Adult Swim Summer Showdown | Episode 3: The Halfening

Which show is the Greatest of All-Time? Call in: 708-SWIM-FUN. Be sure to cast your vote every week.
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Runtime: 1:02:00


shitpost_sauce.mp3 - Måned siden
XRA barely won, we still in!
A G - Måned siden
I saw this and was like "Just give Rick and Morty their award and stop wasting all our time." XD
Trinitys Stories
Trinitys Stories - Måned siden
the cloners
the cloners - Måned siden
Hot streets is very good and why did how many votes
stinky - Måned siden
metalocalypse better win or imma go on the deep web and send a missile to wherever adult swim hq is
Ellie Jollay
Ellie Jollay - Måned siden
It wasn’t fair pitting Ballmasterz against XRA.

Always doing Ballmasterz dirty
Rashad Preston
Rashad Preston - Måned siden
What is this? I have no idea what this is
zaron 55
zaron 55 - Måned siden
Sausage N Bellenz
Sausage N Bellenz - Måned siden
Don't ask me to pity those people. I don't mourn them any more than I do the thousands that died at Sodom and Gomorrah.
A very judgmental person.
A very judgmental person. - Måned siden
Edward Freeman
Edward Freeman - Måned siden
George Leos
George Leos - Måned siden
Ya got me adult swim. Smh... This fairy tale show y’all runnin... I fux wich y’all. Crying session at Pinocchio’s house 8pm pull up. Where is at bruh.. got me ya don’t want me.
angl fernandez
angl fernandez - Måned siden
I love adult swim it's a funny 😂
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey - Måned siden
Is it ok if I prefer Moral Orel to Space Ghost? I thought MO was remarkably mature, different, and took itself the most seriously out of all of the AS shows.
Mr Tophat
Mr Tophat - Måned siden
i love moral orel, shame it ended after 3 seasons
Boba Squid
Boba Squid - Måned siden
Hot Package is sweet though.
Boba Squid
Boba Squid - Måned siden
Please make Chuck Deuce a regular thing! One episode is simply not enough. I need so much more Chuck Deuce!🤙😎
Dr Rockzo
Dr Rockzo - Måned siden
Bring back the cocaine
Animation SG
Animation SG - Måned siden
Aw geez rick what are they doing
La fisica facile. Esploriamo l’atomo
Ehi mortttttttttyyyy i Just won the third Summer Showdown Morty.😂
Holy Mage
Holy Mage - Måned siden
Fuck this Trash, Where is Truth Point?
ThePsychoRenegade - Måned siden
So proud of SeaLab, King Star King can suck it.
Sir Jake
Sir Jake - Måned siden
The Brak Show
BoyzHub - Måned siden
Hiedecker has so many shots to win. I don’t think any of em will win though
Fredrich Fernando
Fredrich Fernando - Måned siden
Boba Squid
Boba Squid - Måned siden
Ikr? Total bullshit.
Guilherme Gomes
Guilherme Gomes - Måned siden
Mas que porra e essa
Sir Jake
Sir Jake - Måned siden
I vote for Zorak and Judy Ken Sebben/Birdgirl
Kian - Måned siden
24:12 thats my bracket yo
Donavan Murray
Donavan Murray - Måned siden
@George Leos who tf are u calling a nigga, nigga
George Leos
George Leos - Måned siden
Adult swim. Y’all nerds put on a bracket based on shows to see who wins??? Adult swim talking to all the nerds who run the game!!! Beast NIGGA!!! Can’t wait to play. But, ()WARNING!!!!!) I have no, filter.. 80’s kid 4 life. Never stop cartoons!!! Klan what you talkin about Willis??
Boogster Su
Boogster Su - Måned siden
Good luck in the next round.