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Runtime: 01:51


Rothschild - 2 dager siden
Adult entertainment
Sir JJ
Sir JJ - 9 dager siden
.......You serious with this? Oh of course Adult Swim, because the world is just clamoring for a new season of 12oz Mouse. It's not like there's tons of other shows you could of brought back, because this is what the people wanted. Not Harvey Birdman or ATHF or Xavier Renegade Angel, or Frisky Dingo (points if you remember that), or hell even Assy Mcgee, no you decided to bring back the show which it's sole existants is to fill a slot in your schedule, in other words POINTLESS FILLER! C'mon Adult Swim, the f**k are you doing?
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker - 9 dager siden
Sir JJ it really isnt though, if you watch it from the beginning like a movie which is what it is
Sir JJ
Sir JJ - 9 dager siden
@Garrett Parker ozmo? I like that name, I'm using that. I don't like it cuz it's just bland filler, nuthing but fluff. Not trying to bash people that like ozmo (not sure how they do but okay) I'm just saying out of all the things to bring back they choose this.
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker - 9 dager siden
how do you like those and not like ozmo? lmao. new xavier would rock tho.
Erika myers
Erika myers - 10 dager siden
-Sal the Knight-
-Sal the Knight- - 13 dager siden
0:46 Put 2x
THEDUDE32967 - 13 dager siden
Man i needed a good laugh, love 12oz Mouse.

I"ve never met a jetski that didn't have gas
David Holland
David Holland - 14 dager siden
So far, this season is not good.
some guy
some guy - 14 dager siden
This show is so lazy, I love it
some guy
some guy - 7 dager siden
@Peter Griffin they released a pilot for it, it's made by zach from phycipebles(dont know how to spell his channel)
some guy
some guy - 8 dager siden
@Peter Griffin well I'm just pissed adult swim chose this over smiling friends
Jimmy Pineapple
Jimmy Pineapple - 14 dager siden
This sucks
dreaminginnoother - 14 dager siden
i like the part when the jet skis wouldn't start
AllPureSkill - 14 dager siden
Early AS vibes
Steveooo - 14 dager siden
How strange. I saw Maggie Simpson when I looked at the thumbnail
lisa sandeline
lisa sandeline - 14 dager siden
Mouse Fitzgerald for Prez 2020.
Goosho - 14 dager siden
ImperfectCT - 14 dager siden
49 people were pranked by classic adult swim advertising B)
Christopher Morse
Christopher Morse - 14 dager siden
Remember when adult swim used to be funny? Peperidge Farm remembers.
Alex Rocha
Alex Rocha - 14 dager siden
This looks like you threw _Aqua_ _Teen_ _Hunger_ _Force_ in a pan and disolved away all the humor, cleaver writing, and artistic creativity
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker - 9 dager siden
this is like you watched a 30 second clip of a show with a very long payoff
Tom Newman
Tom Newman - 14 dager siden
But this just isn't funny at all? :/
Timothy Marsh
Timothy Marsh - 14 dager siden
Is this show good? Someone please sell me on it.
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker - 9 dager siden
watch seasons 1 thru 2 straight thru you will either love it or hate halfway into season 1
King K-azooie
King K-azooie - 14 dager siden
It's Not A Phase, Mom
It's Not A Phase, Mom - 14 dager siden
tf is this shit
[PATRYK FILMS] - 14 dager siden
Tha same sharky story repeats huh? :D
Matthew Marvel
Matthew Marvel - 14 dager siden
Best scene of the episode in my opinion!
Rick de Graaf
Rick de Graaf - 14 dager siden
I can't download the adult swim app in my country, any got a solution?
xCrimson BladeX ಠ_ಠ
xCrimson BladeX ಠ_ಠ - 12 dager siden
Adam White
Adam White - 14 dager siden
Ambe - 14 dager siden
Do smoothie gameshow
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - 15 dager siden
If we got 12 oz mouse back, does that mean Aqua Teen will come back too?
