Arya Stark in the Hall of Faces | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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Runtime: 01:31


freakymoejoe2 - 4 dager siden
Karen stark
frenchiveruti - 7 dager siden
Xero0 - 11 dager siden
what is this from?
Sir Septic
Sir Septic - 14 dager siden
But it has to be in level in orde to rise up😂
Tavoi Aiono
Tavoi Aiono - 15 dager siden
Used to be funny
Memely D Catting
Memely D Catting - 18 dager siden
Lols reminds me of when I worked at a Halloween club
Kushal - 19 dager siden
I miss this
mdredheadguy1979 - 19 dager siden
She could have at least handed him the face she didn’t want so he could put it back!
endorbr - 20 dager siden
Better than season 8.
SuperWorldJumper - 22 dager siden
Robot Chicken could write a new ending to GOT and it would be better than Season 8.
DeeDee Ratchford
DeeDee Ratchford - 23 dager siden
ThE cUsToMeR's aLwAyS RiGhT
Christhian Janacua
Christhian Janacua - 25 dager siden
RIXRADvidz - 25 dager siden
OH, it's a GOT thing , yeah, right, got it. didn't watch it. can't fuck a shit to care.
still funny though, RBC is always stupid and funny
Anonymus X
Anonymus X - 28 dager siden
Arya Stark: *"A girl wanted the one next to it."*
A girl has to die today.
david macias
david macias - 29 dager siden
Never seen it
Alexandre Turcotte
Alexandre Turcotte - 29 dager siden
I don't think we should mess with that tomboy! :-|
Elle - 29 dager siden
Ade Ra
Ade Ra - Måned siden
Yall did a good job on that arya
S1m0ne Hinds
S1m0ne Hinds - Måned siden
Still would've made a better ending than the final season.
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem - Måned siden
Waaaooo well that's amazing 🤟🏻🤟🤟🏻🤟
Sidhant Wankhade
Sidhant Wankhade - Måned siden
The girl name is karen stark
Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh - Måned siden
How is THAT considered a Hall!?
Umbra16 - Måned siden
Michael Huynh A hall isn’t just a hallway. The word hall can be used to refer to a large chamber or room.
James Nesmith
James Nesmith - Måned siden
I honestly don't get this sketch, lol.
skinny jason
skinny jason - Måned siden
I love the frustration
John MacNeill
John MacNeill - Måned siden
i actually spat out my water when the lift came out
J0shua 5oto
J0shua 5oto - Måned siden
This is basically how its like to buy top shelf funky pops at hot topic
Ahmad and skeleton
Ahmad and skeleton - Måned siden
Why they have so many faces what do they do to it anyway
Ahmad and skeleton
Ahmad and skeleton - Måned siden
@Yardnoc3103 wtf this is so messed up
Yardnoc3103 - Måned siden
In the show the cult takes the faces of dead people and wear them like a mask. They work so well that 0% of people can't tell it's a mask. Then they use their new disguise and a character along with it to perform assassinations.
Blu Natcom
Blu Natcom - Måned siden
Hm...That clear to me now
E.A Truth
E.A Truth - Måned siden
The fact they spoke in third person "the girl" was hilarious to me 😂😂😂😂
Anonymus X
Anonymus X - 28 dager siden
Because this is actually how their order keep speaking in GoT/ASOIF.
Nv Offical
Nv Offical - Måned siden
Arya Stark in the Hall of Faces | Robot Chicken | adult swim
c𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 ➽
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respectifs les empechent
Emre Bektaş
Emre Bektaş - Måned siden
better than season8
Cococrash11 - Måned siden
Awesome Robot Chicken Video.
Tyler Lassic
Tyler Lassic - Måned siden
The life of working customer service.
infantryfeels - 28 dager siden
Scissortongue you poor soul
Anonymus X
Anonymus X - 28 dager siden
Scissortongue - Måned siden
Still working customer service, dread it every day.
infantryfeels - Måned siden
Accurate, and I don’t miss it one bit
Idk what ur talking about
Idk what ur talking about - Måned siden
This is more cannon than s8
Troy Hoffman
Troy Hoffman - Måned siden
@Jesse Ling S8 was *cannon* because that's what you want to shoot it from.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling - Måned siden
French Sailer
French Sailer - Måned siden
best part 1:28
origamipein18 - Måned siden
Yeah, you do, honey.
Xazlan Greyson
Xazlan Greyson - Måned siden
The look he gave her was the mood of the year. I felt that frustration.
