Music
Rooky Music - 4 dager siden
Chris always looks so sad and serious. Even at comic-con
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black - 4 dager siden
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Joshed Up Reviews
Joshed Up Reviews - 4 dager siden
Whheres Justin???
JMichael Floyd
JMichael Floyd - 4 dager siden
Where is RICK?
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner - 4 dager siden
Chris Parnell's voice should be designated a national treasure.
Philip Manning
Philip Manning - 4 dager siden
Smoking cigars 🤔🤔🤔😏😏😏
Doug - core
Doug - core - 5 dager siden
Its true, sarah really was kidnapped. Cause when she's on fake doctors real friends, the scrubs podcast. She has the worst audio ever and can never figure out zoom by herself 🤣
Peter Booth
Peter Booth - 5 dager siden
😻 Sarah Chalke! New celebrity crush!
Stormwern - 5 dager siden
Good moderator, one of us!
sirtra - 5 dager siden
Wow spencer seems so much more attractive than normal here.. like more girl next doory :)
Not Sean
Not Sean - 5 dager siden
Really just care about Dan and Justin's commentary. The rest are just riding their coat tails.
Erik Fox-Jackson
Erik Fox-Jackson - 5 dager siden
Sarah Chalke is way funnier than anyone gives her credit for.
Álvaro Cruz Soleto
Álvaro Cruz Soleto - 5 dager siden
of course Dan was going to do a cuckold explanation
pinkbubbles310 - 5 dager siden
buddabudda - 5 dager siden
Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland do all creative, some studio in Canada animates it, and then a bunch of other voice actors show up for 2 minutes. There, no need for the hour long podcast.
Sid R.
Sid R. - 5 dager siden
One of the best things to come out of this was the potential Bojack x R&M crossover around 57:00
RusticNapalm - 5 dager siden
If they did a live episode like ATHF did I would fuckin pre everywhere
RusticNapalm - 5 dager siden
Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales - 5 dager siden
Wasn’t Spencer stabbed the other day 🙃
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky - 6 dager siden
Chris you should be proud . Jerry is the best character in the show
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky - 6 dager siden
this montage is as unrepresentative of what the show is as it gets)
Jon Loc
Jon Loc - 6 dager siden
What a fun Harmontown special
RichyReacts - 6 dager siden
It was very hard to find this vid
Nik Petrovic
Nik Petrovic - 6 dager siden
who is interviewing them? she really needs to chill, every time she talks its like the whole vibe changes. like theyre having an enjoyable conversation and then she butts in like 'its so great that youre going off on a tangent, i love it so much, BUTTTTTTT lets go back to the script ok?'
Lovers Choice
Lovers Choice - 6 dager siden
harmon looks like santa from ep: Anatomy Park now, chris parnell looks like jerry even more.
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
"It's a one-way ticket to a breakthrough, Beth" is one of my favorite Jerry lines.
Ricardo Chucky
Ricardo Chucky - 6 dager siden
hey to the fans out there? do you guys really like the talking cat thing?
Ricardo Chucky
Ricardo Chucky - 6 dager siden
@Yorick Strangefield I guess it was just one more random character...I didn't like that episode at all, that cat storyline was weak.
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
Is it a "thing"? Or did it just happen in that one episode?
Diamond Jim Murphy
Diamond Jim Murphy - 6 dager siden
Wow, Justin has really checked out of this show
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
@Diamond Jim Murphy I've had similar thoughts about Solar Opposites. I see Justin promoting that show on Twitter, and I think: NO! Stick with Rick & Morty, it's way better.
Diamond Jim Murphy
Diamond Jim Murphy - 6 dager siden
Yorick Strangefield PLUS, Dan is doing a lot more voices now- lots of bit parts that would usually have fallen to Justin. All this implies to me that Justin is just punching the clock now and doing the bare minimum to retain his stake in the show. That said, I don’t work there and this is all just speculation on my part.
Diamond Jim Murphy
Diamond Jim Murphy - 6 dager siden
Yorick Strangefield his absense from the panel, but also the show itself seems to have been totally bereft of his input of late. Very little improv. Few characters that feel like he designed them. Few stories that feel like “Justin” adventures. Added to that, Justin has his own show now, Solar Opposites, which is another sci-fi animated sitcom without Dan. That he would go off and do that implies he’s unsatisfied working at Rick and Morty.
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
You mean because he's not on this panel? Or is there something else that makes you think that?
Totally Okay Productions
Totally Okay Productions - 6 dager siden
how are you going to do this without Justin Roiland
Andreas Grubhofer
Andreas Grubhofer - Dag siden
@Michael Zaite lmfao
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite - 4 dager siden
He probably was going to be on, but then got distracted by a toy and or VR game and forgot.
Dayse Reis
Dayse Reis - 7 dager siden
O canhotista
O canhotista - 7 dager siden
It was very funny to watch this 😻
flaxseed Fred
flaxseed Fred - 7 dager siden
Jerry is the best character, you can’t change my mind, Parnell did an excellent job
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
@Hilomh Yes, but don't forget: Rick did a hostile takeover of the family at the beginning of Season 3, when Jerry betrayed him. ;)
Hilomh - 7 dager siden
I love Jerry! I felt inclined to stand up for Jerry (because we know he won't stand up for himself) when the moderator referred to them as "the Sanchez family." They are the Smith family!
Kanuk K
Kanuk K - 8 dager siden
I need a podcast with Chris Parnell doing most of the talking.
the one that loves cartoons
the one that loves cartoons - 8 dager siden
chris didn't say much in this adult swim con but he was cool I like his proformence as Jerry
Jesse solomon
Jesse solomon - 8 dager siden
I didn't know what the voice of summer looks like til the past month
Jesse solomon
Jesse solomon - 8 dager siden
Does summer dye her hair?
the one that loves cartoons
the one that loves cartoons - 8 dager siden
amazing im exited for season 5 and i hop we will see more of the dinamic between rick and morty and i hop space beth will play a big roll in season 5 and beyond afect the familly
the one that loves cartoons
the one that loves cartoons - 6 dager siden
@Yorick Strangefield me too I'm super excited for season 5 well Dan said in this video that she won't play a bigger role in season 5 but he said that she will have a larger role in season 6 so yeh atleast were gonna see more of her I'm super excited from what's to come
Yorick Strangefield
Yorick Strangefield - 6 dager siden
I love Space Beth too! Definitely hoping to see more of her.
pibyte - 8 dager siden
I miss Harmontown.
pibyte - Dag siden
@Mark Bezona the gang
Mark Bezona
Mark Bezona - Dag siden
If you had to name one thing you miss what would it be?
kermit the pog
kermit the pog - 3 dager siden
Where do you miss?
sambaci Erol
sambaci Erol - 8 dager siden
Wow jerry you are so stunning.
dimitreze - 8 dager siden
the moderator was very good
Temiloluwa Aderisola
Temiloluwa Aderisola - 9 dager siden
Summer for president.
PhoenixGamer67 - 9 dager siden
Shut up JeRrY
G. S.
G. S. - 9 dager siden
W Serba
W Serba - 9 dager siden
It's not Switfy until someone shits on the floor.
elfoenaci2 - 9 dager siden
Jesus! Parnell CALM down. Was he on speed or something? Lol
jim boo
jim boo - 9 dager siden
Oh oh oh wet dreams guys ? Wet dreams..