FIRST LOOK: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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Season 5 sneak peek of #rickandmorty at #AdultSwimCon
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Runtime: 02:34


Noa Mont
Noa Mont - 2 timer siden
Outfold - 3 timer siden
how morty called to jessica in space
dhanabalan bob
dhanabalan bob - 3 timer siden
Please add fast 😭
Wonder. Music
Wonder. Music - 3 timer siden
Still waiting for Rick and Morty season 4 to hit Hulu 😔
villinspree1 - 6 timer siden
Looks dope
how to suck at youtube 101
how to suck at youtube 101 - 6 timer siden
Mortys a simp
Semi - 7 timer siden
Rare footage of simp benefits
Fear Tripex
Fear Tripex - 7 timer siden
this man defied death it self to go on a date
Julian Eckert
Julian Eckert - 12 timer siden
Morty your an idiot he just said his nimbus like Tammy who didn’t remember your name
kyle pratt
kyle pratt - 13 timer siden
If he's Rick's nemesis, this Mr. Nimbus guy must be a real badass.
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera - 16 timer siden
Hope I’m still alive when the seasons out
Gülsüm Turşak
Gülsüm Turşak - 17 timer siden
THIS IS AMAZING i can't wait wwaaooowowo
colton truman
colton truman - 17 timer siden
i love rick and morty it is my favorite show
Dinn Eferet
Dinn Eferet - 18 timer siden
I died at "f**k death" 😂😂😂😂
Cucumamacacapipi - 21 time siden
Adam - 22 timer siden
seems like Morty stepping out from the friend zone, some says it's impossible
but he did it ! way to go !
Orlando Lees
Orlando Lees - 22 timer siden
I hope this comes out before I die of old age
Josh Draws
Josh Draws - 23 timer siden
Plot-Twist: this was to make up for Morty's other girlfriend
Black styfy
Black styfy - Dag siden
Can we just have the season like this. I really enjoyed this
Медвежий страж
Burntpoptart 997
Burntpoptart 997 - Dag siden
That was fukin fast
Neal McBeal
Neal McBeal - Dag siden
this is something i’d wanna watch 5 times scratch that 15 times
Jai Puthran
Jai Puthran - Dag siden
Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams - Dag siden
I'm a silly small man
A K - Dag siden
Richard? WTF calls Rick Richard??
Tomisodd - Dag siden
The year just got a hell of a lot load better
Shane. - Dag siden
Why are there only 10 episodes in 1 season? I've been waiting for another and another season for 4 years now damn.
George Kirkpatrick
George Kirkpatrick - Dag siden
I'm so early, this isn't even the most liked video on youtube.
Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller - Dag siden
Nemesis? Doesnt Rick usually kill those who mess with him? This guy is either op or so lame Rick cant bring himself to end him. I can already see how this will end. They get dragged through some bs story that is dull and lame, and morty just wants to end it so he pulls a rick and tries to end this guy, but it just delays them even more. Sorta like the beginning of the vat of acid episode
hooman ramezany
hooman ramezany - Dag siden
wow great jessica
iswim - Dag siden
Seeing rick cry is always so surprising to me, its just something that’s so rare in the show that when it happens you can really appreciate it
SpiroSZN - Dag siden
My grandkids gonna love this episode...
The Adventures of Nick & Nate
LifesGood - Dag siden
Let’s go !!
Isaac S Hasan
Isaac S Hasan - Dag siden
didn't they go to Atlantis tho ?
CinnamonRavioli - Dag siden
I am headcannoning that Rick and Mr. Nimbus dated, had a rough breakup, and Rick is now banned from the ocean
Gru - 2 dager siden
*The only simp I respect*
Waifu Pervertida
Waifu Pervertida - 2 dager siden
Better than Nanatsu animation
Ellen Shaw
Ellen Shaw - 2 dager siden
Guys we can all just say first and be right, because this shit hasn't even been animated yet. FIRST
ChaotiX - 2 dager siden
okay but like.... is EVERY season reveal going to appeal to the Eastern Audiance?? I'm not judging or nothing, i just wanna kno...."
Gift Feed
Gift Feed - 2 dager siden
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PicklePowell heywood
PicklePowell heywood - 2 dager siden
Has anyone else been left feeling as if season 4 was a brand new series instead of an extension of the first three seasons?? It seems disjointed to me, it doesn't have the same flow as the first 3 seasons did with each other - I'm a die-hard fan, but have noticed an annoying disjointed story-line in the new series. Feels less personal somehow, less 'in-jokes', still BRILLIANT comedy and loads of fun! Don't get me wrong - but lacking in comparison to their earlier seasons. :-/
*braces for the storm of hatred that's about to be thrown down on me* lol
cance7984 - 2 dager siden
For those of you who haven’t watched a single episode of this series, and are curious to see what all the hoopla is about, it’s great but not perfect. Some episodes are stupendous while others are awful. If you’re planning to jump on the bandwagon, welcome, just be prepared to thread through some garbage to arrive at the gems.
edd soto
edd soto - 2 dager siden
Fucking bring it out 🙏🏾🕊🙃🦍👍🏽🙂😆
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon - 2 dager siden
Oh My God Rick and Morty almost died!!!
See everyone this is why you shouldn't take things for granite 😏😎😉😃
bart jewson
bart jewson - 2 dager siden
Dam can't believe Aquaman worked at femboy Hooters
SJM92 - 2 dager siden
I am hoping, praying that the plot of the episode is basically rick trying to beat this ridiculous campy mr. nimbus but despite everything he does mr. nimbus always either outsmarts or outdoes him......kind of rick and morty's take on daffy duck vs bugs bunny
Sawyer Blume
Sawyer Blume - 2 dager siden
21 Kirkwood Irvine
Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker - 2 dager siden
Can’t wait to see it in ten years
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 2 dager siden
When you're so early the scene hasn't been animated yet.
rads - 2 dager siden
This looks so good
Kajdepro btw
Kajdepro btw - 2 dager siden
How long is this going to take adult swim?
Kajdepro btw
Kajdepro btw - 22 timer siden
THE FIRE STICK - Dag siden
Kajdepro btw From 1 to 3 years
Mitch Captain
Mitch Captain - 2 dager siden
How can 2 minutes of Rick and morty be better than all of season 4?
True Vicious
True Vicious - 2 dager siden
Why season 5 already ? Season 4 got just 5 episodes... longer seasons pls !
True Vicious
True Vicious - 2 dager siden
asioe kiou seasons 1 plot twist, Rick have it to him
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 2 dager siden
But how did Morty even get her number... he couldn’t even talk to her
gapple *
gapple * - 2 dager siden
Yup, next season looks great, bunch of emotional crap that gets thrown away 2 seconds later, cussing and nonsense plot that will be thrown out of the window as well once the season reaches its end..
ricardo vargas
ricardo vargas - 2 dager siden
9 seasons right?
Jackson Tracy
Jackson Tracy - 2 dager siden
Trailer in color-
TotallyNotMaximus - 2 dager siden
please don’t
Saint Inn Luvs Ew
Saint Inn Luvs Ew - 2 dager siden
Morty keeping his simp hand strong!!!
roody crles
roody crles - 2 dager siden
The power of boners
Keiran Penny
Keiran Penny - 3 dager siden
I love how he accepted death then realised "oh shit I wanna live"