​BACTERIA TOWN | adult swim smalls

Created by Noah Malone
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Runtime: 01:50


Tomi Bell
Tomi Bell - Dag siden
I’m enjoying this way too much
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros - 12 dager siden
am i high or on meth im feaking out
Saptarshi Acharyya
Saptarshi Acharyya - 18 dager siden
Love beats nukes any day
Shantia 210
Shantia 210 - 20 dager siden
Bacteria highway laaaaaaaaaanes 😂😂😂
Sky’s fun Zone
Sky’s fun Zone - 24 dager siden
Daniel Johnston’s still making music?
Lairie LEGENDARY - Måned siden
That was better than I expected it to be holy shit dudes that ending came out of no where tho🤣😂🤣
KianMcWolfy - Måned siden
I utterly adore Noah Malone's content
Darion Island
Darion Island - Måned siden
Stroy of my life
夜冷 - Måned siden
Good soung
Myrna Mejares
Myrna Mejares - Måned siden
eat more candy
Alexandro Parra
Alexandro Parra - Måned siden
No more gay
Great Wall of Norman
Great Wall of Norman - Måned siden
Simpsons did it.
PC Principal
PC Principal - Måned siden
There’s a Washington DC in my shit. And a godamn LA thru my toilet. Maybe a NYC in the bathtub. I create civilization. I’m the Master of creator, and I know how to build LEGO.
D.b.a.p films And productions
I’m going to tell my kids this is what happens if you don’t brush ur teeth
MattyV2913 - Måned siden
Anyone tell me why this sounds so much like young Daniel Johnston‽
Adultswim Fanmade
Adultswim Fanmade - Måned siden
Wtf I just watched 😂
Davis He
Davis He - Måned siden
maybe people should brush their teeth. funny how I just uploaded a brush your teeth animation.
Heckzotica - Måned siden
CKing - Måned siden
So... was their plan to nuke themselves the entire time? And if so... why?
sabbath ouijas
sabbath ouijas - Måned siden
security breech
Sora Halloween
Sora Halloween - Måned siden
that was kinda depressing
Jonka Brioska
Jonka Brioska - Måned siden
Love me some Noah Malone. You all should check his channel is hilarious
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - Måned siden
Inside Out sequel
Peke - Måned siden
this is actually pretty epic
Relax With Jax - Jax Animation Channel
Noah Malone is the best, always and forever
Dinosaur 1978
Dinosaur 1978 - Måned siden
Alright youtube, i'm gonna brush my teeth jeesh.
Felix - Måned siden
oh no
big sad :(
Baloo Bear
Baloo Bear - Måned siden
This can’t be real
Phetogo Magagane
Phetogo Magagane - Måned siden
Alex Del
Alex Del - Måned siden
Candy is all I eat
It's rotting away my teeth
Every time I brush them, two or three
Fall out of me
Covered in cavernous cavities
Under a magnifying glass, I see
Bacteria Town
Oh, woah, woah
Bacteria highway lanes
Bacteria riding trains
Bacteria flying airplanes through the sky
Wondering why
They're being watched by a giant eye
So I cleared my throat to say "Hi,"
"Bacteria Town"
Oh, woah, woah
They fled at lightning speed
Then send the infantry
A radioactive rocket was ready to go
They leader gave a speech
That "There's been a security breech"
"And in less than a minute this missile is going to blow"
I spoke up, "Not to be rude"
"But i thing you're a little confused "
"I was happy to find this town, here in my tooth"
And they said "Phew"
But forgot about the nuclear fuse
Till it went off with a fiery poof
In Bacteria Town
Oh, woah, woah
Oh no
AHZHD - Måned siden
More like adult swim smells haha
Shilpa Pathak
Shilpa Pathak - Måned siden
Informative.. funny... intellectual.. artistic.. a different view...in short good one! ✌ loved it!
Lupa exe
Lupa exe - Måned siden
I lost Two brain cells trying to watch this
Peter C
Peter C - Måned siden
There's no dentist in Bacteria town, let your teeth rot, right on out of ya mouth.
Dave Holland
Dave Holland - Måned siden
Ugly poop flag
Dark Fun
Dark Fun - Måned siden
Bacteria Town is similar to human civilization they're prospering but they're subconsciously destroying their land to decay into dust
Pollári Perry
Pollári Perry - Måned siden
🤓Big Facts👍
Valeria S
Valeria S - Måned siden
This is my nightmare
AppleJuice - Måned siden
Im too stoned to understand anything in this video...
some guy
some guy - Måned siden
What about the other two teeth
а бэ
а бэ - Måned siden
Могете, пацаны
Diva ESCMolitva
Diva ESCMolitva - Måned siden
Very cute song but the end made me sad
Mad bro show
Mad bro show - Måned siden
Lol why this beat go so hard lol
bottrixx - Måned siden
Wait, this wasn’t They Might Be Giants?
KT 31
KT 31 - Måned siden
Those teeth look like the ones from kids next door episode
Tiana&Jeremy Brookes
Tiana&Jeremy Brookes - Måned siden
Make sure you brush kids!!
Zack Kryshanovsky
Zack Kryshanovsky - Måned siden
dracula Hall
dracula Hall - Måned siden
my balls itch..
leql - Måned siden
This sounds like Daniel Johnston.
Nydeax - Måned siden
thomasAK 47
thomasAK 47 - Måned siden
F for the bacteria town!
Denise Kimberly Mayol
Denise Kimberly Mayol - Måned siden
Thanks, I will go brush my teeth now
neilcheeseburger - Måned siden
Thought for a second it was Daniel Johnston.
Miranda Ketchum
Miranda Ketchum - Måned siden
I needed a new Noah Malone video so badly. Thank you, adult swim.
I am Depresion
I am Depresion - Måned siden
Sean - Måned siden
Rip in peace Bacteria Town.
Noomz QwQ
Noomz QwQ - Måned siden
Adult swim needs to give Meat canyon a show
FlogrownCJ - Måned siden
Omg this is deep shit cuz were all just bacteria under an "all seeing eye"...of a microscope. But on a macro scale/level. Kinda like, all the cells within the human body. Earth is 1 big dish of bacteria and living organisms within it. There are many more than just Earth someone cleverly figure out it's HEART backwards. Everything is backwards these days so it's fitting.
WF Studios
WF Studios - Måned siden
This will happen when the aliens come
Hollow D.Knight
Hollow D.Knight - Måned siden
I love these songs! I just wish that Cockadoodle one would be back
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ - Måned siden
I despise you