Fena: Pirate Princess Announcement | Toonami Special Edition | Adult Swim Con

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A work-in-progress look at the new Adult Swim and Crunchyroll production “Fena: Pirate Princess”, coming in 2021. Plus an interview with the director, Kazuto Nakazawa.
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Runtime: 4:26


Otter Donnelly
Otter Donnelly - 3 dager siden
Ok, which one of y'all put on Lambeth? [adult swim] still surprising me decades later.
funny man
funny man - 5 dager siden
this is cool or whatever, but where's jojo?
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv - 5 dager siden
It looks as fucking stoopid as every other japanimation softcore porn cartoons.
David Thomas
David Thomas - 6 dager siden
Looks like a one piece spin off with a woman leading the way
biscuit - 6 dager siden
Animefan69 - 6 dager siden
i cant wait for this
russell2 - 7 dager siden
**Adult Swim and Crunchyroll production**
yeah, im betting on this being infected with woke garbage.
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv - 5 dager siden
@russell2 Aw, you're so adorkable when you're triggered.
russell2 - 5 dager siden
@Roy G Biv I know you don't know how to update your own outdated software so I would recommend you get someone to install an update for you. You're in desperate need of a new dialog patch.
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv - 5 dager siden
Aw, did the fapping incel get turned down again?
BURGER KING G59 - 7 dager siden
Bro adult swim returning with some 🔥?
John Doe
John Doe - 7 dager siden
Fuckin lit
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker - 8 dager siden
hell yeah I'm getting samurai champloo vibe crazy action fun looks awesome I haven't really got back into anime in awhile besides dragon ball but this looks good the characters look badass to
Telvanni - 8 dager siden
That looks sickkk
Sunchaser - 8 dager siden
No mention of One Piece?!
HipnikDragomir - 8 dager siden
The art syle looks amazing. A great step forward from the generic animu style that's been prevalent for a long time
HipnikDragomir - 8 dager siden
He sounds so sleepy
Scotty McFly
Scotty McFly - 8 dager siden
Is this series going to be Dubbed or Subbed?
Doe Doe
Doe Doe - 8 dager siden
It needs love for us to be interested ? Lol
Jose Gallegos
Jose Gallegos - 8 dager siden
Looks dope but dont make us wait a year it will be dead by then and ppl even forgot is ganna play and miss the first episode I say get the most in the first kuz then they will be forced to see it in shit websites and thair gos your views in other words bruhh get moving know if u wanna make mula
powerboyj roblox.
powerboyj roblox. - 9 dager siden
Veey Weird thread. Nakazawas voice very cash money
Kaiju Universe
Kaiju Universe - 9 dager siden
Fana : the pirate princess
One piece : I’m a joke too you ?
siddbastard - 9 dager siden
Small cute child somehow wins
First Last
First Last - 9 dager siden
Wait... Pirate Ninjas? PIRATE NINJAS?! I'm sold.
Austin - 9 dager siden
I am glad toonami is helping producing original anime. Especially this one! I'm hyped for fena!!!
Iron Fist No1
Iron Fist No1 - 9 dager siden
Eh. Dumb. Another Weabo trash anime.
Animefan69 - 6 dager siden
then leave no one wants you here anyway we love anime and if you dont like it then keep your opinion to yourself ok have a good rest of your day
Frikiranger - 9 dager siden
i don't care just make porn of the girls
klee77721 - 9 dager siden
I remember when they played Detective Conan on AS, classic 👌
the concept of an idea
the concept of an idea - 9 dager siden
The Good Mudkip
The Good Mudkip - 9 dager siden
Why do the old guys at the start with her remind me of Mario and Luigi?
Roge Doge
Roge Doge - 9 dager siden
>adult swim
40chuun - 9 dager siden
master chef
Vin Kie
Vin Kie - 9 dager siden
Fena watch this one all right.
Tempo Accla
Tempo Accla - 9 dager siden
Doesn't look bad I just wish western companies stopped invading japanese entertainment and filling it with woke shit.
nihonjin rikugun
nihonjin rikugun - 9 dager siden
I was totally about it..then they cut her hair. Bleh
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker - 8 dager siden
I'm sure that will be explained in the plot
Lil Lily 510
Lil Lily 510 - 9 dager siden
Andrew Otaku
Andrew Otaku - 9 dager siden
Should have said it was a partnership with Production IG. I trust them, not Crunchyroll.
BigTArmada - 9 dager siden
Samurai Pirate-hime.. oh and also there are ninjas.
Hard pass
Christian Cloud
Christian Cloud - 9 dager siden
Dang we haven't seen an original of Adult Swim since IGPX fam
n Vang
n Vang - 9 dager siden
Looks cool but I dont have cable
punkie - 9 dager siden
It looks more like she’s running away from danger
Chetti - 9 dager siden
Looks cool, definitely a must watch
yoznfroogurt - 9 dager siden
It's like One Piece except I actually want to watch this
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero - 9 dager siden
Ooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmyyyyy god this looks great thanks to crunchy roll and toonami always.
kyutiez - 10 dager siden
this looks sick!
OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'
this did not translate well imo.
i was hoping to hear some dialogue but instead im fed terrible music!
Noobietron1 - 10 dager siden
Why does KyoAni, a great studio that produces great anime burns down. But CR and other cancer like Funimation still exists? I hope one day someone will do the anime industry a favor and blow up these shit holes with everyone inside.
J. LAGUNAS CORTEZ - 10 dager siden
Is this a Pirates of the Caribbean part six or seven Cartoon Network is running out of ideas man if you’re crazy why not make a cartoon about the Mexican cartels I’ll be fine chopping off heads chopping off bodies
Gavin McGerald
Gavin McGerald - 10 dager siden
lol, that interview at the end. It sounds like he was kidnapped and had to read from a script..
Ghostii - 10 dager siden
Touch My Joystick Player 2
Touch My Joystick Player 2 - 10 dager siden
This better not end up being some political correctness narrative bullshit
rwdplz1 - 10 dager siden
Black Lagoon cross-over episode?
AnubisGodess 23
AnubisGodess 23 - 10 dager siden
When you had an idea for the same thing but since you don't have enough money nor the supplies to actually make it a real animation you got to just sit back and watch it unfold...😧😨😓😥😭🍿
Shell knight
Shell knight - 10 dager siden
*What can you do, we came up with this over the phone, but this probably had a manga already made. Trust me, I'm salty over the concept of the show as much as you.*
trebb 96
trebb 96 - 10 dager siden
This looks like the high fantasy pirate series I've been waiting to see.
Salty Strange
Salty Strange - 10 dager siden
Is this ANIME that I see.
Can't wait to watch.
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles - 10 dager siden
hope they do an english dub, thus looks so good!
Mason Hall
Mason Hall - 10 dager siden
Not gonna lie, this looks dope.
WertherS - 10 dager siden
It looks very promising, waiting for its premiere!!!
Dawn's Art and Music
Dawn's Art and Music - 10 dager siden
Man toonami is literally the greatest
Majin Yama
Majin Yama - 10 dager siden
You expect me to buy cable to watch a one piece rip off...Shame on you.
Sintetic - 10 dager siden
Okay, but is it going to have R34 ??
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - 10 dager siden
Dave's my bitch
Isak Isak
Isak Isak - 10 dager siden
Oh wow im digging it!
Ishaki goshmier
Ishaki goshmier - 11 dager siden
I'm in