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Runtime: 01:49


Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters - Måned siden
🐍 Thank You!
Rachel Griffiths
Rachel Griffiths - Måned siden
randomly found this and now want to watch all of it hahah
Josh Hayes
Josh Hayes - Måned siden
Wu Tan
Wu Tan - Måned siden
Are these ppl actually on a acid trip or just random gibberish lol
Aravind Muppavarapu
Aravind Muppavarapu - Måned siden
New series concept :
back story part :
(This story takes in a parallel universe)
In distant future :
A cosmic wave is going to hit earth so people decide to send those cosmic waves into the past they created a vortex with advanced machines and they successfully send those waves into the past those waves traveled into the past
Past :
This is the first year where Britishers took over india and one teenager was so angry at Britishers because one of them killed his parents so took a trident made of iron and started killing those who killed his parents one of them is running away those cosmic waves came into past and hit that teenagers trident and through him the cosmic energy was spread all over india and also that teenager got powers now and also that trident is planted in the same that teenager got his powers that teenager just killed every single Britisher in India who also got powers because of the cosmic wave energy is spread everywhere across India so those Britishers who are in india at that time got powers but they died in the hands in this teenager who got powers first
After that teenager took over india and
Turned it into his empire and he changed
India into a better place with his intelligence .
Main plot :
S.1: every single country tries to become technologically advanced enough so that india can't take over their country
S.2 :aliens are attracted by the cosmic energy emmited by indians so indians has to fight those aliens
S.3: a big alien dictator is attracted towards earth because how they managed to fight so many alien armies
Kevin Byrnes
Kevin Byrnes - Måned siden
When are you guys going to start releasing Bleach videos?
The anime's coming back
Chunky Durango
Chunky Durango - Måned siden
Ohhh so it’s the folks from Fish Center doing some stuff. Cool yeah, I dig it
AllPureSkill - Måned siden
Awesome show
NIKA - I very love s*x
NIKA - I very love s*x - Måned siden
i'm bored, dude 🎂 👄 😆 🏅 💎
Cat Of The Year
Cat Of The Year - Måned siden
A moment of silence for the people that actually put effort into this Frankenstein of a show
{ josephine }
{ josephine } - Måned siden
Imagine adult swim making a skit about kids who watch adult swim
Dr. Mysoginist
Dr. Mysoginist - Måned siden
These shorts must be to test the waters while the many people are at home to see what gets the most attraction.
Abhishek roy
Abhishek roy - Måned siden
When Rick & Morty S04 Episode 11 Is Coming 🥺🥺
VVafels - Måned siden
ah ok
RandomToons - Måned siden
Can someone check out my YouTube channel? I upload cartoon videos I make on my phone
j lll
j lll - Måned siden
I love this show. Keep it up.
Island Roots
Island Roots - Måned siden
I'd watch this
unknown_person - Måned siden
StreetCan will
Brill Jones
Brill Jones - Måned siden
I've never known that a tarantula would be diva picky like for this
Jen farmer
Jen farmer - Måned siden
These sound like the same voice actors for Bible FRuit from aqua teen force.
Blackstar 改善
It's all coming full circle
gitsurfer27 - Måned siden
This is so me when i go to the bug store!
warraw 1275
warraw 1275 - Måned siden
Immagine if meat cannon was working for [as]
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson - Måned siden
I’ll pass on this but I dig the Harold and the Purple Crayon aesthetic.
Nøkk - Måned siden
10 actors from your childhood ruined by LSD
4gillman - Måned siden
OK, I love this off the cuff improv style
$amSon - Måned siden
This and that Debra show are trash...bring Metalocalypse back!!!!
NoxxPie - Måned siden
Where can I even watch this?
leah - Måned siden
can someone tell me what was on at like 10:30 eastern last night it was this trippy blue/purple/pink show w 3d graphics and it was the first episode
LunaSnap - Måned siden
Thats right babysitting is so fun😘💗🍭🥰
Behind the Mask
Behind the Mask - Måned siden
0:15 when he said "what about all the hairs" and the tone made him sound like the narrator from Ted-ed
Timothy Laviola
Timothy Laviola - Måned siden
Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you.
Erika myers
Erika myers - Måned siden
I love it
Ian Palacios
Ian Palacios - Måned siden
this is the best canal
Albedo D. Overlord
Albedo D. Overlord - Måned siden
I don't understand this clip
Cinthia Medeiros
Cinthia Medeiros - Måned siden
Albedo D. Overlord
Albedo D. Overlord - Måned siden
@Brick Walls i get that! But is this part of a longer animation clip or what?
Brick Walls
Brick Walls - Måned siden
Albedo D. Overlord they’re buying clothes for a bug. What’s not to get?
Autistic Andy
Autistic Andy - Måned siden
Bugs r kewl
xjpz123 - Måned siden
I like this 👍
Adam Webb
Adam Webb - Måned siden
Can't beat a great Cartoon
Gabriel Gluck
Gabriel Gluck - Måned siden
i Just saw the last ep of rick and morty yesterday. If you slow down the vid U can see which is the real one (beth)
Cinthia Medeiros
Cinthia Medeiros - Måned siden
Ismael Trujillo Agüero
Ismael Trujillo Agüero - Måned siden
Doesn't matter
Gabriel Gluck
Gabriel Gluck - Måned siden
@disLudo 2 be honest no idea like I said just a theory.
disLudo - Måned siden
@Gabriel Gluck So if you dont know why did you even bother typing this, wth?
Gabriel Gluck
Gabriel Gluck - Måned siden
@Couch Cat Potato Meme I dont know its just an idea
Gabriel Gluck
Gabriel Gluck - Måned siden
Juh_Cordeiro - Måned siden
Aztec_J Fit
Aztec_J Fit - Måned siden
I want more Smiling Friends
Grace Coleman
Grace Coleman - Måned siden
The world doesn’t revolve around you
Cinthia Medeiros
Cinthia Medeiros - Måned siden
Yareyous - Måned siden
A little patience goes a long way brother
imakedookie - Måned siden
you are so not alone in that need my friend
RoachDoggJR /Raven
RoachDoggJR /Raven - Måned siden
This reminds me of Home Movies!!!
gierno - Måned siden
Love home movies
DANKdaHERBALIST - Måned siden
That's the voices!!! Thank you!!
angel game1234 galindo
angel game1234 galindo - Måned siden
soy el unico que abla español aqui ?!
GatoMeow - Måned siden
Брейнюбер - Måned siden
Брейнюбер - Måned siden
troupkid - Måned siden
Gabriel Quack
Gabriel Quack - Måned siden
Lol Jk
Lol Jk - Måned siden
Zqno - Måned siden
“Don’t lie who else been a fan of Adult Swim 🛰”
-“ɪᴍ ɢɪF͓̽ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙꇙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)-“🌧
hannibal. - Måned siden
TeeHee 69
TeeHee 69 - Måned siden
eey im first
Oliver Carlson
Oliver Carlson - Måned siden
Venom Warrior - Brawl Stars
Venom Warrior - Brawl Stars
ホットライン - H O T L I N E M A C R O - 360 yes bro 👊🏾👊🏾🇬🇧🇬🇧😎
NEON CITY - 87 - Måned siden
Huh, umm... were both first 🙂
NEON CITY - 87 - Måned siden