Coping | Off The Air | adult swim

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created by Dave Hughes
Hitting My Head On The World
Short by Anna Vasof
Lars Andersen: A New Level of Archery
Short by Lars Andersen
Welcome To Youth Team Enterprises
Song by Youth Team
Stand There
Song by P’tit Belliveau
Video by Vincent Bilodeau
Stay Home 04
Animation by Arnaud Laffond
Music by Tite
Men In Chairs 2
Animation by Cool 3d World
Window Advice
Video by Alan Resnick
0% Food
Animation by Lukas Vojir
Music by Resonate
Everybody Isolates
Video by Snuff Puppets
The State
Song by Youth Team
Pizza Challenge
Video by Ernest Doty
The Rest of My Days
Music video by S.C.A.R.R
First Contact
Video by Douwe Dijkstra and Jules van Hulst
I Have Heard The Signal, I Am Waiting For The Call
Song by Youth Team
Editing and graphics by Dave Hughes
sound mix and design by
Brent Busby

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Runtime: 11:26


Micaela Jamison
Micaela Jamison - 2 dager siden
1:50 is actually a bop ngl
Jashfuk - 4 dager siden
Make a entire Off The Air episode about monkeys
Carl Lemaire
Carl Lemaire - 4 dager siden
Fuck yeah P'tit Beliveau!
Fake celebrity news
Fake celebrity news - 4 dager siden
Tripping on shrooms or acid + watching adult swim off the air videos = an experience you can’t explain 🤣
Frederico - 4 dager siden
Dave, congrats on your work
Stripe Tucker
Stripe Tucker - 6 dager siden
Everyone:talking about how cool/tripy this is
Me:why you wanna stand there
netherwarper - 6 dager siden
I watch this show on mushrooms and acid all the time. Its amazing
VOLCANIA DREAD - 7 dager siden
beautiful animation! ♡
Sanguine Brood
Sanguine Brood - 7 dager siden
This nd a tab😍😍
Brandon Morel Rojas
Brandon Morel Rojas - 8 dager siden
The Window Advice from Alan Resnick is authentic and hones.
Timothy J. Stamm
Timothy J. Stamm - 9 dager siden
This is art
akeno himejima
akeno himejima - 12 dager siden
Acid and creativity at it’s finest
Kristina Scherbo
Kristina Scherbo - 14 dager siden
Why you stand there song really slaps lol
Sam Lambert
Sam Lambert - 14 dager siden
Thank you thank you thank you for always being here for me off the air... Please don't ever fade away
Gaona - 15 dager siden
banger at the end
metrion99 - 15 dager siden
can anyone else believe this only has 112000 views?
alena. - 19 dager siden
anybody want some pizza?
DarkoWTF - 20 dager siden
How could you not choose Anticomos but you choose this shit that nobody likes, everyone would’ve loved anticomos did you see the chat?
EDUenINTERNET - 21 dag siden
IDK why but I would like to create things like this. wp
ZazaSteppn - 21 dag siden
Fuckin LSD Run
SenorIncognitoLI - 22 dager siden
It would be nice if this channel stopped deleting my comments. Worst Off the Air by default because of that.
jt mcgee
jt mcgee - 23 dager siden
I loved how when he shot both of them he went back to sitting there.
Noah Aguinaga
Noah Aguinaga - 23 dager siden
Wow best episode so far
Scorpion & A Crab
Scorpion & A Crab - 23 dager siden
Not high enough brb
Scorpion & A Crab
Scorpion & A Crab - 23 dager siden
Oh GoD HelP Meeeeeeaaaaa
esvin8771 - 25 dager siden
That fish was so confused.
Anita Bee
Anita Bee - 26 dager siden
I feel like this accesses an unused part of your brain.
Cherub Sasquatch
Cherub Sasquatch - 26 dager siden
I like weiner dogs
Cherub Sasquatch
Cherub Sasquatch - 26 dager siden
Thank u Jesus for solving that man's chewing problem! AMEN
Devonte The Truccus
Devonte The Truccus - 26 dager siden
1:49 WTF?
biggavelle11 - 26 dager siden
Now I too no longer choke on food
John Berry Conway III
John Berry Conway III - 28 dager siden
worst off the air ever
Cherub Sasquatch
Cherub Sasquatch - 26 dager siden
So seek Christ
Cherub Sasquatch
Cherub Sasquatch - 26 dager siden
Ur brains needs Christ
Juice Historian
Juice Historian - 28 dager siden
Best part
Claudia A. Timmerman
Claudia A. Timmerman - 29 dager siden
if we are getting more off the air I'm actually going to cry
Viru_ 95
Viru_ 95 - Måned siden
Is this show back? Big fan of this small segments. They're just out of this world.
Zed C
Zed C - Måned siden
bow and arrow guy kicks ass
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi - Måned siden
This is probably the worst episode I've seen. Not really surreal or interesting, just seems like random ytp
Look Its Took
Look Its Took - Måned siden
off the air use to be good.
Daniel Mushung
Daniel Mushung - Måned siden
This is how we trip
User18 Noob
User18 Noob - Måned siden
she definitely has corona now XD
Isaac Ventura
Isaac Ventura - Måned siden
Watching this on acid is such a GOOD idea
Lost Sound
Lost Sound - Måned siden
Yo that little music video at the end?? That was super dope even if it was minimal.
@ The person that made that, beautiful job you nerd!
Augustus C
Augustus C - Måned siden
Watching it stoned cant be compared to watching it not
TetraVenga - Måned siden
Daddy would you like some sausage
Daddy would you like some sausages
Julian Poulton-King
Julian Poulton-King - Måned siden
Wow! A new Aphex Twin album!
Detenatron. 360
Detenatron. 360 - Måned siden
I'm laying down here in the dark watching this while there's a storm rumbling outside.
Valerie Herman
Valerie Herman - Måned siden
by far my favorite one I've seen yet
Ocean Current
Ocean Current - Måned siden
I’m so scared of that archery guy I admire him for his skill and the amount of practice he must have done
a name
a name - Måned siden
I love all of these. They’re truly art, thank you adult swim.
Sherman Jonathan
Sherman Jonathan - Måned siden
I think is probably the worst one of "Off The Air."
Ericson Malotte
Ericson Malotte - Måned siden
This actually called me down a lot. Thanks adult swim.
milhz - Måned siden
adult swim is so cool
Guil118 - Måned siden
1:49 (somewhat lumberjacky unintelligible french lyrics???)