Rao00 - 15 dager siden
Jacob C
Jacob C - 15 dager siden
Adult swim should do a rick and Morty ep with Eminem
z z
z z - 14 dager siden
Jacob C lol
z z
z z - 15 dager siden
I love smiling friends.
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 13 dager siden
@z z Cool story bro, want a cookie? Gtfo here with that irrelevant shit bruh
z z
z z - 14 dager siden
johnny1893 u mad bro?
johnny1893 - 14 dager siden
Says the little crippy virgin!
ShadowWolfRising - 15 dager siden
Ok, I assume this season was partly preparation to deal with losing Family guy in 2021.
So placing bets, what show will be revived for a season next?
ShadowWolfRising - 9 dager siden
@Peter Griffin I think FX specifically, but it could be fox. Point is Adult Swim (And I assume the non-Fox channels.) is losing Family Guy.
ShadowWolfRising - 12 dager siden
@Hulk Logan Former, FX got an exclusivity deal for it or something. Likewise, they will lose Bob's Burgers in 2023. Dunno about American Dad though, they might get to keep that due to it belonging to TBS.
Hulk Logan
Hulk Logan - 12 dager siden
Do you mean Adult Swim is losing Family Guy or the shows ending? I'm out of the loop
Napoleon Solo
Napoleon Solo - 14 dager siden
I will hope against all hope for Metalocalypse, especially since Mike "fuckface" Lazzo retired.
doopiss - 14 dager siden
World Peace
EX35I2 - 15 dager siden
Why don’t you invest in a better show this shit is garbage and you know it I’d rather watch something like Samurai Jack than this shit
Boogster Su
Boogster Su - 15 dager siden
Those same jet skis were also shown on ATHF
leavescars96 - 13 dager siden
I thought they looked familiar.
This isn't even my final form!
I was just thinking that.
shreks hentai usb
shreks hentai usb - 15 dager siden
sofla soup
sofla soup - 14 dager siden
Rotten Raspberry yea why won’t u be my best friend 😡
shreks hentai usb
shreks hentai usb - 14 dager siden
@Rotten Raspberry ಠ_ಠ
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - 15 dager siden
Why no?
shreks hentai usb
shreks hentai usb - 15 dager siden
@sofla soup no
sofla soup
sofla soup - 15 dager siden
SynShad - 15 dager siden
This is me on Grand Theft Auto when I’ve completely destroyed my vehicle and I’m still trying to get it to keep going
VincentSantellanoYT Boi
VincentSantellanoYT Boi - 15 dager siden
Damn, they still have this show.
Stay Up Late Productions
Stay Up Late Productions - 15 dager siden
This is the perfect Vibe of Classic Adult Swim Animation
Guy Shafor
Guy Shafor - 15 dager siden
Wow, they've still got it
GoldryBluszco - 15 dager siden
why are you posting this shit at 4:00 am in the morning. are you ok adult swim?
Jackson Porter
Jackson Porter - 15 dager siden
Jimmy John’s
Jimmy John’s - 15 dager siden
oh my God so funny ha he ha ha I like it
z z
z z - 15 dager siden
I love smiling friends
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 13 dager siden
@Haruko Please Yes they are lmao. All they do is beg for episodes
z z
z z - 15 dager siden
Haruko Please there’s not way it would ever devolve into that degeneracy, it would come close.
Haruko Please
Haruko Please - 15 dager siden
Are you guys the new Rick and morty neckbeards
z z
z z - 15 dager siden
Sebastian N. salty much
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
We get it bruh now stop begging
Sister Discordia
Sister Discordia - 15 dager siden
I loved this show and I am very happy it is back on. ps I miss Xavier renegade angel as well....hint
Pantátisko - 15 dager siden
I haven't watch even first minute and I already know it's gonna be good
johnny1893 - 12 dager siden
@Pantátisko Says that to your mother
Pantátisko - 12 dager siden
How dare you keep fighting, when I said no, bitches!
z z
z z - 13 dager siden
johnny1893 you have low standards for bragging, old boomer ass retired kid 👌😂
johnny1893 - 13 dager siden
@z z ok kid braging on YT!
z z
z z - 13 dager siden
johnny1893 ok ,boomer! 👌😂