Adult Swim Summer Showdown: Final Fromage

Which show is the Greatest of All-Time? Call in: 708-SWIM-FUN. Be sure to cast your vote every week.
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Runtime: 1:01:45


Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo - 3 dager siden
Very good
Adultswim Fanmade
Adultswim Fanmade - 18 dager siden
Fuck rick and morty
Aqua teen hunger force was the first adult swim show
So why voting for rick and morty
josue Martinez
josue Martinez - 13 dager siden
People can have opinions you twat
Mikehawk323 - 21 dag siden
hjhjh hjhjh
hjhjh hjhjh - 23 dager siden
Dave's my bitch
prettyboiJustin - 23 dager siden
Adult swim really lacks in promotion , they were so much better back in the day , now it seems like adult swim is for weirdos
Six0606Unknown PS: I do YouTube and stuff.
Rotten Raspberry
Rotten Raspberry - 23 dager siden
I hope Aqua Teen gets a new season after winning
birbs r kool
birbs r kool - 23 dager siden
Where r the people
Davi Mestre
Davi Mestre - 23 dager siden
DrymouthCWW - 23 dager siden
Hey Assy! POOT!
The Harbinger
The Harbinger - 24 dager siden
Robot Chicken...... Without a shadow of a doubt.
Caleb Govea
Caleb Govea - 24 dager siden
Mabye if more people knew about this more people would show up
Joel Scheen
Joel Scheen - 24 dager siden
We need the Release Date for Uzumaki, pls pls Adult Swim.
Topsmooth 22
Topsmooth 22 - 24 dager siden
So is aqua teen making a return
Dr Rockzo
Dr Rockzo - 24 dager siden
Go ATHF!!!
Fredrich Fernando
Fredrich Fernando - 24 dager siden
If anything in the world can beat out Reddit and Memey, it has to Aqua Teen. I can feel it.
Pineapple Cake_with_your_MOM
Pineapple Cake_with_your_MOM - 24 dager siden
Who are those guys?
Tim Dixon
Tim Dixon - 24 dager siden
I like to fart in the bathtub. Pleasing to all the senses.
Robin Hauge
Robin Hauge - 24 dager siden
I love Rick and Morty
Ellaphant -
Ellaphant - - 23 dager siden
TheMonolake - 24 dager siden
GRW - 24 dager siden
Lucky number 14!
xdcountry - 24 dager siden
ATHF all the way— was there any question
Wow why is there so little comments
River C
River C - 24 dager siden
Eric Andre is a beast!!
UniversalFox - 24 dager siden
I didnt know there was a showdown... had I known I would have called the winners to begin with 😑
Peter - 24 dager siden
Is venture bros getting another season
Sunken Ninja
Sunken Ninja - 24 dager siden
Number 1 in the Hood G !
T master 2005
T master 2005 - 24 dager siden
Wow thought thered be more comments
GuyRami - 24 dager siden
Omelet due fromage
OssamabinKenny - 24 dager siden
Do a session 2 of SOLAR opposites
Sebastian N.
Sebastian N. - 15 dager siden
That's not even an Adult Swim show lmfao
SNN - 24 dager siden
OssamabinKenny that on Hulu you idiot
George Ware
George Ware - 24 dager siden
I'm amazed there's only two comments right now after 4 days of this streaming. Common it's Adult Swim!
Clevland Show Fan
Clevland Show Fan - 24 dager siden
30:00 this kid was extremely entertaining
JonahDaBoy - 24 dager siden
JonahDaBoy - 24 dager siden
That’s me
AGubby Nuchy
AGubby Nuchy - 24 dager siden
Rick and morty is toooooooo over rated. Robot chicken has been apart of me since I was 6 and now I'm 13. Robit chicken earned a win and didn't get it. Robot chicken inspired me to do stop motion and has been literally apart of my life.
AGubby Nuchy
AGubby Nuchy - 23 dager siden
@Ellaphant - yeah...I can see that robot chicken just has shorts instead of it actually being about a robot chicken.
Ellaphant -
Ellaphant - - 23 dager siden
The stop motion is remarkable and smooth so I like how it's done in that style
Ellaphant -
Ellaphant - - 23 dager siden
@AGubby Nuchy I can agree with that, I think Rick and Morty spends time on other things, they don't have to have the focus that robot chicken does with animation. Rick and Morty puts more of effort into Making it a show with a story and charcter development, even if the animation style is traditional, the background and even the props tell some sort of story within the show the detail in such is important. I can agree that they put alot of care with robot chicken in the animation department and it is very great and unique from the other shows. I think they are both well crafted _masterpieces_ in their own way.
AGubby Nuchy
AGubby Nuchy - 23 dager siden
@Ellaphant - I agree with you on the why people like it but for me, I just think robot chicken puts more time and effort with the fact that they have to do stop motion.
Ellaphant -
Ellaphant - - 23 dager siden
The fanbase is very loyal tho