Ces enfants-ci sont différents
Oh c'est ça qu'ils disent oh les parents
On dirait point qu'il [something] vendu [something]
Aimerait savoir tout ce qui les [something]

Sont différents
Sont différents
Oh les kids icitte sont différents
[A whole lot of what the fuck maybe with the word appartment at the end]

M'assir [something again] mon appartement
Musique de marde
Saloperie [something] l'émission
[Absolutely no idea]

Sont différents
Oh les kids sont différents
Les kids icitte sont différents

I tried ny goddamn best.
Guil118 - Måned siden
Found it finally. It was a nightmare to try to type the lyrics. Thank god.
asdfjlk - Måned siden
Soren Campbell
Soren Campbell - Måned siden
this video is so slept on
Oskar Samsel
Oskar Samsel - Måned siden
its time for some drugs
Dillian Bamman
Dillian Bamman - Måned siden
I too watched Ahh! Real Monsters
Parker Varin
Parker Varin - Måned siden
Adult Swim: The official channel for stoners at 3 in the morning.
noo dles
noo dles - Måned siden
Ripping off Freddy Got Fingered is the least cool thing a human could do.
Unlucky Cloverfield
Unlucky Cloverfield - Måned siden
adult swim gives me mtv between te music videos in the early 90s vibes
Chris Lattey
Chris Lattey - Måned siden
Why you always stand there?