Sitharos - Måned siden
She wanted the derp face?
Ghadrack Potato
Ghadrack Potato - Måned siden
I hate everything about the world that I didn't make the life choices necessary to do this kind of thing for a living. My cubicle suffocates my soul.
Well at least there is Adult Swim to rock me to sleep every night.
Kiran - 23 dager siden
U shud start if you have the passion and drive. I dropped out of my first collage degree for commerce to study animation. Now am a 3d animator with 3 yrs studio experience. Am way behind in life compared to people of my age but am happy.
Butt Socks
Butt Socks - Måned siden
no reason you cant start now. stop motion animation is the easiest to get started, though hard to master and super niche. speaking as someone who left school at 16 to work a shitty job, just giving it a go will be of great benefit to your soul. heck with services like 5er and other freelancing subreddit type things theres money to be made too.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill - Måned siden
I don't even watch GoT and this was hilarious
T Lo
T Lo - Måned siden
Please stop geoblocking German viewers from your channel!!!!!! Thanks
Novad selir
Novad selir - Måned siden
You can actually feel the frustration
Sarah - Måned siden
Season 9 material
Y D - Måned siden
Read this as the hall of feces, also known as the Game of Thrones season finale.
origamipein18 - Måned siden
Series, not season.
Is It?
Is It? - Måned siden
Hell of Faces..
Walter Bishop
Walter Bishop - Måned siden
i like the blur when she points, despite this when i saw the face i clearly knew which one she wanted and even had the small subversive moment when he did grab the wrong face, she then confirms my instinct and that was brilliant.
Nat20 Damage
Nat20 Damage - Måned siden
Yeah no I’m pretty sure the faceless one would just tell her “ah good choice! Now you must get it yourself but blinded with your arms and legs tied behind your back while being attacked by several people with knives. “ and then just disappear
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez - Måned siden
Still made more sense than her killing the NK smh
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller - Måned siden
skitzocalypso _
skitzocalypso _ - Måned siden
Totally misread the title as Hall of Faeces... That would've been a very different video...
Chichopuente - Måned siden
No wonder they tried to kill her
Anonymus X
Anonymus X - 28 dager siden
Vince Lumontad
Vince Lumontad - 29 dager siden
She is very entitled like a Karen
Adnan Hammaoui
Adnan Hammaoui - Måned siden
Just imagine what would have happened if the face of b**ch pudding was there and she chose it.
johndoe528 - Måned siden
Where did they get a mini scissor lift for that prop?!
J J - 14 dager siden
It's like real scissors. There are kid sized ones and that's what they used.
whatisreality01 - 18 dager siden
From Lilliput of course .
Kiran - 23 dager siden
Have you seen "honey i shrunk the kids !" ?
Gc Sec
Gc Sec - Måned siden
This guy
nustada - Måned siden
From the miniature United Rentals, duh.
MLP Kirito
MLP Kirito - Måned siden
Accidentally funny she get the derp face.
Saucey Malz
Saucey Malz - Måned siden
It's so funny 🤣🤣😂the dark humor
JP Sulley
JP Sulley - Måned siden
This part of GoT was so weird, yet I loved how Arya Stark grew up into a strong independent girl!
This Robot Chicken also kind of gives me Majora’s Mask vibes for some reason.
JP Sulley
JP Sulley - Måned siden
BlazingOwnager I know, that was bullshit! Arya’s goal was to destroy Cersei, but that mad bitch Danerys took that from her!
BlazingOwnager - Måned siden
Arya Stark spend the entire show learning to do a thing she never did in the final season, lol. Goddamn season 8 was awful.
Ren Cen
Ren Cen - Måned siden
Ok while I get it was to saved cost but I find it funny how the masks were mainly just some face images, prinited onto a paper and cut and wrap and glue onto the piller! The face masks only look like proper mask when he got closer to it!
10K subscribers with one video challenge
The Master
The Master - Måned siden
Wow this show has gone on for years and it's still good
Insidious MMA
Insidious MMA - 15 dager siden
Cameron You are talking about Game of Thrones they are talking about robot chicken right? Robot Chicken is like on season 12 or some shit.
The Master
The Master - Måned siden
@Cameron got a point there
books from Windblown
books from Windblown - Måned siden
itallianstallion in everywhere there is no season 8 nor 7
Cameron - Måned siden
Up until the shitty finale, season 8 doesnt exist here