As Seen On Adult Swim | 12oz Mouse Umbrella, Rick and Morty Ants in My Eyes Johnson Figure and more!

Like QVC but stupider, the host of As Seen on Adult Swim encourages viewers to act fast to purchase limited edition, one-of-a-kind Adult Swim treasures and curiosities, all for the low price of five bucks. Different items every week. Find them on
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Runtime: 1:00:52


Ava Crossing
Ava Crossing - Måned siden
Bring back moral orel you cowards
John Walshe
John Walshe - Måned siden
I think Mr. Gibbons here should be presenting the next Eurovision.
Bailey Adams
Bailey Adams - Måned siden
12 oz. Mouse is the best show of all time.
Nocturnal Toothbrush
Nocturnal Toothbrush - Måned siden
How fucking dare you let me miss this Adult Swim? Get a God Damn grip you bastards.
Todd K
Todd K - Måned siden
I'm done with Adult Swim unless they bring back Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
mastermariogamer - Måned siden
Most likely not gonna happen. I could see a special being made though.
gamer girl3x malaysia
gamer girl3x malaysia - Måned siden
I love how your videos are I bet my mom and dad will love this show and you cartoon shows are cool to man I like to watch stuff like that
KingPatrick 12
KingPatrick 12 - Måned siden
Nostalgia, thanks adult swim. Love this.
Don’t touch Me
Don’t touch Me - Måned siden
Dam Daniel
Gustav Gnöttgen
Gustav Gnöttgen - Måned siden
Ваня закиров
Ваня закиров - Måned siden
Я танцую suka :))))sori . Glass door to the jungle 😂😂😂👌 я хз но я наверно тут один который не понимает не чего
skillybby - Måned siden
Why the fuck are you updating so fast adult swim wait don’t worry about it I like this
Carrick Cullen
Carrick Cullen - Måned siden
I’m a simple man, I see Mentok the MindTaker (oooo ewweee oooo) and I check it out. Turns out it’s an ad. Great.
Owen Michtofen
Owen Michtofen - Måned siden
5$ for an umbrella isn’t necessarily terrible price
Mr. Land of Laughs
Mr. Land of Laughs - Måned siden
All sold out.
SUPER VILLAIN - Måned siden
Everything sold out want that 12 oz mouse umbrella was just talking about wanting merch for that show
Miau's Cavern
Miau's Cavern - Måned siden
I would like to buy and have Mentok from Harvey Birdman bubble head.
cornbreadman - Måned siden
I want Eric Andre & Check It Out (S3-S4) DVDs
525Lines - Måned siden
Their webpage shows everything is sold out. So, either the web page is a joke or these infomercials are really effective.
Kian - Måned siden
this is a live stream (on both NOburn and their own website) and things sell out FAST given its limited stock and all the people watching the stream they replay these episodes on TV Fridays at 4am (whittled down to 11 minutes) and re-stock most of the items, but even then things still get sold out quick
525Lines - Måned siden
@SUPER VILLAIN There was a ghost planet stress ball that I saw ONCE years ago on ebay. I wouldn't mind having that.
SUPER VILLAIN - Måned siden
God I need 12 oz mouse merch
ReallyBadFriendlyChannel C
Timothy Laviola
Timothy Laviola - Måned siden
Cristian Gabriel
Cristian Gabriel - Måned siden
Timothy Laviola
Timothy Laviola - Måned siden
Rightside up upsidown paradigm. Lol
tecums3h - Måned siden
Where's the Tarry Green Machine? Where's Dancin' Ted Danson? Come on man!
StopLizard - Måned siden
All glory to Mentok the Milf Spu- I mean Mentok the Mindtaker!
irrationalbrethren - Måned siden
oh my ga
irrationalbrethren - 13 dager siden
@tecums3h you've read my mind
tecums3h - Måned siden
OH my lady gaga
disLudo - Måned siden
How the hell is somebody even quick enough to get any of this stuff. All of it is fucking sold out within 24 hours of this being released
KeyZCubeJunior - Måned siden
what the hell am I watching and why am I watching

Adult swim merchandise :D that’s so epic :0