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Runtime: 01:11


Dull - Dag siden
All this is so true about fortnite
el migetismo
el migetismo - 3 dager siden
God sake this game has changed so much, once a generic Battle royale with a unique mechanic, now a really well crafted game with an extremely interesting story. STW just turned 3, I'm completely ready for the 14 year olds ready to blindly hate this comment instead of providing critism about the game.
Mal 0wns
Mal 0wns - 4 dager siden
Itd be funnier if it was never stop ad ad, and theyre all twitching like ritalin infused 12 yo
G Wallace
G Wallace - 4 dager siden
I mean... I've got a crappy sniper video on my channel that shows exactly why you never stop jumping....
Paulo Sérgio
Paulo Sérgio - 4 dager siden
Me, sees Maverick
*happy noises*
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 4 dager siden
Heroes Dies
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 4 dager siden
Heroes R.I.P.
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 4 dager siden
Heroes Is Dead
Positive Góòn
Positive Góòn - 7 dager siden
Oh my god. I am so fucking happy this exists.
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington - 8 dager siden
I like it when this game is made fun of it deserves it all too much
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington - 5 dager siden
@SpaghettiLad because everyone is just glued to the game
SpaghettiLad - 5 dager siden
I’m guessing you like Minecraft a game that everyone seems to like despite its community being basically the same as fortnites. If you do have a proper reason that isn’t because children play it please tell me
SpaghettiLad - 5 dager siden
Because everyone dislikes the game? The children’s game that children’s play? And the only reason you dislike it is because of your mob mentality and you can’t get behind any game that has a decent following
SpaghettiLad - 5 dager siden
How come?
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 9 dager siden
Heroes Dies
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 9 dager siden
Heroes R.I.P.
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman - 9 dager siden
Heroes is Dead
Brian McCarty
Brian McCarty - 9 dager siden
"Rocket launcher, gotta go!"
Encrypted X
Encrypted X - 9 dager siden
Someone what episode this is in please
Da Shapeshifter
Da Shapeshifter - 10 dager siden
Btw fortnite is dead
bigtimerussian - 10 dager siden
shoutout joanne
NurOskar - 10 dager siden
Can you do the shining next ?
F4D3 !
F4D3 ! - 10 dager siden
Oh its lois griffin
Slyfurz - 12 dager siden
ice quartz
ice quartz - 12 dager siden
Litteraly Fortnite
Lonewolf 1911a1
Lonewolf 1911a1 - 12 dager siden
PizzaPro 1041
PizzaPro 1041 - 13 dager siden
Heh now the comments is 667
(Im the 7)
Godzilla Gamer
Godzilla Gamer - 13 dager siden
2x speed 👌
Sir Tanon
Sir Tanon - 13 dager siden
This went exactly like I figured it would. Perfect!
Cringe Police
Cringe Police - 13 dager siden
Fortnite will always be trash, but this section won’t
Joker Kxng
Joker Kxng - 13 dager siden
Joanne sounds like lois
African Warlord
African Warlord - 13 dager siden
I hate fortnite you can build a 6 story mansion in 2 seconds the game is trash
Dead Meme
Dead Meme - 13 dager siden
What in the cringe ass nea nea baby is this
Sorad - 13 dager siden
I don't know how but they managed to personify fortnite perfectly.
Dimbutdark - 14 dager siden
Bruh why is this kinda factual
Give Me Dominos Pizza
Give Me Dominos Pizza - 14 dager siden
Welcome to fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3
Ivan Eliseenko
Ivan Eliseenko - 14 dager siden
Pugger The Mugger
Pugger The Mugger - 14 dager siden
Apparently jump fatigue isn’t a thing
Return_ H
Return_ H - 14 dager siden
200+ toxic kids fornite players dont like this video
Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms - 15 dager siden
this timeline is falling into limbo
creeper art
creeper art - 15 dager siden
There not wrong...
GA5_ MA5K - 15 dager siden
Third party
Poopers - 15 dager siden
Smol brain human
Smol brain human - 15 dager siden
"Makes sense"
eretical - 15 dager siden
As someone who enjoys playing Fortnite, I found this super fucking accurate.
AndyHTx - 15 dager siden
Fortnite kids with their angry replies rn 😂
Parsle - 16 dager siden
Never stop moving, every second you are stopped is every second someone could shoot you with a sniper lol
JacobXxCringe - 16 dager siden
"Ahh boom FORTNITE!!!"
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 - 16 dager siden
Pfffffffft damn❗️🤣
Diamond in VR
Diamond in VR - 16 dager siden
You forgot the part where they get shot at and immediately build downtown Manhattan
Possum on a vacuum
Possum on a vacuum - 16 dager siden
Imagine all the kids who clicked on this video thinking it was fortnite
LlamaLad - 16 dager siden
This show must really take a long time to make because fortnite died like a year ago
Justin Patrick
Justin Patrick - 17 dager siden
Ice King
Ice King - 17 dager siden
As a character I can confirm this happend
Jakubowski 77
Jakubowski 77 - 17 dager siden
This is why Fortnite suck
UnknownUserr - 17 dager siden
0:22 pretty sure that was orange justice and interrupted it by switching to the pickaxe to break trees lol fk those players
Goddess Shadow
Goddess Shadow - 18 dager siden
Fortnite Eww. Hope it Dies.
bacfilms studios TV
bacfilms studios TV - 18 dager siden
Fortnite the robot chicken best
Leo Lim
Leo Lim - 18 dager siden
Where’s noob master
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 18 dager siden
So what is the purpose of jumping in the game?
Carlos Cuba
Carlos Cuba - 18 dager siden
The never stop jumping is so accurate
Shunpo - 18 dager siden
He had unlimited stamina.
Montenegro Salvador
Montenegro Salvador - 18 dager siden
Great repreaentation of fortnite ppl in real life
RANDOMS TV - 19 dager siden
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